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The Free-dom to Eat Rye-Bread by sharksdiminished
The Free-dom to Eat Rye-Breadby Vesper Grimms
Gavin Free is threatened with the prospect of an unknown consequence when Geoff finds out he likes another crew member. Ryan Haywood has a difficult decision on whether...
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Things That Keep The Fake AH Crew Together by FinalFirelmp
Things That Keep The Fake AH Firelmp
Every crew in Los Santo's is made up of various things, various feeling mixed with the sense of duty to your crew, but most crews don't run as deep as the Fake AH Crew...
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"What A Quirky Sunflower.." 「Snufkin × Reader Oneshot Book」 by Dank_Deku
"What A Quirky Sunflower.." 「 .•°Cris°•.
"You really do be looking so mf cute doe 👊😩" "Heh, okay my Quirky Sunflower :)🌻" || A oneshot book in which Snufkin gives you much love and closur...
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Keeping The Attraction  by MorningCait
Keeping The Attraction by Caitlyn
Jaxx and Ryan are living a pretty good life and still navigating the ins and outs of eachothers families. But will the differences become too much and facture what every...
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 The Book of Void  by Void161
The Book of Void by ボイド
Anime and manga. I dont know what to put here, okay?
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Reflections of the Soul: Poetry by Konstanze
Reflections of the Soul: Poetryby Konstanze
When you're in great emotion, brainstorm happens. And when brainstorm happens, you write a reflection of your soul — poetry.
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Uηє α̂мє ναgαвση∂є [Ƭαєкσσк] by Werifesteria20
Uηє α̂мє ναgαвση∂є [Ƭαєкσσк]by Kim Werifesteria
Jungkook ne supportait plus la pression sociale que cette société exerçait sur lui. Il ne supportait plus la ville. Il voulait apprendre à être heureux simplement. Il v...
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Crowlight by Schattenvolk_vh
Crowlightby Schattenvolk_vh
"The honour of work is a truth no one can deprive you of!" Grown up in a world ruled by overlords, dearth and recession, Ciarán Kane knew exactly what kind of...
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The Sun to my Moon by Exitian
The Sun to my Moonby Exit
NIS agents Cha Dal-geon and Go Hae-ri had a plan, a berserk plan, to keep their hearts guarded all the time. Until something both of them could have never predicted forc...
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Fake AH Crew Rulebook (And Guide to Breaking Them) by LindZ_The_Insane
Fake AH Crew Rulebook (And Guide Lynsanity
So there was a post on Tumblr about Rules Written by Jack and ideas started to bloom and I had to write them down before I lost them. Thank you to Tumblr User @huntress...
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Hidden Pasts by Asgardian_Kitty
Hidden Pastsby Elijah Rose
Before Geoff and Jack had created the Fake AH Crew, they had another crew. The Masterminds. This crew only involved three members, however. Themselves and one other, a g...
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Viper's Nest by arkhaic
Viper's Nestby sarah!
"This is the end of the world, boy, and only together can you prevent Hell from being unleashed upon us." first draft © 2019, arkhaic
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Vagabond- part 2 by SofiaSottomayor
Vagabond- part 2by Sofia Sottomayor
Vagabond is a Netflix series of action, thriller and romance. You can see the first part in there. The serie is starring Bae Suzie( Go Hae-ri), Lee Seung-gi( Cha Dal-geo...
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Lost In Los Santos (Remake) Ryan/Vagabond AU by roxsear
Lost In Los Santos (Remake) Ryan/ ✧T R A S H ✧
A remake of a story I tried doing last year that I think I can do better :) A story about a female who get a notice from police officers that she has to move out of her...
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METANOIA by KilledbyConscience
/Prev: Curious Pasta/-[SEUNGZY] A story where a girl meets that one simple guy. Well, at least he thinks he is.
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vagabond kdrama recaps by happier_me
vagabond kdrama recapsby Neha rajput
Lee Seung-gi and Suzy are reunited in SBS and Netflix's new action-thriller, Vagabond. This is more than just a show full of action sequences and intrigue - though there...
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I'll Follow the Sun by JudeStarkeyMcCartney
I'll Follow the Sunby JudeStarkeyMcCartney
Sometimes, running away seems like the only option. Six months have passed since Duel Academy's graduation, and Yuki Judai finally returns to Domino to face all that...
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The Gachi Next Door (Vagabonds x Salmonboyyy) by StarboxDevils
The Gachi Next Door (Vagabonds x Starbox Official
Salmonboyyy from the Vagabond's Twitch stream gets shy when he's around Vagabonds. However Vagabonds knows the truth when Salmon constantly blushes around him. Tensions...
The Adventures of Tom Willaby by MavenIsOnFire
The Adventures of Tom Willabyby Maven
Tom Willaby is a simple man from a poor background. Growing up in the poverty, in a closely packed city, all he ever dreamed about was a free life on the road. Finally...
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↠ Come pleasure your eyeballs with my trashy art. [cover image is mine]
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