Thugs Angel 4 - thug lovin  by ghostpoetnovels
Thugs Angel 4 - thug lovin by ghostpoetnovels
3 and a half months later, Angel sees Lowell for the first time since their split. Will they get back together? With the birth of their son imminent will Angel reunite...
  • love
  • thug
  • murder
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Honesty (on hold) by urbanwritez
Honesty (on hold)by urbanwritez
Cover by @_itskd Cassidy and Dasani have been over for quite a while now both are at happy positions in their life and wouldn't change that for the world Cassidy has he...
  • daveeast
  • truth2
  • urbanfiction
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The Other Daddy by ItsBrittanyBeach
The Other Daddyby Litty
I had written this book previously in a notebook I lost a while back and went ahead and wrote something else which got attention but not all good attention or reviews, l...
  • love
  • daveeast
  • college
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A Strippers Diary by WannaBe__
A Strippers Diaryby WannaBe__
Delion Montgomery had been thru a lot of things in her life, but the only thing that put everything at ease was stripping. When she stripped, it made everything that she...
  • lost
  • love
  • urbanromance
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My Life As A Hoe  by MakhilaBurns
My Life As A Hoe by Makhila Burns
India was only 14 when her parents left her & her older brother. Even though he was able to take care of her she decided that she needed to help to. They never stopped l...
  • ganglife
  • drama
  • gangster
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ʂᵼɑɽɨɳɠ ʌᵼ Tɦɛ ʂƙy 🌌  by jahsehwifey
ʂᵼɑɽɨɳɠ ʌᵼ Tɦɛ ʂƙy 🌌 by ʂ ƙ ყ ყ🌻
Skyy is moving to Broward County, FL in the next few months. She visits for a bit prior to her move, to handle business and make sure that everything is situated for a s...
  • love
  • blacklove
  • xxx
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Amor de Reina by eastcoastgirrrl
Amor de Reinaby eastcoastgirrrl
A story of the rise of a Queen - from the eyes of a King. ♛ ♛ ❝Strong. Like a Queen.❞ Must finish Chasing Back Alleys before reading this story.
  • gangleader
  • criminals
  • poc
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Closest to me.. by Timia888
Closest to Timia888
Keisha & Layla we're best friends , yes. But envy & greed always gets in the way. Especially after meeting Mario , the biggest Kingpin of Detroit. Trust no one because t...
  • unloyal
  • heartbreak
  • love
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Let Me Love You : M I L A N PART 3  by bryfrmstarbucks
Let Me Love You : M I L A N PART 3 by Yana
Book #3 of the series M I L A N The final book _______________________ "Baby you should let me love you. Let me be the one to. Give you everything you want and nee...
  • hoodlove
  • urbandrama
  • blacklove
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The Adventures of Charlie:  7th wife of the Wifey Fic Universe by hearteyes4killmonger
The Adventures of Charlie: 7th King Killmonger
Charlie Jade never thought she'd be a polygamist, let alone someone's 7th wife 🙄, yet here she is... and she loves it. Story Compilation will include fics written by me...
  • blackpeople
  • urban
  • erikstevens
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Plump 3  by writerguru3164
Plump 3 by WriterGuru
Relationships will be tested harder than ever before, someone is holding a BIG SECRET that can shake up somethings between the three relationships. Not to mention making...
  • urbanromance
  • thug
  • weddingplanner
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A tale about a man named Javon who uses his confident mouth to get him in and out of trouble in the streets and with women . A mouth that searches the inter depths of a...
  • suspense
  • drama
  • blackpeople
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That Foreigner  by tiitt4tat
That Foreigner by 🖤
  • teenfiction
  • college
  • teenlove
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Closer Stars by icemistikkal
Closer Starsby isyss
How the fuck Im suppose to love this nigga?, Im not over the last one!
  • chicago
  • youngboy
  • nbagang
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Betflix Awards🏆 by betflixawards
Betflix Awards🏆by The BAs🏆
Supporting Black & POC Authors! [WE ARE OPEN] This is ran by @urbanoriginals and @breezysolegendary!
  • review
  • reviews
  • support
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the wallflowers ™﹝ayleks﹞ 【gxg】 by hoeswhocry
the wallflowers ™﹝ayleks﹞ 【gxg】by ريكي彡
⚕After meeting her brother's girlfriend, London finds herself growing more and more fond of her. They become good friends, until they get torn apart due to her brother's...
  • stemxfem
  • romance
  • girlxgirl
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A Soulja's bible by Latae4004k
A Soulja's bibleby Kutthroat Jitt
Soulja: one who persists steadfastly in one's work; perseveres. bible: (lowercase ): any book, reference work, periodical, etc., accepted as authoritative, informative...
  • school
  • comedy
  • ghetto
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All or nothin || BandHuntaIzzy story by Diamondddd813
All or nothin || BandHuntaIzzy ddiiamonnd813
Aaliyah finds the love of her life ... or does she?
  • bandhuntaizzy
  • urban
Munchies  by shay--m
Munchies by Unexpected_Error
Weed....We Got It....Snacks....We Got It.....Any drug of any kind We Got It! What happens when 4 bestfriends from Atlanta get too caught up in their own drugs.....💕🍯 ...
  • thuggette
  • baddie
  • queenpin
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The Life As A Sister Of A Kingpin by Darjanae
The Life As A Sister Of A Kingpinby Darjanae
Living the life that I live is sometimes hard. Being the sister of a kingpin is annoying. I can't live a normal teenage life because of my brother and his best friend. H...
  • urban
  • youngadult
  • drama
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