Rosangela: The Half-Blood Princess by RirinRZaen
Rosangela: The Half-Blood Princessby Ririn Rahmillatuzaen
Rosangela "Rosanne" Sinclair was an orphan who lived with her adopted family in London. One night, Rosanne got kidnapped by a group of vampires and was brought...
  • princess
  • werewolves
  • beta
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FIRE FREQUENCY (Book 1 Of The Immortal Elements Series) by Missharleyquinn2004
FIRE FREQUENCY (Book 1 Of The Missharleyquinn2004
"I wish I could rearange the the alfabet to put u and I together." Said the guy. "Theirs no need, cause n and o are already right next to each other."...
  • scifi
  • magic
  • elements
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Her Majesty // Mikaelson by Lucifurteeth
Her Majesty // Mikaelsonby Lucifur
The Quarter is quiet. Marcellus controls the vampires. The wolves live like outcasts in the Bayou. The Witches have a rocky peace with the vampires. The Mikaelsons raise...
  • brave
  • vampire
  • mikaelsons
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Token of Scarlet by Unbreakable_XoXo
Token of Scarletby Lacey Heath
This story has been told many times throughout the centuries of the world. The blood that drips from a monstrous mouth being its only source of living. The tale as old a...
  • love
  • succubus
  • blood
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Mystic Ridge by Ayrix_Rose
Mystic Ridgeby Styrm
"Do you, Venus WIllow, take the duty and responsibility of this supernatural city's protector?" The king asks me. I hold the white dagger in my hands. He looks...
  • angel
  • magic
  • supernatural
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Shifter by your_flute_girl
Shifterby Laura
+a story about a boy who wanted to be human+ Hi. My names Robin, I'm seventeen years old, and I'm a shapeshifter. If you're a softie and don't know how that works, there...
  • autumn
  • human
  • nothuman
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Madness by okalrightemily
Madnessby Emily (:
control is overrated
  • supernatural
  • wattys2018
  • werewolf
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THE LAST GODDESS (Magical) by purplekpopgirl17
(Tagalog) -akala niya isa lamang siyang simpleng Tao, akala niya simple lamang ang buhay. nakapasok siya sa isang mundong akala niya ay hindi siya nabibilang, ngunit aka...
  • darkness
  • creatures
  • magic
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The Bird's Nest by kamiwrites
The Bird's Nestby kaamiwrites
When an incident at school derails Montana Red's entire life she discovers that nothing is as it seems.
  • gifted
  • femalelead
  • supernatural
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Immortal  by love_nia03
Immortal by Tøræ😴
As a teen we're expected to grow up, but be told that we are a child. We're expected to automatically know things. We're admonished for our behavior. Were deplora...
  • lesbians
  • tragedy
  • vampire
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No Rest For The Wicked (K.P.) by TOandTVDisLIFE
No Rest For The Wicked (K.P.)by TOandTVDisLIFE
"I thought you were dead!" I sobbed. "Oh love, there's no rest for the wicked." He smirked.
  • john
  • salvatore
  • hate
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The Alpha's Daughter by goodytwoshoes10
The Alpha's Daughterby LilGirl.Suki12
In this world, there are many beings. There are wolves, witches, and even centaurs. But this tale is filled with more wonders than this world. In the year of 2000, Princ...
  • alpha
  • omega
  • comedy
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Potato  by T0KN0L
Potato by T0KN0L
  • lgbtq
  • calljezus
  • romance
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Demons and Heroes // A.L by Ninjaofserenity
Demons and Heroes // A.Lby Ninjaofserenity
Sequel to Angels and Warriors.
  • mortalinstruments
  • wayland
  • fray
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Book Of Smut  by DeansWife77
Book Of Smut by DeansWife77
  • winchester
  • damon
  • supernatural
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A Tale of Two Opposites by xoxoGGii
A Tale of Two Oppositesby xoxoGGii
Edith is on a mission for one thing: get her pack back. Can she take it back in time? West is on a mission for proving himself to the entire world he can be an Alpha. Do...
  • vampire
  • humor
  • mate
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Sinful Souls by lanyiaj
Sinful Soulsby lanyiaj
-17th century: year 1606- "While the people of our village wanted to resolve their misery in violence. All I wanted was peace and reinsurance that my love ones woul...
  • king
  • cold
  • evilqueen
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Why Don't We Werewolves  by wdw_texas
Why Don't We Werewolves by WDW_TEXAS
Sierra Mikaelson isn't your normal average 19 year old girl,she's a werewolf.One day five very attractive and gorgeous boys come over to the Mikaelson's house.When she f...
  • jonahmarais
  • sabrinacarpenter
  • whydontwe
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The Unknowen Luna  by kmgrames
The Unknowen Luna by kmgrames
Blair is a 15 year old girl that has moved to a small town with her family to run from her past. she left her school and best friend April. She don't trust well and is s...
  • hardwork
  • lovestory
  • werewolf
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The Devils Daughter by _juliegrace
The Devils Daughterby _juliegrace
Did you know that Satan had kids, Oh Yes he does. Read and find out. _juliegrace<3
  • demons
  • lawbreaker
  • vampire
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