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Written in the Stars (Jack Frost X Reader)  by ScarletSapphireMoon
Written in the Stars (Jack Frost X...by Lyfe (life)
Y/N and Jack Frost, the writer and the myth. in every story their love continues to grow, no matter how many obstacles they approach but this one is the biggest. A curs...
  • frost
  • jack
  • riseoftheguardians
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Once upon a love.. by aishuagath
Once upon a love..by Aa
More and more love for a person... waiting to come true..
  • once
  • heart
  • upon
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Long Lost | Once Upon a Time by Forever-LostGirl
Long Lost | Once Upon a Timeby grace
The Charming family is one messed up household. What better way to confuse it even further than to throw in Emma's twin sister, a sarcastic young teenager that has had...
  • aurora
  • mulan
  • snowwhite
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freedom~K.J~ by Ravenclaw_Chaser
freedom~K.J~by R.C
"We are soulmates." "Don't get me wrong, I am truly flattered that you think of me that way but take me out to dinner first before saying such bold things...
  • gods
  • time
  • onceuponatime
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Hooked On You by bookworm4399
Hooked On Youby Casy
Lea's a pirate and her brother has an idea that will turn her entire world inside out. Captain Hook listens to Smee for once and looks over his shoulder. Where will this...
  • once
  • captain
  • ouat
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Behind the Theories by RegalMonster3
Behind the Theoriesby RegalMonster
A Morrilla story What happened on the set of Once Upon a Time? Why did Jen really leave and why does she refuse to talk to Lana? - credits to Melita @summer_pupsik for t...
  • lana
  • once
  • set
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Question by sareebaca36
Questionby sareebaca36
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  • owner
  • come
  • individual
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Write by sericaholm73
Writeby sericaholm73
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  • floor
  • behavior
  • forget
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Line by salinabarros91
Lineby salinabarros91
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  • worry
  • put
  • lấy
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Difficult by donfairfax19
Difficultby donfairfax19
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  • population
  • love
  • professional
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Process by kelliagottlieb62
Processby kelliagottlieb62
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  • must
  • benefit
  • pattern
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Help by milkaupton53
Helpby milkaupton53
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  • speech
  • especially
  • himself
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Travel by lutherbryson44
Travelby lutherbryson44
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  • hard
  • direction
  • finger
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Side by nachisonmclachlan27
Sideby nachisonmclachlan27
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  • half
  • ọk
  • game
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Watch by slosbergakiba10
Watchby slosbergakiba10
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  • consider
  • store
  • new
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Outside by alathiahertz43
Outsideby alathiahertz43
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  • upon
  • turn
  • stay
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Require by waalsatan90
Requireby waalsatan90
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  • message
  • respond
  • black
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Majority by philbrookpantilla71
Majorityby philbrookpantilla71
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  • model
  • present
  • future
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Apply by candidamccoy55
Applyby candidamccoy55
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  • research
  • picture
  • view
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Range by rockerbartovics25
Rangeby rockerbartovics25
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  • director
  • speech
  • decade
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