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JONAXX S CHAPTERS by Stunning_face02
SPG chapters bawat series ng jonaxx. Vote for my effort mga bes :) thanks.
Worst Punishment by pooooritangsab
Worst Punishmentby Ate Mong Tamad
3 years ago, maayos ang buhay ko. Tindera ako ng bigas sa umaga, habang waitress naman sa isang foodpark pag gabi. Wala akong pamilya. I was just 17 nang malaman namin n...
BLACK HEART (ON HOLD) by ladykelly_writes
BLACK HEART (ON HOLD)by ladykelly_writes
Two worlds apart, different paths but one destiny. Lia, a humble girl with a poor background while Uriel Fernandez;a Greek god with everything he ever wanted but a stone...
God's Family Meeting by Mummy_Dearest
God's Family Meetingby ♔
Chuck thinks it's about time he and his angels had a family meeting. So, he summons them all to his bar; the safest place in all creation...this should go well.
Hello Brother--A Lucifer FanFiction by Headphones5568
Hello Brother--A Lucifer FanFictionby Marvel's Scriptwriter
When a certain archangel decides to drop by from Heaven, Lucifer Morningstar must deal with his eccentric and slightly over-caring brother Gabriel, who wants him to retu...
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[Good Omens NSFW] Nothing's More Holy Than... by crispbees_afterdark
[Good Omens NSFW] Nothing's More H...by good omens smut🔞
a compilation of pornographic one shots of whatever couples/polyamory combinations I'm feeling up to doing. feel free to leave requests but I cant guarantee I'll ever ge...
This trash called art of mine~ A R T B O O K by JasonDoesIndeedWrite
This trash called art of mine~ A R...by Tea's my life (◕ω◕✿)
Here is my art folder where I will be storing my works. It won't be Good Omens only, but mostly. I will be also adding W.I.Ps of my works here. Ocs, fandoms, etc. Enjoy...
The Aspect of Perseus by AmWRAZ
The Aspect of Perseusby AmWRAZ
Gods have counterpart Roman and Greek. What if Percy Jackson have an aspect, unknown to anyone including Chaos. Will he keep the promise he make to someone or not. The a...
Supernatural: Archangels (Sequel) (Incomplete/Editing) by MarvelandDCunite
Supernatural: Archangels (Sequel)...by Ginny A. /GFA
This is the second book, hope you like it enjoy! Wonder what it was like before war against the Angels. Well this is like a family bonding thing. Short stories. I did ad...
The King of Werewolves (male reader X Teen Wolf) by BoyWonder369
The King of Werewolves (male reade...by Hunter
Lucifer Akihiro is the next pack leader of the largest pack in the world, everyone knows about them, except for humans of course. I dont own Teen Wolf!
Good Omens Oneshots by EdenCrowleyFell2002
Good Omens Oneshotsby EdenCrowleyFell2002
Okay let's get to the random fluffy stories and have fun. I'll take request as well. No smut request but angst tradgey and fluff.
Dominion by MioneHoran
Dominionby MioneHoran
Based off of the TV show Dominion. It all begins with The Extinction War
Don't you worry,child. Everything is fine. I promise. by demigodassassin
Don't you worry,child. Everything...by no name.
Sam Winchester is Castiel's son. yeah. he had a one night stand with Mary Winchester while she and her husband John was on a break and looked like they were going to get...
Makai Ouji: Learn To Forgive  |COMPLETED| by saiura_kun
Makai Ouji: Learn To Forgive |COM...by saiura_kun
First Book : Makai Ouji: Wake me up ! Williana Twining. William Twining. Kevin. Solomon. What kind of fate are waiting for them?
I Love You,My Angel |On-going| by MessengerOfGodWP
I Love You,My Angel |On-going|by ♡安吉拉♡
Sabi ng matatanda,tayong mga tao daw ay may kani-kaniyang anghel na nakabantay simula pa lamang ng tayo'y isilang sa mundong ito kung baga tayo ay may guardian angel. A...
Uriel's Heir by JadenSeptum
Uriel's Heirby Gem
Revelation 9:2 "When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss. And...
Advent of Chaos by SylerTheCyborg
Advent of Chaosby SylerTheCyborg
Mora--a Warlock of forgotten pasts--discovers a forbidden source of power upon crossing a barrier, and must now stop it from spreading. But the power seems more acquaint...
My Love, Please Kill Me by SapphireStar
My Love, Please Kill Meby D
In a kingdom plagued by demons, a young girl found herself more than just a healer. Perhaps more than just a human.
Castiel Makes an Angel by LupaSigyn
Castiel Makes an Angelby Get Your Moon Shine On
Castiel. Angel of the Lord. Guardian of the Winchesters. Impassive. Unflinching. Unquestioning. Castiel is ready to serve the Lord in every way possible. He has never si...
When World's Collide  by JenniferMoreno532
When World's Collide by Jennifer Moreno
When Baby Lily starts seeing a crack of light in her nursery, she gets curious, especially when the light starts singing to her. When the child tries to crawl into the p...