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"Naniniwala Na Talaga Ako" | Part II ni jjetblackheartt
"Naniniwala Na Talaga Ako" | Part...ni jjetblackheartt
Istoryang hango sa Pilipino Folklores o Kwentong Bayan at mga Pilipinong Mitolohiya o Philippine Mythology na hinaluan ng makabagong pagsasabuhay. Ang istoryang ito ay t...
Surging Of Affliction (WWS) ni decouri3t
Surging Of Affliction (WWS)ni Noir Salume
#15| WICKED WRITERS SERIES| A Collaboration The body was roasted down to its core. It smells nice. Edible, even. The burnt smell was unexpectedly savory like a palatable...
My Adonis (On Going) ni witte_duif
My Adonis (On Going)ni aighne_sejonaxy
Gwapo, moreno, sexy and hot! Almost perfect! Lalo na ang firm and yummy abs nito! Kaya lang, masagwa ang ugali. Mahilig mang-asar pero kadalasan nauuwi sa matatamis na...
The King Family is back! With more drama than ever when trouble follows them to a new city. Eager to set up shop and get the money flowing, Knowledge waste's no time mak...
She's Never Mine ni Cluverlily
She's Never Mineni Clovel Sab-a
" 𝘓𝘰𝘷𝘦 never fails" Sabi nila, kadalasan sa mabuting pagmamahalan ay dumadaan sa tragedy at heartbreak. Hindi man ako naniniwala pero, mahirap intindihin k...
Isang Araw Lang ni Balebia
Isang Araw Langni Abby
Ito ay kwento ng isang parte ng buhay ni Ivy. Isang eksenang naganap ng isang araw lang...
30 Days of Madness ni TimothyTalessss
30 Days of Madnessni Na
Feigh Al Isobell Tomas Hernando known as 'FAITH', decided to live alone when she graduated from College. She taught leaving her true identity and lived independently wil...
ungodly calls ni 1dontlikemynickname
ungodly callsni john octavio
The Demon mission is to collect 666 soul from suicidal human to become one of the official demon angel like Lucifer. To his 666th victim, Yawa will meet his last victim...
Cast of Spell [COMPLETED] ni MysterPuti
Cast of Spell [COMPLETED]ni MP
A magic that demands darkness. You can be one of them if you offer yourself to the underworld, by the power of the demon. A secretly born witch who crosses the land of m...
Default Title - Write Your Own ni adorablecat00
Default Title - Write Your Ownni adorablecat00
An unknown creature suddenly appeared before her eyes
The Misery In You (Misery Series #1) ni WineNing
The Misery In You (Misery Series #...ni rix
Leighton Ansley Vega, the girl that went viral, ran away from her city. Tired and exhausted, she still decided to live the most out of her life and do the things she had...
God's Plan (Exclusively published on DREAME) ni daybiasca
God's Plan (Exclusively published...ni Day Biasca
Magkaibang henerasyon, magkaibang panahon, magkaibang storya ang isinulat ng panginoon. Dalawang istorya ng pag-ibig, magkaibang umiibig at iniibig. Mga estado ng buhay...
Detective CEO ni naReen4
Annalise didn't expect that applying at the Vilenzo Company would lead her to the world of crimes, murders, and mysteries. Now that she encountered Leo, the CEO of Vilen...
Dark Against the  Light: Volume I ni BlackOwl4870
Dark Against the Light: Volume Ini RJ Taguic
After the 12 Archangel cast out from heaven. They pretend as defenders of Light. The people of Manila saw the kindness when they arrived few days ago and all of them ar...
Love And Lies ni Vnestt
Love And Liesni
Rosesalina Swagkqzhenegher is the most bratty girl in their town, all she wants she gets except her love of her life,when she's 18 , her life crumbles because of the tr...
The Flirty Cat ni FreakinBish
The Flirty Catni FreakinBish
Just read it.. I don't know what to put in the story description.
Love Game ni FreakinBish
Love Gameni FreakinBish
Her name is Shen and.. she has always been very unlucky about 'love'. She isn't perfect, she herself even said "I'm not half as pretty". She's a very kind and...
Immortal In The Present Day  ni MaryTreasureJane
Immortal In The Present Day ni AngryDragon
Do immortals real or just a myth? Of course it's real! cause I'm an immortal. A immortal who is living on this new age, an age where humans are constantly evolving with...
tales inside my head ni nikkoru_chan
tales inside my headni ニッコル
/one shots/ A compilation of one shot, mostly peculiar stories made by yours truly, born out of my boredoms. [ Written in English but there are some in Filipino ] Status...