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Alpha's Bloodsucker | +  by ARMY_Crystal
Alpha's Bloodsucker | + by C.Leeza Park
In a world where vampires and werewolves are each other's strongest rivals, what happens when a kicked out vampire boy comes to a village filled with werewolves unknowin...
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Mine {TaeGguk x YoonMin} by YOONGZISBAE
Mine {TaeGguk x YoonMin}by ダナ
VampirexWerewolf AU TaeGgukxYoonMin AU Two vampires, Two werewolves. It was never supposed to go like this, it still it was the best that could happen.
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Red: Butterfly (Twilight Fanfic) (Complete) by xMiss-Redx
Red: Butterfly (Twilight Fanfic) ( FalloutTemptations
A strange girl appeared with long pure red hair, Rosy beige skin, and ocean blue eyes. Her beauty outcasted any girl in the whole world. She lives with her father who wa...
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Enchanted Voice (Twilight Fanfic) by xMiss-Redx
Enchanted Voice (Twilight Fanfic)by FalloutTemptations
Born with a beautiful voice, nice attitude, perfect body and everything. Blair Alexandria Melody Swan is the famous and nicest girl that the world have. She captures eve...
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Deleterious  by ObelieberO
Deleterious by ObelieberO
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Two Fangs Deep by Eldriel
Two Fangs Deepby Eldriel
Revenge. Revenge is the one thing that exists in every story. Sometimes it's revenge against an ex, other times... Well that's where I come in. You see, I'm no ordinary...
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The Black Swan (Edward Cullen Fanfic series 2) ((Completed)) by xMiss-Redx
The Black Swan (Edward Cullen FalloutTemptations
With everything going on with Laura, what happens if Edward didn't leave forks and only Bella to find a way to become a vampire aka joining the Volturi? What will The Cu...
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I'll Protect You Forever by CitrusMyLife
I'll Protect You Foreverby Citrus Lover
This is my first citrus story I ever made and so excited! Werewolves are trained to protect vampires. Yuzu is a werewolf who lost her parents when she was young and had...
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Ecstasy  by Pharaoh_X_
Ecstasy by Pharaoh_X_
Twilight x Originals crossover. Priscilla Tessa Gerard. The unknown daughter of the famous Marcel Gerard is in search for the family she never had.She comes in contact w...
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Aiyana (Twilight) by PezPezzy
Aiyana (Twilight)by Pez
↩"You're captivating."↪ ↩"You're exhausting."↪ The town of Forks may be clueless to their true nature, but one girl from the La Push reservation can'...
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The Vampire KIng's Obedient Servant by carlydavis_98
The Vampire KIng's Obedient Servantby Carly Davis
***This is a m/f/m erotica*** With the witches warring with the werewolves and vampires, it's up to KIng Allesandro to step up and eliminate the threats. But then someth...
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starcrossed ➳ damon salvatore by -unstables
starcrossed ➳ damon salvatoreby 𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖖𝖚𝖊
❝until death do us part. ❞ - claudia quander was damon salvatore's first love. they met when they were children, and...
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His First Choice (A Twilight Story) by PezPezzy
His First Choice (A Twilight Story)by Pez
Marceline Cullen. A born-again vampire to the Cullen family, specifically, born-again to none other than Edward Cullen himself. She turned her back on their way of life...
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Gullible and Innocent. by lolliopo564
Gullible and Alex ❤️
Alex is a mix. He is both a vamp and a wolf. His mother past away when he was 10 and his father is a drunk. Alex takes care of his father, but the father decides to sell...
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Together Again by queensugar41
Together Againby Lexi
Sequel to Together If you haven't read My first book then you probably won't understand this one. So yeah go check out the first one. Rosalie Gilbert. Dead....or so t...
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Lose You To Love Me • TVD/ Twilight. by harleyQuinnfan17
Lose You To Love Me • TVD/ 🇦🇺
'I needed to lose you to find me' - Selena Gomez. ~ in which Edward Cullens old love Abigail Salvatore, the twin sister of Damon Salvatore, moves into the small drerry...
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Sam Uley Imprinted  by NatashaPalma
Sam Uley Imprinted by VienneauWolf
Y/n Clearwater Second older she left La Push because she had the biggest crush on sam when she found out that's Leah got asked out by Sam they have been dating since hi...
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Royal Alpha Blake  by emily_alisonsnow
Royal Alpha Blake by DISHA
Cassandra Brook the badass of Blood Moon Pack was going to turn 18, the age when she would find her mate. Since her pack is one of the most powerful packs in the world a...
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A Ripper's Forever (Book 5) by cc-riley
A Ripper's Forever (Book 5)by Cecilia Riley
Renesmee is born. Bella is a vampire. Much has changed in the life of Ruby Salvatore, soon to be Ruby Mikaelson. Ruby thought the only thing she had left to worry about...
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Bloodlust Dystopia (Shoto x Katsuki) by Shasha_Sakura
Bloodlust Dystopia (Shoto x Syaqila Zaidi
Shoto was the heir of Vampire Kingdom while Katsuki was the only prince of Werewolf Realm. They were childhood friends that always went to play together until there was...
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