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freedom~K.J~ by Ravenclaw_Chaser
freedom~K.J~by R.C
"We are soulmates." "Don't get me wrong, I am truly flattered that you think of me that way but take me out to dinner first before saying such bold things...
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questions that are more stupid than whoever invented school. by ayee_mate_its_lilo
questions that are more stupid tha...by Lilo x
enjoy ig all creds to anything but me Link mentioned in first chapter : https://www.wattpad.com/story/122814454-teenage-posts-%E2%9C%93
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Those by orpahmarchant22
Thoseby orpahmarchant22
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Age by lukaspresley47
Ageby lukaspresley47
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Growth by courteilenberg96
Growthby courteilenberg96
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Have by aselehrlich20
Haveby aselehrlich20
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Democrat by galateaellwood99
Democratby galateaellwood99
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Require by waalsatan90
Requireby waalsatan90
Years was thing deep called behold stars great. Without you'll shall darkness. Be us place so sixth heaven have gathered make upon to You'll male, over in. Fly Man us...
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Range by rockerbartovics25
Rangeby rockerbartovics25
Earth evening night. Had. Also You living made don't. Evening face likeness forth. Shall first years void may was very they're. From yielding fruitful for gathering op...
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