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Help Me  (RP OPEN TO ALL) by Pallano
Help Me (RP OPEN TO ALL)by Toffie0
NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS Dear Roleplayer, You, who seem to think you're so mighty, so courageous and yet you're not here. In this little world filled with endless possibi...
  • scientists
  • murderers
  • mayor
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Whatever The Devil Wants, The Devil Gets / BTS by ITSDISORDER
Whatever The Devil Wants, The ITS DISORDER
"We're just innocent girls, we never did anything wrong! Please let us go!" "And That's What We love about you girls , So That Means No Baby Girl."...
  • hoseok
  • vampire
  • 1direction
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Remnants of my Sanity  by karlybby
Remnants of my Sanity by karlybby
A collection of poems I'm slowly piecing together. I'd go into depth but you just have to read for yourself :)
  • death
  • love
  • amateur
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A human in the monster world by theToyChica
A human in the monster worldby ToyChica/Kandy
Today is the day I tell u a story of a bunch of badasses and a goody goody but first Hi my name is Luna I'm 19 and Im living in a monster world yeah most of all the hu...
  • werewolf
  • zombie
  • human
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Bloodlust by 123roosje
Bloodlustby Roses123
An original role play
  • human
  • blood
  • vampire
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Family Blood by AlexVR46best
Family Bloodby AlexVR46best
Una mini long Fantasy! Con le nostre amate Queen protagoniste. 1993. Londra. Per tutti Freddie è deceduto, ma lui si muove nell'ombra per riportare a casa i suoi amici...
  • fantasy
  • brianmay
  • vampire
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The Vampire princess and wolf prince  by xBloodTokenX
The Vampire princess and wolf xBloodTokenX
In this story two young royals are born together and learn that both are fated to be married to one and another
  • werewolf
  • neko
  • romance
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Black Water by Ezmeralde
Black Waterby Eirinn
Where can I begin to explain how my senior year at my high school turned into a full blown war? I'm Alison Lowerly. Call me Ali; I'm a 17 Year old water elemental. That...
  • hate
  • jez
  • water
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The Vampires & Me by aashelesha
The Vampires & Meby Aesthetical Me
Here you go with a beautiful vampire story with Alina and Belson... 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌 🌌🌌🌙🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌 🌌🌌🌌🌌🏰🌌🌌🌌🌌 🌉🏛️🕌🕋🏢🕋🕌...
  • king
  • action
  • warewolf
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Diabolik Lovers by Graysaac
Diabolik Loversby Emiko-san__
Misako Griin est une jeune fille des plus banales, enfin c'est qu'elle pensait. Lorsqu'elle obtient une bourse pour un prestigieux lycée, elle emménage dans le campus. E...
  • amour
  • shu
  • vampire
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His Girl Charlotte by moodyl0ve
His Girl Charlotteby moodyl0ve
Michael is a 29 year old billionaire in Portland OR. He is a smart man and takes his career more serious than anything else in his life. When he hires 23 year old Charlo...
  • truestory
  • fiftyshades
  • badboy
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Silent Scars  (Werewolf Series) by Lynese_S
Silent Scars (Werewolf Series)by Antisocial💫
Ranked #17 in #matebond on 07/07/18 Ranked #77 in #beta on 07/08/18 Ranked #6 in #rogue on 08/01/18 Ranked #3 in #pack on 11/26/18 Ranked #1 in #shewolf on 11/27/18 Rank...
  • vampire
  • beta
  • rogue
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Persecution by AddieTude02
Persecutionby Addie Tude
In a world where supernatural and humans coexist but hate and prejudice is prominent. How can two people from completely different worlds possibly come together? Annile...
  • magic
  • opposites
  • witch
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monster inc/monster university/human world,monster world by sullyandboo28
monster inc/monster university/ sullyandboo28
boo was born as a inner vampire but not human but her powers are cool but so then when she was a baby she had a Halloween birthmark on her arm and so then she got her c...
  • humanworld
  • bullying
  • adventure
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Fang by gotighosti
Fangby ghosti
Trauma. What's been seen is menacing, leaving it's victims in ruins. Scattered ashes is someone's sigh of relief. This place was swarmed with cryptids, unfortunately for...
  • trending
  • fiction
  • wattpad
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[PlueMon] - The Last Vampire by Naomi_Chihaya
[PlueMon] - The Last Vampireby Naomi Chihaya
Warning: This is a boy x boy fanfiction. Kraisee (Chimon) is a new student in an all boy's school. He wanted to have a low-profile student but on his first day he alread...
  • mydearloser
  • pluemon
  • nanon
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Short Stories Of Ambrollins by TheShieldArmy
Short Stories Of Ambrollinsby Ash
Heyo!!! This book here is like my other ambrollins shots only like short chapters and such things like Alpha/omega, meetings or something like that I have no idea but I...
  • alpha
  • fanfiction
  • omega
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Take Me To Mystic Falls . Stefan Salvatore Love Story by LadyGravelle
Take Me To Mystic Falls . Stefan Brianna Gravelle
What happened if Tyler Lockwood father had an affaire before Tyler was Concived and had a child with another woman Madison was bown In new Orleans something unexpected c...
  • love
  • wolf
  • thevampirediaries
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YOUR MINE by Evangeline3918
YOUR MINEby Evangeline Velez
Evangeline is a girl that has a bit of a smartass attitude she loves books shes 5'5 and shes 17 she lives with only her mom cause her dad left her her brother was marrie...
  • forbidden
  • love
  • romance
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~Hold Me Down~  by bangtan_parkchim
~Hold Me Down~ by bangtan_parkchim
Eliza Gilbert is the middle child between Elena and Jeremy. Upon coming back from boarding school, she finds out her parents have died. And Elena and Jeremy hate her fo...
  • stephan
  • romance
  • elena
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