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Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by HoranAteMe
Dance With Me (Niall Horan)by izzy
Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Hor...
  • missing
  • kylie
  • meeting
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Meet in the Middle     『h.s.』short story by tomlinsecrets
Meet in the Middle 『h.s.』 →kris
Eliza Hemmings an amazing singer is going to leave her home in Britian to become the next big thing! Although she leaves her closest friend Harry Styles behind, they may...
  • vas
  • comedy
  • onedirection
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Multitude of Reason by PRINGLEWARRIOR
Multitude of Reasonby NEKOSENPAI
A sixteen year old boy, by the name Van, lives alone in the cold city of New York with the dream to move to London. He meets a girl on the way by the name of Amy. Same...
  • issues
  • vas
  • newyork
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Liam Oneshot by eme4usa
Liam Oneshotby Emily and Mia
  • love
  • paul
  • vas
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... by robertserry
#5 Robert Serry
  • technology
  • applicationpotential
  • sms
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Waud Squad | Joe & Jason ft. Vas by mrskyriakopoulos
Waud Squad | Joe & Jason ft. Vasby sierra
Joe and Jason fall for two fangirls. Will trouble follow, or true love? Things get complicated when two more people get thrown into the mix. (hehehe that sounds so cool)
  • waudsquad
  • teen
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Tell Me A Lie (A One Direction Fanfic) by LWWYwithKevin
Tell Me A Lie (A One Direction LWWYwithKevin
Gaby and Niall have been best friends ever since grade school. Last time Gaby saw him was when he left for xfactor a year and a half ago, however they still kept in con...
  • malik
  • meangirls
  • liam
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Vas Happening Boys by curlycat94_
Vas Happening Boysby Louis
  • direction
  • one
  • happening
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IT HAPPENED AT MEEPCON :3 by PoeticPrincess317
IT HAPPENED AT MEEPCON :3by PoeticPrincess317
  • conventions
  • animu
  • meepcon
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Before by toforeverandinfinity
Beforeby Anna
It all began November 3rd of 2016, the day those two men changed your life forever. Those men, in their plaid and Impala, would become your best friends-with many twists...
  • before
  • insert
  • fluff
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 Everytime you go, you will come back for me 🏃🏼. (ESPAÑOL)  by AlexPerrynBrownlie
Everytime you go, you will come Alex
Cada vez que te vas regresaras
  • que
  • cada
  • vas
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One Direction Chats On Omegle by LittleMissGleek
One Direction Chats On Omegleby Sophie :3
  • stalker
  • vas
  • zayn
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UNIK, WA 0878-3930-1999, Kerajinan Tangan by adeecamila23
UNIK, WA 0878-3930-1999, adeecamila23
KUALITAS EKSPOR, Foto Kerajinan Bambu, Kerajinan Bambu Hias, Kerajinan Hiasan Bambu, Kerajinan Bambu Inconesia, Kerajinan Bambu Jogja "Perpaduan desain, pemilihan...
  • tangan
  • bekas
  • kayu
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Stagomorph by Cheetar
Stagomorphby ƇӇЄЄƬƛƦ
*Will be rewritten* This was a school project, we had to write about a monster so I wrote one about a creature I made that is in my DayDream book called the Stagomorph...
  • daydream
  • sangheili
  • alien
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The falling of feathers (supernatral fanfic) by cooler_than
The falling of feathers ( Dreamer of universes
A young girl named clarity finds herself in a tough spot when she meets two boys and their friends at the seen of her parents murder. She goes on a journey either the bo...
  • destiel
  • clarity
  • sam
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The Hidden Leaf Tribe Villiage by TigerTilldawn
The Hidden Leaf Tribe Villiageby Tiger Tilldawn
Voice Actors for Characters this part will be updated every time there is a knew voice actor for a character Sascram - Tiger Tilldawn Cagey Zeregaki - Jenna also you guy...
  • thehiddenleaftribevilliage
  • tiredandworkingonstuff
  • vas
Perfect life by Beiberection
Perfect lifeby Beiberection
Alandra matei was having a average day until her boyfriend Kyle cheats on her. can she hold it together for her friends?. Soon she meets the new boy in town. Will he fix...
  • vas
  • teens
  • xfactor
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forever young- short fanfic by magda8505
forever young- short fanficby Boss96x
a short story on what one day will sadly become reality
  • stairs
  • terrrrrrance
  • louis
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