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Vampire Deku AU: A New "Life" by JCS1314
Vampire Deku AU: A New "Life"by JCS1314
Izuku Midoriya, or Deku, is bitten and attacked by the villain Vampiric Bite on U.A. campus. The former is turned into a vampire, with new strengths and weaknesses. Huma...
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Born to fight  by TheMagesticOreo
Born to fight by The Magestic Oreo
A young vampire is born blind and with powers and to make matters worse her village is under attack by elves?! how will she learn to control her powers and save her vill...
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New Orleans King and Queen 👑👑🤞🏼 by KimMaitlen2
New Orleans King and Queen 👑👑🤞🏼by Kim Maitlen
The originals are back as Hayley looks to cure Elijah's , Kol's and Freya's Bite and Poison. As Hope is having nightmares about a "Blue light".
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Werewolf of London [POLY BEATLES AU] by theblackqueen39
Werewolf of London [POLY BEATLES BluegrassEyeglass
After leaving behind all his memories in his hometown, John Lennon found himself looking up at an old homestead style home near a forest. After his curiosity gets the be...
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Hide and Seek  ⌜ JIKOOK ⌟ by Bubblesbangtan
Hide and Seek ⌜ JIKOOK ⌟by k e v 🐣
"Calm down Jeongguk, we will find him..." Yoongi sighed as he ran his hand through his now, black locks, as he studied the map of Seoul. "Calm down ? Hyun...
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DESEJO by osolpelapeneira
DESEJOby Lara Sprouse
Angel não gosta de onde mora, sempre achou a monotonia algo desagradável e mais do que isso, queria ter a vida como a um livro, emocionante e misteriosa. Para ela nada d...
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Bloods of Memories [ COMPLETED ] by vimireille
Bloods of Memories [ COMPLETED ]by Summers_JoY
Alia doesn't want anything but to just bring her memories back and gain gold coins to fund her medical needs. Pero hindi niya alam kung ano ang nakalaan para sa kaniya s...
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~wht u expect much?? I'm nothin speciya just...who me?? or wht of me?? click here to know more abt me...☞ ̄ᴥ ̄☞..ouh yeap forgive my mistake in here..🙏 Sentimental Vampi...
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immortals by _teenagerstories_
immortalsby _teenagerstories_
Normal school, normal family, and a normal life. Or so Ivy thought, when a mysterious boy digs into the towns past. And turns Ivy's life upside down,
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Athena's Mark (ON GOING) by ljmon3
Athena's Mark (ON GOING)by bellissima
"The past can hurt but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it." I chose to run from it in the first not until i realized that, "T...
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The Shimmer Community; Journals & Reviews by TheShimmerCommunity
The Shimmer Community; TheShimmerCommunity
The official book of Admins, Departments, Reviews, Members and more on the Shimmer Community. A diary if you will of all on the Shimmer Community. Rules and such. ...
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Crimson Bride |Diabolik Lovers| by Evergreen76
Crimson Bride |Diabolik Lovers|by Evergreen
17 year old Sayaka Ichigo was sent to live with the Sakamaki brothers under the rule of the Vampire King himself. All her life her mom has been teaching her to be strong...
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My Soul to Keep by Shayabella
My Soul to Keepby The Single Flower
Suzanna (Anna) Frey is an Elemental. Elementals are powerful supernatural beings, who are born in falling stars, supernovas and other out of this world cosmic events. S...
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Astra Chronicles by kuukii
Astra Chroniclesby Kuuki Minawo
In a dying world, Skyler and other prodigies set out on Academia Astra's special mission only to discover a plethora of secrets that were thought to exist solely in a fa...
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Un Conte Français by scarletcheryl
Un Conte Françaisby scarletcheryl
Gif story
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Bite Me Babygirl by Washyabatty
Bite Me Babygirlby Washyabatty
The rope that bound Y/Ns wrists together was too tight. As much as she struggles against them she still couldn't force her wrists out. She didn't care that her kidnapped...
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My Lover is a Flesh Eater  by CliqueStacks
My Lover is a Flesh Eater by 🔰Grahamballs🔰
Miyazaki Shoko was a bright endearing girl. She lives on top of a store that is owned by his uncle Nagano Ryujii. Despite loosing her mother and father at an accident 7...
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Spike: Season one--Episode one: A Time of Gathering by redscarlet217
Spike: Season one--Episode one: Jennifer Collins
Spike, the vampire with a soul, has taken up residence in New York City following the events of Angel Season Five. There, he vows to protect those that can't protect the...
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Of Blood and Daggers by LahTay13
Of Blood and Daggersby Taylah
Sylvia is a young female hunter, prefering to work alone in the fight against the night. But when she goes on a quest to find her family home and the treasures within, s...
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