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Ties have been made and broken in Volterra, Italy, and now things have come to a screeching halt. A potential battle plaguing the minds of every vampire attending the tr...
Turned (Book #1 in the Vampire Journals) by morganrice
Turned (Book #1 in the Vampire Morgan Rice
After moving to a new city, high school senior Caitlin Paine is thrust into a world of supernatural danger while she navigates forbidden romances and seeks answers about...
Rose Jones by vampirecoven
Rose Jonesby vampirecoven
Rose Jones may look like a normal, typical teenage girl. But who she is, is way more exciting...
The Shadows Coven by RavenShadowinds
The Shadows Covenby Raven Shadowinds
Welcome to the biographies of the vampires from the Shadows Coven!
VanCorbin Vampire Coven by 123darla123
VanCorbin Vampire Covenby Riley Sweeney
This is a The Sims 3 challenge that uses Supernatural, Late Night, Into the Future(or Island Paradise), Seasons, and World Adventures.
It's Just Death by skyebme
It's Just Deathby Marie A.B.
Death isn't anything to worry about, it's what's waiting on the other side. For Wyatt, what's waiting is a forced enlistment in an army of the undead that's hoping to fi...
BTS JIN- Blood Bound DISCONTINUED by AwkoTaco9
BTS JIN- Blood Bound DISCONTINUEDby AwkoTaco
DISCONTINUED. Chaeyoung thinks she's living the dream when she starts dating Kim Seokjin. She should have known that it was too good to be true. She starts to discover s...
The Prophecy by Phycotic_Angel
The Prophecyby Phycotic_Angel
It was written in the books that every second centenary the rules of the life that a normal innocent boy or girl will fall in love with a vampire from one of most powerf...
Kevin The Vampire by silverstrigil
Kevin The Vampireby Will Madden
Back in the 1980s, Kevin hoisted a firebrand to bad-assery as a new vampire outside the punk rock clubs of New York City. These days, he's retreated to rural Ohio, where...
Strangers || Alice Cullen {Coming Soon} by goofmachine
Strangers || Alice Cullen { ❝PAPI❞
❝we were strangers in the moonlight.❞ [Alice Cullen] [Pre-Twilight]