Bryxx (Crimson Forest, #1) by tarisamarie1
Bryxx (Crimson Forest, #1)by tarisamarie1
UPDATED 3x WEEKLY From best-selling author "Tarisa Marie" comes Bryxx, the first book in her new Crimson Forest series. A small town in Montana hides a tragic...
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Desires by kiimraeken
Desiresby kiimraeken
rated: mild mature/13+ warnings: contains harsh language, blood, and gore genre: vampire/romance/mystery/teen fiction author: @kiimraeken book cover by: @kiimraeken last...
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One Big Happy Vampire Family by HahaYouFoundMe
One Big Happy Vampire Familyby HahaYouFoundMe
One day Riley is walking home from school when she's attacked by a vampire who later on brings her home. Whether she likes it or not, she soon becomes part of the family...
  • vampirebaby
  • vampirefamily
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Don't Play With My Heart(2yeon Satzu Mimo Dubchae) by Eveechu
Don't Play With My Heart(2yeon Eveechu
(Eng sub)This is the story of two vampire families who are rivals because of some personal problems. But when their enemies come to find them, they have to protect their...
  • mimo
  • satzu
  • tzuyu
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Blood, Sweat & Tears [JENSOO] by YandreiKim
Blood, Sweat & Tears [JENSOO]by YandreiKim
Everyone knows the greatest mortal enemy of a Vampire is a Werewolf, but what if they fall for each other unexpectedly? 🎉🌟 #282 Vampire !! 🎆🎇
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~BTS FF~ Her Fangs by Candy_the_Gamer
~BTS FF~ Her Fangsby Candy_the_Gamer
Hannah is the only girl in her family. Her dad is the strongest vampire in the vampire community and her mother, well shes a werewolf. Her mother was the alphas daughter...
  • jungkook
  • supernatural
  • bts
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Klaroline at last  by Beronicasliars
Klaroline at last by Beronicasliars
When Caroline and Tyler break up because of his cheating scandal, Caroline will be left heartbroken. Or will she?
  • love
  • tyler
  • vampire
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symphony of blood / سيمفونية الدماء by SisouMimou
symphony of blood / سيمفونية الدماءby SisouMimou
حياتي انقلبت و تبخرت كل مخططاتي , في تلك الليلة , في تلك الساعة , في تلك الدقيقة ,في تلك الثانية حينما بلغت سن الخامسة , اكلت الذئاب والداي بشراهة امامي, فاصبحت متشردة ا...
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Diabolik Lovers And The Dragon (Fan fiction) by ChocolatVanillaSalam
Diabolik Lovers And The Dragon ( ChocolatVanillaSalam
Chocola Vanilla Salamander is a 11 years old but (physically, unknown actual age), NEET (means Not in Education, Employment or Training), very smart, very shy, kind hear...
  • dragons
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Trap by dorickagoodwin
Trapby dorickagoodwin
"so your a...." Benjamin trail off trying to find the right word to use. "Vampire Benji, say it like a normal person. Vamp..ire" I say trying to soot...
  • hunter
TÜRK MELEZ by cennet814
TÜRK MELEZby cennet814
Dünyanın dengesini saglayan güzel melezimizin adı Asena.Bu kız Türk.Dünyanın dengesini saglayan bir Türk olunca yabancı uyruklu vampirler ve kurtlar buna buyuk bir tepki...
  • kurtadam
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  • 🧛‍♀️heyecan
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Is it love? Peter by Oksy93
Is it love? Peterby Oksy93
"Is It Love? Peter" è una storia interattiva su App Store e Play Store Una ragazza lavora come ragazza alla pari in una famiglia: I Bartholy. Viene subito attr...
  • mistero
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Snow White by minimilkshake28
Snow Whiteby minimilkshake28
With hair as black as ebony, lips as red as blood, and skin as white as snow, you are a truly terrifying vampire. The people still tell of you to this day, even though y...
  • white
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LOVES GREATEST CURSE ⚜ TO by mysticjokes
In which Elijah mikaelson discovers a girl (Mikaela Raye) is carrying his child. The ancestors, hell bent on torturing him, likewise the noble original is destined to fo...
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(Van Helsing) Dracula And The Very First Bride by Mickychi3
(Van Helsing) Dracula And The Mickychi3
Catherine is thousands of years old. She was the very first bride of Dracula. He changed her when she was 18.Catherine is not very fond of the other brides who call him...
  • vanhelsing
  • blood
  • gabriel
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Нимфа для принца. by Vesani
Нимфа для принца.by Vesani
Они лесные хранители. Лес это их дом, это их всё. Но что делать если неожиданно к ним в дом врывается клан вампиров заявляя что это их владения?
  • провампиров
  • вампир
  • война
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Brat upír by RheaJanr
Brat upírby RheaJanr
Jej život sa od základov zmenil, keď si jej mama našla náhradu za jej mŕtveho otca. Okrem votrelca s označením "nevlastný otec" a menom Heinrich Klein, prichád...
  • step-broter
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Them  by Jaqueline_I
Them by Jaqueline_I
"We didn't choose this Stacie and you know it" "I know that but aren't you scared what's to come" "Not scared but worried they will find us&quo...
  • them
  • vampires
  • mysterious
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