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Like Fire and Powder by isiac_
Like Fire and Powderby isiac_
It's a rom-com with androids, murder, and mystery. When Fowler assigns you and Connor to an unusual B and E case, you do some sleuthing like the good detectives you are...
The Hunt by vasaloloa
The Huntby Cassidy | BLM
The Carader brought people to their fate... but she never expected her fate would reside in a forest God. ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾⋆⁺₊⋆ Meridia of Renshir grew up hearing of the spirits an...
Looking for Any Love by LittleBobbyJoe
Looking for Any Loveby Rae Wojo
Just read and find out, but WARNING its depressing and suicidal!!!!
An article on the difference between the 1980 gothic movement and the emo subcul by pmcrfir
An article on the difference betwe...by pmcrfir
An article I wrote, focusing on the debateable difference between the 1980s gothic movement and the 2000s emo subculture. When trends began, trendsetters and debates on...
The Creation of Patch by FormalEclipseWriting
The Creation of Patchby Trevor Geisendaffer
TW: Death, implied death, gore Missing eyes, forgotten memories, and a never-ending smile.
Both? by NeKoSwOrDtImE
Both?by NeKoSwOrDtImE
Spamano fanfic- Lovino Vargas has lived in the country with his grandfather and his brother for his whole life. All throughout his bloodline everyone has or had been an...
A Drop In The Ocean, A Tear In The Rain by WinterOwl115
A Drop In The Ocean, A Tear In The...by End_of_Eras
When young Adeline discovers she has an ability no one else has, she is sure it's all a dream. Soon, she knows she has to learn to control it or risk the consequences...
Rants/Updates by jnicoleb1234
Rants/Updatesby Jade Nicole
Just me going off on things that piss me off or random things such as pet peeves. Updates will be every Thursday and alternate between rants and etc. and updates.
What Happened At The Lake by devilsstepfather
What Happened At The Lakeby devilsstepfather
No one in Vera Hunterson's Life is exactly normal; not her mother, not her father and definitely not her eleven-year-old sister However, her sanity is about to be trul...
Secret Agent by EshatheCuteArmygirl
Secret Agentby Esha the Cute Army - girl
I started writing this story on August 19th of 2021. This story is about a girl named Eun Shi. Actually I had puted myself in this story. I have wrote this story based o...
(Story In Progress) JOURNAL ENTRY by StarStuddedRose
(Story In Progress) JOURNAL ENTRYby Rose Writings
Journal entry # 0: She doesn't know. She has no clue. She has no clue what this place do to her. I gave her this for a reason. For her to write it down and see. Finally...
Revenance by jaeger_foxx
A girl named Mira meets a mysterious creature named Tajo. All parts have been published.
The Ay of the Storm by KiaraMiM
The Ay of the Stormby MyNameIsBatman
Ay is the 2nd best detective in the world, if you don't count the aliases of L of course. When the Kira case began, Ay, or (f/n) (l/n) put in a transfer under the name S...
Traumatophobia  by MyaCharnock
Traumatophobia by Mya Charnock
My name is Kara. I have terminal cancer. And my doctor says I have traumatophobia. It means I'm super scared of getting hurt. So, you can guess how much finding out I ha...
Shot Account One: of phones and first meetings by BlazeRiddle
Shot Account One: of phones and fi...by blaze riddle
[[Updates every Friday. Currently: 2/5]] I'm not sure where to start this account. Honestly, I've started writing this about three or four times, but I haven't really g...
I sold my soul for a taco by ADonkeySawUs
I sold my soul for a tacoby ADonkeySawUs
Jordyn and her friends are having Mexican food. She wants tacos. She has no money. In exchange she sells her soul for a taco.
Moviesssss by AuthorGirl140
Moviesssssby mari
Good movies. New recommendations... from me. End of story. #totallyrandom
Les Miserables Short Stories!! by izzyandviolins
Les Miserables Short Stories!!by Izzy
I'm writing short stories based off of every song included in Les Mis! They will include elements from the plot and from my imagination, but don't worry, the spoilers wo...