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Chained (Malec) [Completed] by Rexania
Chained (Malec) [Completed]by Rexania
Alec is getting kidnapped by a certain Warlock. He tries to find out the reasons behind his captivity and starts to feel strange things towards his kidnapper. Could tha...
A Emotionless squid (Errorink) by LifeIsWeird3153
A Emotionless squid (Errorink)by Hungry-Boi
Ink has spent many years hiding the truth. Only one person knows about ink being emotionless and soulless. But what would happen if the truth came out?. They are sent o...
If only we'd known (bxb) by WildcatData06
If only we'd known (bxb)by WildcatData06
Archie and Riley have been best friends since they were little. But what would happen if feelings got involved? Feelings that were more then just platonic friendship. Or...
Instagram》♡Jerrie by LittleR02
Instagram》♡Jerrieby RL
Will they end up with each other? Or will things go wrong?
Breaking Free (BXB) by HeartfullyYours
Breaking Free (BXB)by Gracie
Milo was completely ordinary until an extra-ordinary war threatened his home and everyone he holds dear. Now he must find it within himself to fight for a world he barel...
This is not a fairytale-Sandersides by The_silent_smile
This is not a fairytale-Sandersidesby Roman
[COMPLETED] What you are about to read is not something copied from a storybook. There is no 'and they lived happily ever after' This is the cold, hard truth about the l...
His 𝒫𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒸𝑒𝓈𝓈 (Completed) by ShroniXD
His 𝒫𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒸𝑒𝓈𝓈 (Completed)by Sponge bob 🍍🌊
Stalk /stôk/ harass or persecute (someone) with unwanted and obsessive attention He parked his car with the rest of the guests for his princess' 18th birthday he hoped...
°Out  In the woods°  |Completed|  by closcorner
°Out In the woods° |Completed| by closcorner
Cover art not mine!! By the one and only @comfotabelshows Yes I thought it would be a good idea to come out to my best friend on a trip and news-flash It wasn't a good i...
Love Like Petals ---Bakugou X Todoroki X Midoriya by potatowithwords
Love Like Petals ---Bakugou X Todo...by Potato Child
A love triangle in which Todoroki is in the middle of. Bakugou is a Bakuhoe the whole time...don't mind him too much. Midoriya isn't too pure here. He's a teenager. Wit...
NO ME LLAMES AMORby Isabella Gutiérrez Cabral
Bella es una adolescente que ha pasado por muchos eventos que han causado varios impactos en su vida desde su primer beso hasta la boda de su papá con una mujer que se p...
Emotionless by OmegaOreos
Emotionlessby ʎɐpsǝnʇ
My Name is Mayuree bhuwakl. I live knowing I've killed tons of people without feeling any sort of remorse or regret. You could say I'm emotionless.
Forklift Girl by BlaithinTherese11
Forklift Girlby Bláithín Thérése
Do you know that video of the forklift crashing into all the boxes and taking down half a warehouse. well that person is Issac Avers and this is her story. https://youtu...
That Night by WingGuardian
That Nightby WingGuardian
That night. My dreams, my life, everything changed. That night, his voice, his warmth, his being soothed me, he saved me, thank you.
Hooded by BlaithinTherese11
Hoodedby Bláithín Thérése
The people of a northern town in the middle of nowhere are in great danger they just don't know it yet. A totalitarian regime called Haven has taken over the once buzzin...
LOVELY by Furrywhoisbiggay
LOVELYby Y o u r G a y
The story of fear of the unknown creatures that delve in the deep sea. Jackelyn does not even know what's coming when he delves a far to deep.
The Seas Call by LifeIsWeird3153
The Seas Callby Hungry-Boi
Cross was a very popular blacksmith in a little town called "Underville" he gets visited everyday by Kings and Queens, Princes, sometimes Princesses. But one d...