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Hide N SeeK by candybandy1
Hide N SeeKby candybandy1
The Hide and Seek Nationals are tonight. You have all the supplies you need, you want something? Just ask. There's no questions. You find a Hider? Do what you want with...
A Game Called Denial by georgialou2601
A Game Called Denialby Georgia
"What are we doing, Mr Kalahan?" He murmurs against the skin on my neck. "I don't know, Tristan." I sigh, pressing my lips to his forehead, but ther...
✔ Homecoming?(A One-Shot) | m.t. × d.t.  by EliaHonest
✔ Homecoming?(A One-Shot) | m.t. ×...by Elia
This is a one-shot story about Graynessa. --- Homecoming is coming soon and Vanessa's long-time crush/best friend, Grayson, doesn't seem to get the hints about her crush...
To love or not to love? by AlexaGBlack
To love or not to love?by Alexa Ginny Black
Have you ever been in love with someone and absolutely sure you'll never be loved back by that person? Are you still? (This story will have 3 parts: the boys perspective...
Ramé by _Ukiyo8
Raméby Ukiyo Meraki
Aislinn's life changes like fireworks after he enters her life. He changed it in a way she can't tell of it's good or bad. She knows he can't be her Mr. Right. But she c...
Hanahaki by princeofpan
Hanahakiby ˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ
in which seungcheol misses joshua but joshua has jeonghan [lowercase intentional]