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Void (Boyxboy) by danielle_luke
Void (Boyxboy)by Danielle
It was a battle long fought. No one was winning, but no one was willing to stand back either. We were being hunted, hunted because we cried. Or smiled. Or laughed. Hunt...
The River (Book 3 of The Claiming Series) by Beautiful_Dreamer
The River (Book 3 of The Claiming...by Emily
Belle and Alec's daughter Mave has a bright future ahead of her upon graduation. She's found her place in New Athens and is ready for anything. At least she thinks she i...
Citizen by poisoned_pen
Citizenby poisoned_pen
- The Command Series (book 1) - In a society where everything is controlled, there is no room for deviance. Each morning, the citizens of Arabel put on bracelets that se...
The Edge (Book 5 of The Claiming Series) by Beautiful_Dreamer
The Edge (Book 5 of The Claiming S...by Emily
Mave leads a kingdom that is on the brink of destruction, with threats from both outside and within. And she's doing it all on her own while Eli is away. While Mave fear...
Year 2012 (Mpreg) by ImTheMuggleMundane
Year 2012 (Mpreg)by Cherry
"The world is perfect, it is cleansed, it is now pure and sacred. A systematic world driven by peace as its starter point." - President Bloomberg...
Story Prompts by _pebbles_creates_
Story Promptsby Pebbles
If you are a writer in need of plot inspiration, a change of scenery, or even wanna start a whole new story, I've got the thing for you! Here are a TON of writing prompt...
Glitched by Be_crazy25
Glitchedby Halle
FILE SELECTED... LOADING... 10%...20%...30%...80%...99%... LOADING COMPLETE. WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD... A million years ahead of us, there is no war, conflict, po...
Skulkaos: Band of Thieves by BluViorel
Skulkaos: Band of Thievesby Willow
Raven Lancer was as a solo, famous musician billionaire-who until now concealed her own identity from the public. She stood as an anti-hero vigilante; taking the law int...
Olympos by Lilian-Lin
Olymposby Lili
An Odyssey across the starry sky. It is the year 3106. Mankind has colonized several solar systems. Eternal life, artificial intelligence and a society like in ancient...
The Hamartia Project by emeliaevangeline
The Hamartia Projectby Emelia Evangeline
A group of teens living in separate societies with different governments grow to hate the controlling nature of their societies. Eight teens decide to escape beyond thei...
Forward Allegro by TumsFestival
Forward Allegroby Tums Festival
Terry Barclay is a directionless young man. While a talented musician, he has no prospects for a career in his isolated, country town. Fortunately, an organization calle...
Ropes of Lace by etherealluminoscity
Ropes of Laceby etherealluminoscity
The year is 2130 AD Women have overthrown the patriarchy, but not in the way you might think. Alpha females oppress and kill males and use beta females as a means of rep...
Our Deepest Regrets  by codirae_02
Our Deepest Regrets by CR_H
Sarah is a 17 year old girl fighting her way to love in the year 2056. Through the struggles of the Society, she is faced with many challenges, mental, physical and emot...
CATHOUSE by GuillermoSoria5
CATHOUSEby Guillermo Soria
The short story takes place in a Utopian society that revolves around sex. Women are imported from third world countries into the United States in order to satisfied th...
Violet Grey by CarelesslyFearless
Violet Greyby Nicola Lala
Even her reputation is at risk, she fearlessly decided to be called Violet Grey in a place where she found herself. "The Academia where the highly intelligent life...
The Speculative Fiction Awards 2021 by SpeculativeFiction
The Speculative Fiction Awards 2021by Speculative Fiction
Judging [ Completed ] Welcome to the Speculative Fiction Awards! There are many talented Speculative Fiction writers on Wattpad, and now it's time for those undisco...
The Breaking Surface by tonycreteur
The Breaking Surfaceby T O N Y
WARNING! This is the second book of In Deeper Waters, if you haven't read book one first you can find it on my wattpad. Bran is dead, and as she grieves, Feenith has no...
...And We Will Have Snow by JimHeter
...And We Will Have Snowby Jim Heter
Global warming, global cooling, what if all the predictions are right? Or worse, what if all the predictions are wrong? Can humans truly hope to understa...
Democracy is Dead by makexbelieve
Democracy is Deadby Heather Fishwick
A first year student who believes passionately in direct-democracy has to uncover the dark truth about her seemingly perfect world in order to save New Britain from a po...
Matriarchal epic discovery by ubaBPR
Matriarchal epic discoveryby r.prakash babu
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