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(Coming Soon-ish) Breathless  by Cassalynn
(Coming Soon-ish) Breathless by FatherPopeDaddy
Shortly after enduring a sudden blackout at a Halloween party, Londyn found herself waking up in a heavily forested area that was unrecognizable to her. Following her i...
Freedom Fighter  by LupineHeartfiliaHale
Freedom Fighter by Hannah_McCarron
*Twilight/TVD Crossover* Wren Swan, also more formally known as Sargent Wren Swan of the US ARMY but more commonly known as "Little Bird", has returned after b...
Beautiful Monsters by XxLibertasxX
Beautiful Monstersby That_Strange_Otaku_Named_Libe...
Eren Montero was over humanity, them and their selfish, greedy, power hungry ways. Framed for her father's death at the age of 8, then several abusive fosters homes lat...
Vampire Sunrise by jfuquea
Vampire Sunriseby Jason Fuquea
When all hope is lost, a young woman with terminal cancer is thrust into a supernatural world where she finds something worth living for. Join Alice in the fight of her...
Shadows of the Eternal Conflict: The Vampiric Chronicles by ShadowCoven69
Shadows of the Eternal Conflict: Marvin Harris
The novel "Shadows of the Eternal Conflict: The Vampiric Chronicles" depicts a perpetual war between vampires and humans in a realm consumed by darkness. The r...
Shi X Youkai Vampire Story Wip by ThisVampsVegan
Shi X Youkai Vampire Story Wipby Vegan Vampires Only Drink Ani...
Gay vampire and human. thats all i have to say its a wip
The Vampires by iamjustmesorry
The Vampiresby iamjustmesorry
okay well i wrote this book becuase i really wanted a new vampire book and couldn't think of one. i thought about it for a while and i think i got a plot planned out so...
Darklight Chronicles: Book Two - Revelation by Kadenn04
Darklight Chronicles: Book Two - Kadenn04
The second part of the darklight chronicles trilogy. War has officially broken out and a deadly threat has arisen to purge the land of all life resetting everything in t...
I Saw Red  by PeaceAndDestruction
I Saw Red by PeaceAndDestruction
There is a feud going on between two different bloodlines of vampires, one comes from Romania and the other of Sweden. It is present day in the Western United States of...
The Cure by Nialls_Lady18
The Cureby Fangirl And Proud
This is a short story I had to write for an English class once in highschool. It's nothing fancy, but why let it go to waste, right? This is completely my own stuff, he...
Awakening by Dario-E
Awakeningby Dario
Venus is an orphan, violent and solitary, an elite soldier for the most secret society in the world: the LOTUS. On that morning of January 1, 2001, as she remembers bein...
Shielded Mate * Book One  by crystaldragonchick
Shielded Mate * Book One by crystal
A shielded mate .. a past war and a new war .