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Broken(a VA fanfiction) (COMPLETE)  by TS__18
Broken(a VA fanfiction) (COMPLETE) by T S
After the Badica house, everyone is pushing rose away causing her to finally snap and break. What would have happened if the school didn't decide to go on the Ski trip...
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Hybrid Mate by _delusional_
Hybrid Mateby _delusional_
Ashley Dale is a Hybrid. Werewolf, vampire and angel. She is running from her brother, Luke, the leader of the rogues. Luke wants his sister to rule by him, since she's...
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It's Wrong, But It Feels Right- A Kol Mikaelson Romance by seventeenmoons
It's Wrong, But It Feels Right- Jenny Worthington
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My vampire boyfriend- Johnten by yangyangs_eyebrows
My vampire boyfriend- Johntenby Manager nim
Hi, my name is Ten. I Was born in LA and moved to Australia when I was 15. This is the story about me, my odd life, and my vampire boyfriend, Johnny. Warning: includes s...
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Amy's Life by Dreamwitch12
Amy's Lifeby Dreamwitch12
Amy gave up.She knew Sonic didn't really love her.So she stopped chasing Sonic and started hanging out with Shadow,soon shadow and amy start to date but what if shadow i...
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Run Darlin' Run by CateyBug123
Run Darlin' Runby Catey
One big mistake. My mistake was answering the door. My mistake was letting him step inside. My mistake was allowing him to catch me. My mistake was not screaming. My mis...
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Blood Beginnings by readinater
Blood Beginningsby readinater
Previously called After Last Sacrifice. This takes place after Last Sacrifice. Sydney has discovered a way for dhampirs to have kids together. Knowing this Dimitri says...
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(A Skyrim Fanfiction) Under the light of the Moon by Stateria
(A Skyrim Fanfiction) Under the Stateria
A Skyrim fanfiction... Skylar is a werewolf, and Serana a vampire, after Skylar finds Serana locked away in a tomb she and her quickly become close friends. Will Serana...
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Monster by Beemo-mo
Monsterby Beemo-mo
Kendal Dawson is a young college student who is far away from her family and abandoned by her unreliable friend. She refuses to return home in hopes to make a name for h...
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Just one bite- ON HOLD by ANewPointOfView
Just one bite- ON HOLDby Soul Reaper
Aubrey is a meek little human, having dreamed of seeing the world, she's beyond thrilled when the opportunity presents itself. Lucas, not a meek little human, doesn't wa...
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Special Bite by Trixie_Heart_Woods
Special Biteby Trixie H. Woods
(don't have one)
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A Second Life Of Assasination by animefreak_broken
A Second Life Of Assasinationby animefreak_broken
A highschool girl gets killed in a car accident and is given another life.She wakes up in a room full of 5 other unknown players, and is given weapons that have powers b...
The End To My Beginning by WatermelonHappy
The End To My Beginningby WatermelonHappy
Klaine with a vampire twist!!
Aqua fangs by AGIngram
Aqua fangsby AGIngram
ever heard of a vampire love story where the human girl falls in love with the vampire guy? well, how about a twisted love story where both the guy and girl are vampire...
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Never Would I Believe (girlxgirl) by delusional_desires
Never Would I Believe (girlxgirl)by renee
Warning- This is not a love story. Love stories don't end the way this one does. What am I supposed to do if I think possibly the incidents that happened to be are by co...
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TRINTOWN by Aiman-miraculous
TRINTOWNby Aiman-miraculous
Rachel is a sweet girl dependent on her brother River.Her life is a mess already but she doesn't let it show.However when a strange beautiful girl comes across the ring...
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The New Girl by MeganDeringer
The New Girlby Megan Deringer
Everyone knows being a teenager isn't easy especially when you have to move constantly for your moms job which is kind of ridiculous. Any way my names Star and I'm 16 ye...
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Everyone Has Secrets by WinterWonder108
Everyone Has Secretsby WinterWonder108
Two sister's, Maddie and Winter, go on a confusing adventure. One finds love, then loses it. Who killed their mother? Why did their father come back? Would someone reall...