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Mysterious Rider by MinaTano
Mysterious Riderby Laylah Thomas
Hiccup was five years old when he was snatched up by a Night Fury in a raid and was never seen again. 15 years later, Berk is on another hunt for the nest, but things go...
Hiccup's Secret by Elisedeluxe
Hiccup's Secretby Elisedeluxe
Everyone in the town knew him; the screw up; the fish bone; the freak. No one knows what he was really like; a side only they knew. He was brave, kind and full of wonder...
Dragon Riders by kittycat3191
Dragon Ridersby kittycat3191
Hiccup was raised by his mother in a clan called the Dragons riders. A known group for riding dragons and saving them as well. Drago want to capture one of them and sets...
The Dragon Boy (a HTTYD fanfic) by ggg1223456765
The Dragon Boy (a HTTYD fanfic)by ggg1223456765
What if Hiccup lived his entire life with dragons instead of vikings? Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, son of Stoick the Vast, had never known the comfort of man. His mot...
Draconic Upbringings by LightningR
Draconic Upbringingsby LightningR
HTTYD - With a HUGE twist What if instead of just Valka being kidnapped by CloudJumper on that fateful night, Valka had been taking care of all the kids (Snotlout, Fishl...
Hiccup's little sister by lushe-nee
Hiccup's little sisterby Mia
At the small age of three, Luna bludvist ran away from home. Her father, Drago bludvist, was one of the meanest people alive. His hatred for dragons made Luna sick to he...
This Isn't How It Was Supposed to Be by AndyBull
This Isn't How It Was Supposed OneEyedDemon
This is a random thing that came across my head one day when I was watching HTTYD2 again :) I'm not going To say what happens but I hope it touches your heart and also m...
Dragons and vikings ~•hiccelsa~• { Completed } [ book 1 ] by multifandompsycopath
Dragons and vikings ~•hiccelsa~• { multifandompsycopath
Everyone in berk is ashamed of hiccup , including his father. But not his mother. Just because he couldnt kill a dragon. One day hiccup desides to go to " old man...
Hiccup's Journey by FantasyWriter345
Hiccup's Journeyby FantasyWriter345
Hiccup is tired of living on Berk. So he and Toothless decide to leave to go on a journey of discovery. Along the way, they find new lands, make new friends, discover ne...
Broken Trust *discontinued* by _Kai_Kathendale_
Broken Trust *discontinued*by Kai Kathendale
When Astrid runs to tell the village, Hiccup goes through with his plan to run away. 10 years later, all raids have stopped, and a Night Fury is shot down, carrying a my...
The Whistle Of A Night Furys' Wings (HTTYD FAN FIC)  by BlueAcousticGuitars
The Whistle Of A Night Furys' Blue
Hiccup and Toothless are brothers, but don't really look the part. They look completely different, but with Toothless' being a Night Fury, it makes sense Hiccup and Valk...
Frozen2- HTTYD3 : Hidden World BOOK 3 by Bringmeback_18
Frozen2- HTTYD3 : Hidden World Brıŋg Me-Bʌck
Elsa, Anna and Kristoff and Olaf and Sven come to visit Hiccup to berk because they have not visited him before. Hiccup begins to remember what his father was saying whe...
The rider's return by MK_Williams
The rider's returnby MK
Valka and Hiccup were taken by dragons when Hiccup was a baby. Snotlout was named hair to Berk. Twenty years later the story starts
HTTYD: Lost Son of Berk by PeterParkerStark19
HTTYD: Lost Son of Berkby Peter Parker
This is a story of the Lost Son of Berk. The story of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, and how he became the legend known as...the Dragon Master!
The Nadder Girl [Moved To AO3] by PhoenixGirl26
The Nadder Girl [Moved To AO3]by PhoenixGirl26
When the Riders go to rescue Astrid, they find her gone; and the Hunters tell them she's dead. But all is not what it seems and when Hiccup finds his mother; someone els...
How To Train Your Dragon 3 - A Tale of Two Tails - by _TheNightDreamer_
How To Train Your Dragon 3 - A _TheNightDreamer_
"As Hiccup fulfills his dream of creating a peaceful dragon utopia, Toothless' discovery of an untamed elusive mate draws the Night Fury away. when danger mounts at...
Heart of a Chief And Soul of a Dragon (A Httyd Fanfiction) by CamsterDragon
Heart of a Chief And Soul of a The Dragon Girl
What if Hiccup had lost Stoick instead of Valka that fateful night? Hiccup Haddock the third is without a father. Always has been since he was born. Spitelout is the chi...
An Old Forgotten Friend (Httyd 1+2) by Galactic_Timezone
An Old Forgotten Friend (Httyd 1+2)by Galactic
Iris used to be Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III's best friend. Helping him train Toothless and defending him from the others, but after he became popular she was totally f...
How To Protect Your Dragon (Hiccup x Reader 3)  by OneArtsyGamer03
How To Protect Your Dragon ( Art ( ^◡^)
** COMPLETED ** Ah, Berk. Located in the middle of nowhere, the people aren't too normal, and, oh yes, Dragons! Only... This island is getting a little too crowded... ...
I ran away for good... I think... by Mikki1233
I ran away for good... I Mikayla Scott
When Hiccup gets the honour to kill the Monstrous Nightmare in Dragon Training, he decides that he must leave Berk to protect his best friend Toothless. What will happen...