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Vanished- {Pietro Maximoff} by Diamondbandit3
Vanished- {Pietro Maximoff}by DiamondBeth
"I always hear 'Punch me in the face' when your speaking, but its usually subtext." Alessandra has never had anything. Until a team of superhumans give her eve...
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Gone {Pietro Maximoff} by Diamondbandit3
Gone {Pietro Maximoff}by DiamondBeth
'You said you loved me, was that also a lie?' Alessandra is back, now dealing with her growing feelings for a boy and the growing tension between her family.
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Vanished //Joshler// by ladytyler
Vanished //Joshler//by Trash™
In which Tyler disappears the night before a concert and doesn't show up for months.
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Undesirable. by hey_its_lexiii
#4 Lexi
Senior year isn't meant to be more stressful than it's supposed to, that is unless there's a serial killer on the loose. Melody Castillo went into this year expecting t...
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Week of Dread - Daily horror short stories April 20-26 2020 by MichaelBotur
Week of Dread - Daily horror Michael Botur
Keeping you chilled and thrilled with a blanket pulled up to your chin, author Michael Botur brings you daily doses of terror with seven new horror tales from his upcomi...
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All We Have Now Is Hope (Percy Jackson) [DISCONTINUED] by JustAGirlCalledMe
All We Have Now Is Hope (Percy JAM THE GIRL
You know that feeling of not understanding how much something means to you until it's gone? That's exactly what it felt like. We never realized just how badly we really...
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Vanished by yourgirlrenee
Vanishedby rennizzlee
I'm Kianna Johnson and my life was normal. I had friends, a great family and a crush. I was a normal 16 year old girl. I didn't follow rules all the time, I messed up, I...
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Vanished Dreams by nairawa
Vanished Dreamsby reign
A fourteen-years old teenager, who's suffuring in an illness called corona virus. She was confined in Saint Luke's Hospital, she's being treated there. Her nurse, Sachi...
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My Chemical Romance Meets Themselves Fanfic by CalculateTheObvious
My Chemical Romance Meets CalculateTheObvious
Danger Days MCR runs into Bullets MCR when a time travel incident goes awry. AND THEY KIDNAP RAY!!!! this leads to nonsense.
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Amnesia (Fanfiction) by Lilgamergirl
Amnesia (Fanfiction)by MangoCat
-This is about the first game, Amnesia- Arisa/Alisa is an ordinary girl, until she mysteriously loses her memory and is followed by a cute fairy called Orion. She has no...
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The unclear.. by farahyounus
The fy✨
The story that revolves around the verdict,unoccupied..
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TheSunVanished by MaxDaPai
TheSunVanishedby MaxPai
This book is based on the twitter story from @TheSunVanished. Imagine that one day, out of the blind, you wake up, but are not greeted by the sun, it is pitch black, all...
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Kabrakahn the untrusted by GamingSpc
Kabrakahn the untrustedby Potato-Man
Kabrakahn is the prince of the vanished. He is unstrusted even among his own people. He is going to go through really harsh places and battles, and you will need to read...
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Best Friends Forever by JadeHero330
Best Friends Foreverby مرانڈا Miranda
July 23, 1996 six-year-old Reid Marie Taylor disappears during a neighborhood picnic in Gladeford, Idaho. After 48 hours, the search begins for a body. The police discov...
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Vanished by DontYouWantToKnow
Vanishedby AOGGLover
When a trio of teenagers go missing from their dainty town Bayland amidst the night, and wake up in a completely unknown time, it's up to them to find their way back hom...
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Find Me Where I Saw You Last by josephpesavento
Find Me Where I Saw You Lastby Joseph Pesavento
Dom, a young man reflecting on his childhood, finds solace at an aquarium on the anniversary of his mother's disappearance until he discovers she fled for reasons he was...
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Vanished by CynthiaFridsma
Vanishedby Cynthia Fridsma
Rose Gibbon's husband has been missing for two years. Devastated, she sells her home. The next day, local authorities investigate an abandoned car at the intersection of...
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A Dangerous Kind Of Love by DivaGirlSwag
A Dangerous Kind Of Loveby DivaGirlSwag
Cassandra Montegory is one of the worlds best spies. But what will happen when the person she falls for might not be the good guy he seems to be. In this action packed s...
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Vanished  by Logancheetahlover
Vanished by Logancheetahlover
A normal girl named Lucy gets invited to princess Cecelia's ball for her ceremony of becoming queen. But she vanishes right before she gets crowned. How will Lucy find...
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Princess Luna's Story by Lovergirl20000
Princess Luna's Storyby Jewel
This is Luna's story but in a different Version were she had interest in her personal Knight...
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