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Loving you by Dylanieeeeeee
Loving youby Dylan
"So Love, tell me; D'you always look this beautiful?"
Do Opposites Attract?® by MarPhilMarsh
Do Opposites Attract?®by MarPhilMarsh
Hinata Hyuga comes from a great background, with an exceptional family that comes with high honour and respect. But despite her family, she's awfully shy and believes in...
As Yet Untitled NCIS fanfic by TheOriginalCult
As Yet Untitled NCIS fanficby Best Fucking Person You'll Ev...
Some young woman shows up on Ziva's doorstep in extremely bad shape. She remembers nothing of what happened to her, or even who she is. She has complete amnesia. What ha...
The Secret Second Life Of Bucky Barnes (Winterhawk Oneshot) by ExcessiveBookWorm
The Secret Second Life Of Bucky Ba...by ExcessiveBookWorm
Ever wondered what the Winter Soldier was doing with himself all that time he was missing? Well, now you can find out.
Hidden in the stars by shadowcaster999
Hidden in the starsby Jinchuuriki
Layla has just escaped from the country of Rain and has stolen their most precious artifact. Now the prince of the Rain is accompanying Layla as she tries to find out ab...
Past Me  by jordan14_lemon
Past Me by jordan
Liam had been through hell and back not knowing why his life was filt with so many open spaces. After his parents died him and his brother relied on each other but an un...
The Space Angel by MrSharp213141
The Space Angelby Mr. Sharp
A wanderer among the stars who lost his memories while stranded in the middle of space. The only thing he remembers is seeing an angel. The cowboy of the stars who only...
The Missing Frost  by CoffeePerezpup09
The Missing Frost by CoffeePerezpup09
Four sisters that were banished from their kingdom of clouds, are now trying to reunite so the oldest sister, Eligard starts her journey to the other cloud islands to lo...
Kryptonite - Dimensions Uncalled (Book 1) by BlinkSoneReveluvMeU
Kryptonite - Dimensions Uncalled (...by BSAR4975
When you have a mostly perfect life, you wouldn't expect something bad that could happen. That's what Vivian Laelon expected too: a perfect life with everything she coul...
nightmares by saramirza6
nightmaresby sara mirza
a teenage girl..... didnt...know.....her past nightmares were haunting her.. everyone ...including herself..thought that she suffered from schizophrenia.....but little d...
First Journey by SnootBooper
First Journeyby SnootBooper
A Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Fanfiction. Four friends living on Destiny Islands plan to leave the safety of their world to visit the outside world. Their plans become ravaged wh...
Element Guardians by Aqua_312
Element Guardiansby Aqua_312
In a planet called Earth,everything is normal for Akari Lee.Except,she had the worse life in school.Bullying,fake friends,treated as a nerd,freak,you name it.But,all cha...
Lunara's Journal: Silver Werewolf Witch Saga by CloverLilyWish
Lunara's Journal: Silver Werewolf...by Clover
A story from the perspective of a silver werewolf witch who got kicked out of her pack years before the story starts. With hints to what happened in the past and worries...
Blessed & Cursed: The Awakening by RoellaSmith
Blessed & Cursed: The Awakeningby RoellaSmith
I am not human. I may walk, talk, and breathe like a "human". But I am a far cry from what you are. No, I am something, someone much more... dangerous. "...
Charmed, Loved, Ditched! by VignaModha
Charmed, Loved, Ditched!by Vigglegiggle
"Ace, I have a surprise for you," Blake said with a glint in his eyes. "What's wrong Blake?" He said nothing, just took my hand and led me away fro...
night shift || o.sh by heydoctoryehet
night shift || o.shby 툥프🌹
The night Yoo Jungah goes into the convenience store where Oh Sehun works is the first time they've interacted in years. But they keep running into each other at school...
Song of Water and Destruction by Book83Lover42
Song of Water and Destructionby Book83Lover42
"Come to the place where sky and sea meet. Come where the cliff's end is at your feet. This is were you find me, love, your beautiful songstress of death." Ari...
Children of the Nightspawn by PK_Productions
Children of the Nightspawnby PK_Productions
Astra and Crystal are left alone on different sides of a planet that has been divided. They are destined to meet and save their planet from destruction by an invading sp...
Dreadful by lukamonga
Dreadfulby Luke Mongary
A man living a normal life is reminded of a past that remained unsolved.