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Utopia War by CharlesSmith9
Utopia Warby Charles Smith
Humanity emerges from the aftermath of the technological singularity having conquered scarcity, disease, poverty, aging, death, and, or so they thought, even war. With t...
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Rise up by Duaashaykh
Rise upby وَلِرَبَّكَ فاصْبِرْ
﷽ السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اَهْلاًوَسَهْلاً Reminders to myself first: Preserve your hearts from illnesses such like حِقْد ( Grudges) حَسَد ( Envy ) ‎كبر (Arr...
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Collection of Words •Quotes• by loveisniceyouknow
Collection of Words •Quotes•by Pabla ♥️😬
I have collected quotes for some time, and I wanted to share them with all of you. The quotes in this book are from various sources. The quotes will have different theme...
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The Suicidal Ones by JDRebelLove
The Suicidal Onesby JD RebelLove
Dedicated to those who are going through a time in life.
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thought bubble by kilifiction
thought bubbleby kilifiction
a book of midnight poems and strange ideas
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Transcendent Portents by HABHAYMEM_INC_96
Transcendent Portentsby BLANK SHEETS
READ and you can start... ~RHNJN
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New Proxima - A Slice of Utopia by CharlesSmith9
New Proxima - A Slice of Utopiaby Charles Smith
Life in a post-scarcity techno-utopia. A series of shorts set in the Utopia War universe after the events of that book. You can read this collection without reading Utop...
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Till I Say I'm Done by XavierHazelwood
Till I Say I'm Doneby Xavier Hazelwood
At the Edge by Nerdmom101
At the Edgeby Amelia Smith
In this short story, a girl is plagued by her memories. The ocean, her comfort, offers her something she never knew existed: rebirth.
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Dancing in the Dark by Sisi6161
Dancing in the Darkby Sisi
*Warning: The book contains a setting at around a month or so ago, a one true pairing in fan fiction, vulgarities, mature content, and emotional pangs. Viewers' discreti...
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Empowering Women by ZahJee
Empowering Womenby ZahJee
In a way, it's poems and affirming in these day and age, it's rare to have a sisterhood, women coming together to create, work or build in NY. It's selfishness to get to...
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Love Letters from God by Apple_Stroudel
Love Letters from Godby April Stroud
This is just going to be a bunch of really uplifting Christian poems written as if by God. If any of these poems help you or raise any questions please feel free to mess...
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Your Like My Superhero by Kingoverstand
Your Like My Superheroby King Overstand
It's this wonderful girl I know. She felt down and asked me to write her a poem. She said "Your like my superhero" and I thought to myself if you'd just loo...
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Everything Everyone Needs To Hear by steelingtime
Everything Everyone Needs To Hearby steelingdreamtime
Did you know that you're....amazing.
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Finding Joy Today by coffeeshopreads
Finding Joy Todayby coffeeshopreads
Joy is a beautiful thing. It has the power to bring together entire communities of people from different backgrounds, with different stories and beliefs. It has the powe...
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Promises For A Lifetime by OCHotSpot
Promises For A Lifetimeby StoriesForRainyDays
"Promises Of A Lifetime" is a story of 3 friends, Ron (Ronnie), James, and Claire who are faced with a life-changing divide. The friends attend school, work, a...
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Triumph by GreenFire02
Triumphby GreenFire02
Something to cheer someone up.
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All Things In Hope by Yusufataa
All Things In Hopeby Yusuf Ataa Nyiko Mhangwane
Poetry for hope, inspiration, and uplifting.
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Uplift Quotes and post by crowlowry
Uplift Quotes and postby PlanetJupiter
This is what I would like to do for a while.
Uplift by Franky_Night
Upliftby Franky_Night
Just a littla poem. This time to people who feel like they aren't real/important.