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ℬloody ℬonds (Dialovers Fanfic 'ℋis ℳidnight Pleasure'Sequel) by nabichuu
ℬloody ℬonds (Dialovers Fanfic 'ℋ Areum
Sora, Yui and the Sakamaki's are back! This time, With more drama and sadism than ever. Laito's acting weird, withdraw and cruel, Pretty much more like himself And Sora...
  • diaboliklovers
  • diabolikloversmoreblood
  • teen
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vampires and angels by eve_queen234
vampires and angelsby Evelyn
The rowdy are vamps While are puff are angels Love that cant happen may or may not happen
  • ppg
  • vamires
  • rrb
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A love triangle (Pausada) by The_Queen2001
A love triangle (Pausada)by
Katherine, una muchacha cuya vida es normal da un giro inesperado cuando conoce a dos chicos en dias diferentes que dicen estar enamorados de ella, a ella solo le atrae...
  • action
  • secrets
  • vamires
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We All Have To Die In The End   by babylusier123
We All Have To Die In The End by lovergirl777
Elena learns what she is and lives a hard love life... with vampires and werewolves & fairys, witch's
  • vamires
  • fantasy
  • werewolf
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The Things Man Call Monsters by collabgirls122
The Things Man Call Monstersby collabgirls122
In a world where angels, demonds, vampires, wear wolves, and humans live on one Earth, Kalel, Anthony, Felix, Marzia, Melianie, and Ian will find a way to live among the...
  • werewolves
  • humans
  • kalanthony
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Most power by dynahlove
Most powerby dynahlove
trying to get away from the past Kayla moves to a new town. rules have never been her thing. she loves mind games. will the past come and hunt her or will her future hel...
  • werewolf
  • romace
  • love
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The Choice She Made... by Shalls
The Choice She Shallon
Lily had always known there was a choice she was going to have to make when the time came. It was never a big deal to her before she met him......
  • vampire
  • england
  • blood
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Four Witch Sisters In Training by MNarissa
Four Witch Sisters In Trainingby MNarissa
Four Witch Sisters, $tarr, Dream, Colleen, and Clover, are known as the Element Sisters, sisters to help fight against a threat, Be. With their parents captured, do the...
  • witches
  • vamires
  • good
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California Might Be Lucky by mIng_mIng2
California Might Be Luckyby who do you want me to be;)
I'm Cleo Marks. I am totally ignored by my step twin devil sisters and overlooked by my mother. Why was I so different? I had tons of friends at school but at home I am...
  • heads
  • sand
  • bags
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Vampire Love Story by JonoDono
Vampire Love Storyby JonoDono
So of like a twilight series but a bit different
  • jono1170
  • teen
  • vampire
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vampire rp by -rainbowcats-
vampire rpby Hanna
  • rp
  • vamires
THE SHADED WORLD by sistermorrigane
they say that men's heart is the darkest thing in this world , they couldnt been even more right. it got this world into chaos, but not every dark souls is evil watch th...
  • titans
  • demons
  • hunting
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The Darkness of Day by deebers2
The Darkness of Dayby Cassidy Raisor
What if you found out someone you love is not a human? What if they turned out to be a vampire? What would you do to stay with them? Would you become one? Rose and Jack...
  • blood
  • love
  • vamires
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The Last Night by ZKAngel18
The Last Nightby Queen ElsAndi Vi Britannia
Harada MIkado already had the worse day of her life. Or so she thought. Two years after vampire hunters find the only survivor of the horrific murders that cost Harada's...
  • classmate
  • vampires
  • monster
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Till Death do we breathe by oboe1001
Till Death do we breatheby oboe1001
  • purity
  • evil
  • vamires
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My life as a were wolf by cook246
My life as a were wolfby cook246
My life as a were wolf. Being a were wolf is not easy. We get hunted, skinned. But some times it is good. Some times you get powers. I have the rarest powers of all time...
  • moon
  • werewolf
  • school
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Laurmau vampiers by PricillaFlores6
Laurmau vampiersby Pricilla Flores
Aphmau goes to a new school knowing it is a vampire school, Laurence then falls in love with her and he can't fall in love with a human like her,then starts knowing aph...
  • diaboliklovers
  • laurmau
  • laurence
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