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Married to the Prince of Darkness angeltwist
21.6M 463K
The Vampire King miss__imperfection_
1.4M 69.7K
The Mating Game Serayna
1.1M 54.2K
A Vampire's Charm glazeisaunicorn215
1.9M 83K
His Possession SophieHayward96
997K 34.6K
Attending A Vampire School within_days
185K 7.3K
Diary of a Non-Conformist Vampire Victim AndreaKuska
83.8K 3.8K
Bound By Blood GiaAlexiou
52.4K 2.2K
Pure Blood (Book two of the Blood Series) emanresu88
543K 26.9K
Yes Master HayesGrier1879
526K 17.7K
Dating The Undead [SYTYCW15 Finalist] julietlyons
1.1M 54.6K
Callie - An Enchantress Novel (top 10 #SYTYCW15) jewel1307
128K 6.1K
The vampire's PA SometimesSilver
52.5K 2.7K
Demetre Silentlydreaming
1M 45.5K
An Unacceptable Mate Beccabuttabean
702K 31.7K
I Am Yours (Sequel To His Possession) SophieHayward96
312K 12.2K
The Slave That I Am {A Vampire Novel} SerenityR0se
353K 15.7K
When Darkness Falls Bella_Higgin
2.2M 72.8K