Kidnapped By A Thug by diorbrat
Kidnapped By A Thugby JODIE
What happens when Normani Walker the princess of the Southside get kidnapped by Santana the Kingpin. #1 urban : June 2018
  • urbanromance
  • urban
  • hispanic
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Never Thought by tiffanynick_
Never Thoughtby TiffanyC
What happens when a thug (Deuce) hires a dork of a maid (Blue) to clean up after him? How will the maid change the big young boss in the hood? ---- 🛑 some strong langua...
  • friendship
  • yg400
  • relationship
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SeX Therapist by IAmShe_Q
SeX Therapistby Quetta Stubbs
"The Imagination is real" 😍😍😍 A Must READ
  • urbanfiction
  • urban
  • finished
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R O L E X I A by ayinnek
R O L E X I Aby Kay
Rolexia and Jesse were practically raised together. Rolexia hates Jessie's guts. Jesse loves teasing the little firecracker that is Rolexia. They have an unspoken agreem...
  • urban
  • teen
  • urbanfiction
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Thugs Can Love by YaGirl-Kiah
Thugs Can Loveby Kiah💍🖤
Xavier is a big time thug who takes care of his 13 year old twin sisters and his grandma but there is a big family secret that turns his whole world upside down. All at...
  • romance
  • thuglove
  • hood
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•I GOT YOU BABYGIRL• by kennxj
•I GOT YOU BABYGIRL•by 🌈kennedy🌈
"That was in the past, imma cuff that now." Kamron used to go to school with Peighton but never had the guts to talk to her. What happens after he finds her ag...
  • bitch
  • college
  • romance
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To the wheels fall off by asvpmirry
To the wheels fall offby asvpmirry
17 year lonni just moved from Nashville to New York City. Her whole life is turned upside down by June one of the biggest drug dealers in NY. He's a senior and when they...
  • urbanfiction
  • newyork
  • love
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The Price of Love  by Love_Bri94
The Price of Love by Love_Bri94
Desperate to keep everyone off her back about her love life, Sydney Michaels goes to extreme measures to prove to the people around that she's capable of having a happy...
  • urbanfantasy
  • chrisbrownfanfic
  • fanfiction
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PROJECT PRINCESSby So’Spicystories 💘📝
  • generalfiction
  • hustle
  • love
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Nobody's Business by jadaamourbri
Nobody's Businessby I’m only 16, bye.
Nobody's Business Book One -------------- Morgan has been through a lot in her life . When she turned 14, Morgan's mother died of breast cancer so she had to live wi...
  • drugs
  • thug
  • love
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Commitment Issues by IMPERIALDREAMS
Commitment Issuesby Issa Shae
The story of a single father with a dark past learning that money doesn't make him a man and a black girl who's struggling to rebuild herself less on a man and more on h...
  • urbanromance
  • daughter
  • chocolate
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Insecure (Completed) by officialtajaj
Insecure (Completed)by baby j
in·se·cure ˌinsəˈkyo͝or/ adjective 
(of a person) not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious. Yazmine Carter wasn't always the person she is today. But her last rel...
  • beauty
  • streetlit
  • insecure
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His Match by reinac_
His Matchby Bratz Doll
Just read.
  • love
  • clarencewhite
  • urbanromance
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Meant To Be by tokyian
Meant To Beby tokyonizzle
As we follow upon Lilani Adams story of re-finding herself after the deceit fallen onto her from her boyfriend of 3 years, read along to the many deceptions and sex thri...
  • matureaudience
  • urbanstory
  • maturelanguage
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The Sweetest Thing by BethIrenna95
The Sweetest Thingby Beth.
to Sage Alexander he was the sweetest thing she'd ever known.
  • urban
  • drama
  • hbcu
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Pregnant For Mr Wrong || 💔 by Jahmekankutie
Pregnant For Mr Wrong || 💔by Jahmekankutie
This is the story of Isabella louis a FBI agent who got artificially inseminated by accident after a regular routine visit to the clinic for well known criminal and what...
  • music
  • urbanromance
  • romance
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Touchdown  by LovelyMyaaaaaa
Touchdown by LovelyMya💕
Rosaleen is a 23 year old girl that grew up in a foster home that moved from house to house when she turned 18 she was determined to grow out like a blossom flower but...
  • streetlit
  • money
  • urbanromance
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Thug fetish  by souneique
Thug fetish by So’Spicystories 💘📝
[SEXUAL CONTENT AND PROFANITY WILL BE USED IN THIS BOOK] commenttttt give me yall feedback//still under construction ------------------------------------ Jadah is a ave...
  • kingpin
  • urban
  • hood
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back to you . by enicoleeee
back to you .by emily.
about an girl who reunites with her old childhood best friend ..he's an boy and she's an girl . he has changed over the years and so has she , she's learned to not trust...
  • relationships
  • love
  • boy
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Addicted To You | I by SantanasUrbanNovels
Addicted To You | Iby 美麗
Your The Best Drug I've Ever Had & I Cant Help That I'm Addicted To You
  • generalfiction
  • lust
  • pain
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