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Claimed by HollowRyan
Claimedby Hollow Ryan
Claimed is a tale of fealty. This story follows the journey of Faida, a Parnoan woman Claimed at a young age by the Goddess of War, Ne'Hatma. When she is sixteen, a wa...
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Xzaryth by HollowRyan
Xzarythby Hollow Ryan
Xzaryth is told by Sarrie, a young woman in a village of Gryphon Riders. Destined to be earth-bound because she is a woman, Sarrie is not satisfied with her role. In he...
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Bridge Walker by HollowRyan
Bridge Walkerby Hollow Ryan
Forest born, but desert bred. Tallie is a Bridge Walker of Valhoal. While raised beneath the desert skies, she was never allowed to forget that her kin are those of the...
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The Crusher of Kings by HollowRyan
The Crusher of Kingsby Hollow Ryan
Within The Crusher of Kings no ruler of Ivoren has been spared the touch of the ivory-skinned, auburn-haired, emerald-eyed Jolene. A curse on the monarchs, Jolene has s...
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Lazarus by HollowRyan
Lazarusby Hollow Ryan
Only those who are truly benevolent may receive the greatest gift the gods can give: life after death. Maria Hayes thought nothing of becoming a Lazarus. Not until an u...
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True Rider by HollowRyan
True Riderby Hollow Ryan
True Rider follows Raydin, Rider of Maphail, as he comes face to face with a ghost from his past. A woman he had once loved and lost. One whom is about as tangible as...
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Jewel of the Desert by HollowRyan
Jewel of the Desertby Hollow Ryan
Jewel of the Desert follows Lord Barrin, a disgraced noble turned mercenary, as he is invited to the desert nation of Valhoal, the Jewel of the Desert. It is there that...
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