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A lost shugo girl (Shugo Chara fanction) by micthell773
A lost shugo girl (Shugo Chara fan...by micthell773
A girl had been sold to the company called "Easter". Several years later the girl woke up in a strange room only to end up escaping the room with no memories o...
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Incorrect Undertale/Deltarune/UTAU Quotes by EmeraldUmbreon
Incorrect Undertale/Deltarune/UTAU...by Obsessed Demon
Basically, bad jokes. Edit: So I've decided to add Deltarune and UTAU to this madness because I'm out of Undertale ideas. Yay. ----- Best Tags: #10 Illuminati 09/06/2019...
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Shugo chara! by heaven_177
Shugo chara!by Heaven77
14 year old Tsukiyomi Reina came back from America 2 months ago. She had to relearn Japanese so she has an American accent thus is always mistaken as a foreigner. She is...
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Vocaloid lemon oneshots (requests open by Lunacherry_blossom
Vocaloid lemon oneshots (requests...by Lunacherry_blossom
A whole book about some vocaloid lemons. I'm taking requests. I'll allow love triangls but it'll be weird
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My Heart Unlock {DICONTINUED} by TheAceCard
My Heart Unlock {DICONTINUED}by Ace
{DICONTINUED} ♤♡♧♢Shugo Chara Fan Fiction♤♡♧♢ Akemi Hinamori is 11 years old. She was adopted by the Hinamori. She is cool and cold on the outside but she is caring, fri...
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Drawings Part three by FlanPotatoPirate
Drawings Part threeby lenpiko is 👌
this is an art book where i post my art, have fun Though i must say a good 90% of this book is piko so yeah. good boy. (((and god if i ever draw ships 9/10 itll be lenp...
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Reminiscence (Nightmare Sans X Reader) Book 1/2 by AurinAureole
Reminiscence (Nightmare Sans X Rea...by Angela Vergara
This story is the first book of my Nightmare X Reader series. In an alternate universe of Undertale called Dreamtale... You were on your way home when suddenly, a group...
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Differencing Allies by StrawBerrySans
Differencing Alliesby Black_ Luna
Once upon a Time, The worst Bad Guys Met. "Differencing Allies" is a book based off the UnderTale AU Ship Errormare. These characters don't belong to me eithe...
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Through all the Months (Amuto One-Shots) [Completed] by blueeyesawsome20
Through all the Months (Amuto One...by Luna Heartfilla
A one-shot for every month of the year. Cover By: mysticalchips
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Overcome by Emotions (Amuto) by MythicalUnicorns03
Overcome by Emotions (Amuto)by Mishmellows
--Featured book in #Justbeyourself official reading list-- [This book contains extremely cliché characters and the plot is like a bowl of spaghetti. The grammar is being...
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 Vocaloid Oliver x Vocaloid Reader by MoonyStar134
Vocaloid Oliver x Vocaloid Readerby MoonyStar134
When a Party for Vocaloids is being held (Y/n) planned to see her best friend again.
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my wanna be self (Shugo chara x Reader) by Bangtan_ARMY192
my wanna be self (Shugo chara x Re...by Kana_ Sakamaki
"Help me please.. she's crazy!" A little girl yelled as she escaped a house.... This is Y/n L/n... a unloved child.... or well at least her brother loves her...
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Come Home Amu (Amuto) by MythicalUnicorns03
Come Home Amu (Amuto)by Mishmellows
After Ikuto boarded the plane, Amu was left devastated. Unable to travel back with him, Amu had to stay behind and finish the mission. But what happens if she does? And...
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Compilación de cómics sobre los vocaloid sacados de DeviantArt y otros sitios. Ninguno de ellos me pertenece, únicamente la traducción del Inglés al Español.
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Love, Hate (REVERSE) [Kagamine Rin x Len] {ON HOLD} by KagamineSeeU
Love, Hate (REVERSE) [Kagamine Rin...by Akabane Oreki
this is my first ever fanfiction so please go easy on me ( ^-^) Len is a loner and introverted school boy in middleschool who "accidentally" bumps into Rin the...
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A Cinderella Story (Amuto) by MythicalUnicorns03
A Cinderella Story (Amuto)by Mishmellows
Hinamori Amu has been treated more like a slave than a sister, or daughter. Introducing Yamabuki Saaya and Yamabuki Utau, her stepsisters who absolutely loathe her. Amu...
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Genie (A Kuroshitsuji Fanfic) - On Hold by Lollipop_Usagi
Genie (A Kuroshitsuji Fanfic) - On...by Usagi
*Message: Sorry everyone. At the moment this story will be on hold. For how long I do not know. There has been a lot going on in my life. So until then, you may read but...
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Co mnie trochu irytuje w fandomie Undertale by BakuBakuNyaNyaa
Co mnie trochu irytuje w fandomie...by Atua is real
Jeśli oczekujesz, że będę narzekać na fangirlsy Sansa i Mary Sue, to możesz wyjść... ...Albo zobaczyć, co ja mam do powiedzenia :)
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Vocaloid Stuffs by GravityFallsFTW896
Vocaloid Stuffsby Fandom Trash
Basically I talk about anything Vocaloid related in here. This will include UTAU and CeVIO as well. And maybe stuff like MMD (MikuMikuDance), news articles I find, fanar...
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Behind the nerdy appearance by KamisamaKissFreak
Behind the nerdy appearanceby Kamisamakissfreak
Ruined by her past Amu Hinamori, a girl with gorgeous honey colored eyes, a sweet like honey voice, and bright bubble pink hair, hides herself behind a nerdy disguise. W...
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