Nocturnal Lullabies (#Wattys2018 Winner) by Michael-Sorbello
Nocturnal Lullabies (#Wattys2018 Michael Sorbello
Even within the deepest and most hideous depths of darkness, we may find a glimmer of beauty. Gothic, gloomy and macabre poetry. Featuring works inspired by phantoms, oc...
  • gothic
  • drama
  • poetrycollection
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HUMANITY - A Stefan Salvatore Fanfiction by HazelRC123
HUMANITY - A Stefan Salvatore HazelRC123
Sophia Lockwood's life has been plunged into a strange and unfamiliar supernatural world. With dark family secrets, predators of the night and magic taking over everythi...
  • werewolf
  • vampire
  • tylerlockwood
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Pain | Yoonminseok by ToriAndHolly
Pain | Yoonminseokby s u c c
"Hyung, humans aren't pets, you can't just keep them," ◇ Yoonminseok Vampire AU
  • hopemin
  • polyamorous
  • shipping
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He's The Star In My Night Sky (Tyler and Michael Fanfic) by Arimedina1001
He's The Star In My Night Sky ( Arimedina1001
Tyler Mullins is your average, every day teenager who attends Walnut Ridge High. Michael, on the other hand, is secretly a vampire but tries to keep his secret safe just...
  • forbidden
  • love
  • vampire
Tuesday nightmare  by kitten_soup123
Tuesday nightmare by kitten_soup123
Athena Harper, a 17 year old girl on the run. A girl who constantly has to watch over her shoulder, a girl who couldn't have a normal life, a girl who didn't have a fami...
  • murder
  • witch
  • romance
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Hunt For The Devil | #2 by HereticWriters
Hunt For The Devil | #2by Heretic Cousins
TD book series© [15+][some chapters include sarcasam, laughter, strong lauguage and violence] Welcome to Tennessee... In the follow-up to the events in the last book. wi...
  • hades
  • fanfiction
  • godsandgoddesses
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Dark Maskes " الأقنعة السوداء" by samshebrat
Dark Maskes " الأقنعة السوداء"by Samantha_shebrat
.رواية تتكون من مجموعة من الفصول المختلفة ، كل فصل يتحدث عن قصة مختلفة أبطالها وحوش الليل أبطال هذه القصة ليسوا أناس عاديين بل، هم الحوش الذي نخافهم بالعادة ، مصاصي الد...
  • supernatural
  • vampire
  • خيال
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Angel Blood by 15_flower_15
Angel Bloodby flower15
They wanted to be together, but how are they supposed to if they can't even touch each other? .... The moon lit river looked exactly like a scene from a movie. She ran t...
  • wings
  • enemy
  • bloodslave
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ᴼᶜ ᴮᴵᴼ ᴮᴼᴼᴷ by -_CANADIAN_SWAGGER_-
ᴼᶜ ᴮᴵᴼ ᴮᴼᴼᴷby 어쩌려 지내'?
🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 ♥CHEER♥ .*🌟╦╦╔╗🌟*. *,🌟║║╠╝🌟,* :*🌟╚╝╩+🌟*: 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
  • kpop
  • werewolf
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Cecilia's Wolf {Rewritten} by 19Haley96
Cecilia's Wolf {Rewritten}by Haley
Meet Jackson Walker: He's a teenage werewolf, beta of his pack and totally drool-worthy. After getting caught by animal control and put in the pound, a very embarrassi...
  • conflict
  • love
  • werewolf
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♤Dangerous Love♤ by __rebellyouth__
♤Dangerous Love♤by gory gothh
Dear diary. I've always wanted love, passion, adventure, i wanted danger, anything and everything. he was a demon dressed as an angel and for him i fell hard into the pi...
  • humor
  • blood
  • mystery
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If Vampire Stories Were Gay by RebeccaTheMagical
If Vampire Stories Were Gayby RebeccaTheMagical
Exactly what it sounds like; a gay vampire story. Jason (a vampire) finds out his boyfriend (Oliver) is a vampire, but he doesn't know it yet. What will Jason do? How wi...
  • vampire
  • gaylove
  • vampireromance
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The Prince of Scarlet Roses by toniblack2
The Prince of Scarlet Rosesby toniblack2
Trying to update weekly! Shantriel Browne is a loner with a broken confused heart. Her life couldn't possibly, in her mind, get any more grey. Her mother is dating a new...
  • bisexual
  • asian
  • roses
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The Queen and The Guard by ForestElf
The Queen and The Guardby Irene
This is a short story about a Queen and a Guard, I am not going to spoil what will happen ;) I can make this a longer story, but I don't know if it's good enough. So if...
  • wolf
  • brawl
  • princess
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Dangerous love [FF Min Yoongi] by Exo__May
Dangerous love [FF Min Yoongi]by May_is_MAD
Gray, une jeune fille qui a une peur bleue de la population ne se confie qu'à Érika, sa meilleure amie. Seulement un jour, son amie disparaît dans la nature se qui pouss...
  • fanfiction
  • bts
  • yoongi
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Breaking To Break Free [Emmett Cullen] by beautifulpurple22
Breaking To Break Free [Emmett Queen Of Wolves
"Vampires creepin' the hallway at night But I'm too bruised up to fight I try to get away but I can't escape 'Cause everywhere l turn there's an enemy Maybe all the...
  • newmoon
  • esme
  • werewolf
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Restart My Life ∘ Teen Wolf by voidfanfiction
Restart My Life ∘ Teen Wolfby i’m devilicious
Artemis Mercy Palmer has spent her whole childhood moving from city to city. She never stayed longer than one year, so she got used to not making any friends. One day s...
  • stilesstilinski
  • lovestory
  • isaaclahey
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Cookie Monster|| KNJ|| Vampire au by ChimmyMai
Cookie Monster|| KNJ|| Vampire auby Himeshidou Mai
~~~I was just a cookie in his jar and he was my cookie monster. He was just another Cookie monster trying to taste my cream~~~ In the city of Seoul at night only the cre...
  • hunter
  • devil
  • mate
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More Werewolves? by CripticKisses
More Werewolves?by Bella
Teen Wolf x Twilight Crossover. After the Nogitsune happened Sheriff Stilinski decides it would be best for Stiles if they left for a little while, against Stiles' wishe...
  • girlxgirl
  • twilight
  • beaconhills
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