The Top 1000: Best Vampire Stories

The Vampire's Pet by molly_grace_s
The Vampire's Petby molly_grace_s
"Please don't pick me, I can't handle another master," Rose thought, pleading to herself as she looked down at the ground, her bottom lip started to quiver at...
  • adventure
  • tearjerker
  • yarcomplete2017
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Transgression (Ménage) by SerenityR0se
Transgression (Ménage)by SerenityR0se
Book 2 of The Deliverance Series Ménage--MxFxM How do you win a game when you don't know who all the players are? --⊰♥⊱-- "You can't break what's already broke...
  • dfantasies
  • newadult
  • submission
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Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them (Winner Watty Award 2014) by BrittanieCharmintine
Mermaids and the Vampires Who BrittanieCharmintine
"Everyone knows mermaid blood is like vampire crack ..." Right before her senior year, mermaid Waverly Marie Fishwater's parents inform her they're moving to t...
  • youngadult
  • firstlove
  • fantasy
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Obscure by Serayna
Obscureby Serayna
[book one] The game was simple: A contest comprised of three unique challenges, designed to test a human's strength physically and mentally, their personality compatibil...
  • werewolves
  • action
  • adventure
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Heidi and the Lord by ash_knight17
Heidi and the Lordby ash_knight17
[18+] She heard alarm bells ring in her head when the Lord took a step forward which made her instinctively take a step back, "You know, what you're doing can be co...
  • possessive
  • dark
  • lord
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Sickly, Sweet - Book One by HannahPatrixia
Sickly, Sweet - Book Oneby HannahPatrixia
~ Complete~ "Did you take me here to seduce me, Valentine?" "I don't know, is it working?" He reciprocates the same answer I gave him earlier. He gri...
  • bite
  • blood
  • magic
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Married to the Vampire King by angeltwist
Married to the Vampire Kingby angeltwist
Sophie Reese is a young woman struggling to save her local community center when a mysterious stranger offers to solve all her problems in exchange for a dinner date... ...
  • royalty
  • married
  • sophie
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Roses for Rachel by Shelby_Painter
Roses for Rachelby Shelby_Painter
I was sure the worst thing to ever happen to me would be being kidnapped, and sure, that was pretty bad. However, what was worse was being kidnapped, held captive for y...
  • wattys2017
  • submit2sourcebooks
  • competition
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 Vampire's Pet by Cannoness
Vampire's Petby Cannoness
The world had gone to shit long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire King made an agreement. The rich and po...
  • vampireslave
  • vampire
  • slavery
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Valerian Empire [Featured Story] by ash_knight17
Valerian Empire [Featured Story]by ash_knight17
[18+ ] "But he is a good man," she argued to see his eyes narrow at her words. "And I could be a bad man," he warned, "Until you're under my wi...
  • firstlove
  • historical
  • romance
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He Found Me  by Tahstar
He Found Me by Tahstar
Highest Rank: #3 in Vampire (24th September 2016) UPDATES = THURSDAYS *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ We all heard the story about when soul mates love each other deeply, they can neve...
  • teen
  • heartbroken
  • marriage
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OffSpring by XxRiah916Xx
OffSpringby XxRiah916Xx
Highest Rank | #2 in vampire (4/4/18) ____________ ❝Fate works in mysterious ways, and he decided to collide my path with yours.❞ ---- Kai...
  • blood
  • hotlist
  • vampire
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Opia (Rewrite) by onederstruck-
Opia (Rewrite)by onederstruck-
• FEATURED BY WATTPAD • • #1 IN VAMPIRE TWICE • Opia (n). the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable...
  • youngadult
  • king
  • witches
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Stuck with my Vampire Mate  by -parvathi-
Stuck with my Vampire Mate by -parvathi-
Highest ranking :- #3 as on 14/04/18 'So you are the special one they are talking about?' Atarah raised her head to meet a female model in her s...
  • comedy
  • friendship
  • love
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Lucius by NumbHeart
Luciusby NumbHeart
Three simple rules. Rules that she broke one by one. There is a reason buried things should stay buried. - - - "Your father has made a fool out of himself, thinking...
  • teen
  • attraction
  • death
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Hunted (Belle Morte Book 3) by Bella_Higgin
Hunted (Belle Morte Book 3)by Bella_Higgin
The battle for Belle Morte has been fought and won, but with enemy vampires having escaped into the city, the fight is not over. Pressure from human authorities is mount...
  • romance
  • fangs
  • paranormalfiction
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Blood and Honey (Book #1)-COMPLETE  by KenzDyer
Blood and Honey (Book #1)-COMPLETE by KenzDyer
B & H~Wattpad FEATURED STORY~ A lion does not need an invitation from a lamb. That is not the way of the predator. Predators take what they want, when they want it, how...
  • humanxvampire
  • horrorromance
  • possessive
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The Demon King by moatzart
The Demon Kingby moatzart
Never steal from kings. Especially the king of demons. She hadn't expected her young brothers to steal, she hadn't thought of that scenario or what she would do. So she...
  • mates
  • sweet
  • evil
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