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[ENG] ''You left him. What's your problem?'' "I'm still not over him." -Nothing is real -I don't own anything
Piles of Emotions by kch_rel
Piles of Emotionsby Jas
All the emotions that were kept hidden finally came out. This is a compilation of poems.
The Unveiling (Levi x Reader) by gorgeous_levi
The Unveiling (Levi x Reader)by ジャスミン
(Y/n) was born a telepath, she can read minds, she can tell what's going inside your head. Until one day, Levi Ackerman came. The only person that for some reason, she c...
justice flies by SpragueThomson
justice fliesby SpragueThomson
No matter what, the lawlessness will meet its end. This time demanding transparency beyond all the veils of power. Let justice speak for everyone, not just for the happy...
Unveil by Yshmae_writes
Unveilby Yshmae_writes
UNVEIL Let Your Other Half SPEAK Scribbled lines collection that one's observation want to let out in this beautiful yet catastrophic world.
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Your Early Demise by sam_navi
Your Early Demiseby SAMnity
Sa unang pagtapak mo pa lang sa silid-aralang ito, nakasulat na kaagad kung paano ka mamamatay.
I WAS KIDNAPPED by snowiscoy
I WAS KIDNAPPEDby yaniyaaa
Lori already accepted the fact that one day she'll be married to someone she doesn't love. Despite the acceptance, she's still silently praying that the time will stop s...
The Masked by bluesscrystal
The Maskedby Bellew!
Celia wants to know the reason behind being neglected by her own family that ones loved her dearly, especially her father whom she thought was a knight in shining armor...
Forsaken by Lesmoxx
Forsakenby Nehal Chakraborty
A past that should be long forgotten, forgiveness is never enough.
Just The Girl by TheGreatJean
Just The Girlby XIX
My love is greater than my pain.
I'M DATING PARK HYUNG SIK by scrletteslvns
"I'm not dating anyone," Hyung-sik said to the media and unfortunately, a woman shouted. "I'm dating Park Hyung-sik!"
Destiny Unveils  by FramingHannah
Destiny Unveils by Hannah Pirie
Jess and Leah have always been friends but when they meet two new boys Jason and Brendan life takes an unexpected turn as they are told they are all linked to a destiny...