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Disappeared- {Pietro Maximoff} by theheedlessqueen
Disappeared- {Pietro Maximoff}by theheedlessqueen
"The more a man boasts, the stupider you can trust him to be" "Oh, did you learn that from Tony Stark?" Alessandra Esposito vanished three months ago...
In the Days Before by ReneeShantel
In the Days Beforeby R e n é e S h a n t e l
Audrey's main focus has always been her YouTube channel dedicated to helping find missing persons, but when her best friend is the one to go missing things start getting...
The Disappearance On Halloween Night by GoldenQueenWarrior
The Disappearance On Halloween GoldenQueenWarrior
Copyright © 2022 GoldenQueenWarrior All Rights Reserved® When a teenage girl disappears on Halloween night,her parents wonder what happened
Vanished by yourgirlrenee
Vanishedby rennizzlee
Hi, my name is Kianna Johnson and I had a normal life. I had great friends, a great family and a crush. I was a normal 16 year old girl. I hated school, didn't follow ru...
TheSunVanished by MaxDaPai
TheSunVanishedby MaxPai
This book is based on the twitter story from @TheSunVanished. Imagine that one day, out of the blind, you wake up, but are not greeted by the sun, it is pitch black, all...
The missing girl by icyblackdab
The missing girlby ItS_aBiGaIl
it was dark and every body was a sleep she woke up to see a light outside she wondered what it was so she left and until that morning she NEVER came BACK
Wise Decision  by swaggyswaggger
Wise Decision by leila👨‍🦯
A high school girl is invited by her friends to a party at an abandoned house on her street. The girl choose not to go. That decision might have saved her life.
All the Lights Have Vanished by katiedoodlebug
All the Lights Have Vanishedby Katie
My amazing friend Kylee wanted me to share this heartfelt poem with you. She wrote it for 9/11 and it made some of the teachers at our school cry.
Vanished by DontYouWantToKnow
Vanishedby AOGGLover
When a trio of teenagers go missing from their dainty town Bayland amidst the night, and wake up in a completely unknown time, it's up to them to find their way back hom...
Generation by theheedlessqueen
Generationby theheedlessqueen
The Panfortis may have been rescued and renamed but that doesn't mean they're safe. It's a terrifying new world and as much as their Professor X tries, there is a lot th...
Before We Start To Dream by CharleyA73
Before We Start To Dreamby Charley Adams
The last minute thoughts of brains before sleep takes over; translated into a series of short poems about various, not-particularly-connected things...
All We Have Now Is Hope (Percy Jackson) [DISCONTINUED] by JustAGirlCalledMe
All We Have Now Is Hope (Percy JAM THE GIRL
You know that feeling of not understanding how much something means to you until it's gone? That's exactly what it felt like. We never realized just how badly we really...
Terrakinesis {Wanda Maximoff} by theheedlessqueen
Terrakinesis {Wanda Maximoff}by theheedlessqueen
'I don't care what people think. I'm tired of people telling me what I can and can't do.' Kore De Luca. Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Metal. She can control all the elemen...
Vanished by LanaTheIguana
Vanishedby Lana
What happens when all the staff dissappear from an unsuspecting boarding school only to leave all the students by themselves?