Skradziona wolność by xNicolee19
Skradziona wolnośćby xNicolee19
Nazywam się Larissa mam 19 lat i zostałam obiecana mężczyźnie, którego nigdy wcześniej nie widziałam na oczy. Wszystko to za sprawą niewyparzonego języka mojego taty. Gd...
  • miłość
  • wybory
  • vampires
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Devoured (Mature)  by missmiaawallace
Devoured (Mature) by missmiaawallace
Her body shivered at his touch, his tongue tracing down her stomach. She whimpered and she felt his fingers explore between her thighs. His lips engulfing hers, she was...
  • adultthemes
  • interracial
  • adultfiction
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Blown (18+) by _Skellyton_
Blown (18+)by _Skellyton_
Originally a snippet from Book of Bones (by me). I'm turning it into its own story 💖 Beth lives alone with her trusted companion Whisky, a cat. She has a secret though...
  • romance
  • dark
  • lightbdsm
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Adam's Slave by erikilianer
Adam's Slaveby erikilianer
Highest rate #86 in vampire #92 in vampire Adam Smith is a vampire with a sadistic side to him. After a string of slaves that were too weak or broke too easily, he'd...
  • bdsmrelationship
  • bdsm
  • master
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Vampir RPG (etwas anders) by 1234567lesen
Vampir RPG (etwas anders)by 1234567lesen
Vampire eine Mythen Gestalt. Doch es gibt sie wirklich und Engel, die gibt es natürlich auch. Vampire müssen bis zu ihrem 100. Lebensjahr ihrem Engel dienen. Das war ein...
  • blut
  • reporter
  • rpg
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bite//edward by Fucking_Trevor
bite//edwardby Fucking_Trevor
synopsis// ❝I need you to stop following me, ❞ ❝You keep saying that...❞ he spoke tantalizingly slow as if to tease her with simply the pace of his voice. ❝You don't sa...
  • cullen
  • sin
  • bite
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Okulumdaki Vampir by user39130094
Okulumdaki Vampirby user39130094
Merhaba ben Betül biz çok zenginiz amaaan neyse işte bizim bir okulumuz var ve benim okuluma 5 gizemli kişi geliyor bunlar insan mı ? hayır değil onlar ne peki ? bende b...
  • sir
  • vampir
  • kan
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The Vampire's Mark by AmyCamy
The Vampire's Markby AmyCamy
Elle Jameson, a waitress in a small town diner; Reyka Armonde, an elite vampire sworn to protect his Lord. Two souls that should have never crossed paths. Forced by ch...
  • vampires
  • demon
  • kiss
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Alucards new master (Alucard x reader) by taztaz92
Alucards new master (Alucard x taztaz92
Sir Integra needs a successor as the head of Hellsing. She gives five candidates a chance, to prove they are worthy of the title. But the reader wasnt part of that plan...
  • ốc
  • reader
  • hellsingultimate
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The love of a vampire  by EvaWaites
The love of a vampire by EvaWaites
Clara was an ordinary girl until one day when she met a vampire. But what happened after that read to find out
  • vampireromance
Circuit ( A Vampire Knight Fanfic) by MasterandCommander
Circuit ( A Vampire Knight Fanfic)by MasterandCommander
With her parents dead, life in utter disarray, Maya Takamiya is desperate to find out what happened that unfortunate night five years ago. She will do anything in order...
  • vampire
  • supernatural
  • zero
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Haemophilia | BTS vampire smut💋 by yoongissailor
Haemophilia | BTS vampire smut💋by yoongissailor
AU | In this world there is no "we". It's only "us" and "them". Vampires and humans. It's an unspoken rule, that any personal relationship...
  • namjin
  • jimin
  • kimseokjin
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The Evil Secret || BAEKYEON by kim_taeyeon143
The Evil Secret || BAEKYEONby kim_taeyeon143
||⚠ENGLISH⚠|| Vampires and Wolves, divided into two. Some vampires came to the bad side, some came to the good. Some wolves came to the bad side, some came to the good. ...
  • wolves
  • taeyeon
  • war
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The Vampires In An All Werewolf School - BXB  by dolanfins12169
The Vampires In An All Werewolf dolanfins12169
if your familiar with the ways of supernatural you know that vampires and werewolf don't get along. But for Ian it's very important that he's with these wolfs. He can t...
  • wolfs
  • gore
  • alchohal
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Monštrum by JankaStolarova
Monštrumby JankaStolarova
Neviem kto som, som nikto a zároveň niekto. Som netvor v ľudskom tele. Ako je to možné? Neviem. Ahojte, toto je môj prvý príbeh, tak dúfam , že sa bude páčiť. Časti bud...
  • fantasy
  • roman
  • upíry
Love Never Dies ••••  by ParkByunNyein
Love Never Dies •••• by ParkByunNyein
°•°လူသာ​ေသခ်င္​​ေသသြားမယ္​ မင္​း​အ​ေပၚထားတဲ့ကိုယ္​့အခ်စ္​​ေတြက ဘယ္​​ေတာ့မွမ​ေသဆံုးဘူး BYUN BAEKHYUN °•° Fic cover by @byunasunapark00 ဒီ fic ​ေလးက ငယ္​ငယ္​​ေလးထဲက ၾကည္​...
  • vampire
  • romance
  • drama
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♔ | King. by icant-
♔ | icant-
•Rank: #575 in Vampire (21/March/2018)• Girls ages up to 12-16 were forced to attend an academy in Rivervile. The catch was that when you graduated from it, you'd have t...
  • vampireacademy
  • assassin
  • bloodsucker
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Дьявольские возлюбленные : моё анимэ by 2001vegetables
Дьявольские возлюбленные : моё ани 2001vegetables
Всем привет меня зовут Мока я чисто кровный вампир,а ищё я наследница престола.У меня есть пять сестёр. И вот наша мама вышла замуж за Того Сакамаки. И поскольку мы ныр...
  • кг