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Lost University (On Going) by ItsmeLemonGreen-45
Lost University (On Going)by Lemon
A school that would be your Slaughter, bloodshed. Full of evil and full of mystery. Ruthless and heartless persons are scattered in every corner. Lot of secrets are bein...
That Mysterious Nerd is The Next Mafia Queen☑️|| COMPLETED by Gaellicious_13
That Mysterious Nerd is The Next M...by Abigael Nicolas Villano (Gael)
She is Gaelie Anne Davonica Lavilla Villamero, a daughter of the most famous businessman world wide and also a mafia boss . She is a cold/ heartless person. She don't ca...
That SSG President is the Father of my Twins (Officers Series #1)  by YourLostGumball
That SSG President is the Father o...by 1ostgumball
(On-Going) Warning: this story has some mature contents please read at your own risk. :)
 Nerd Turn Into Childish Queen/Mus-Alonlym Book Awards 2020/ by itsme_checca
Nerd Turn Into Childish Queen/Mus...by Checca Bagunu
[COMPLETED] :June 25,2020 :September 1,2020
Im inlove with my Professor (alzakebriya series 1) by Mad_Kad
Im inlove with my Professor (alzak...by cloudine_rose
Started: June 30, 2020 A simple girl who lives in a rich life ended up loving a professor whose stepbrother owns a company who will make the biggest problem between the...
Chasing My Crown by _binibiningZin
Chasing My Crownby Nash Celis
[Deal Trilogy #2] ---------------- I left without any notice. Ayokong magpaalam kasi may masasaktan ako. Iniiwasan ko sya hangga't kaya ko. Not until the destiny planned...
Connected Heart by mushroom2lemonade
Connected Heartby mushroom2lemonade
Kung mahal mo, hindi mo sya kayang mawala ngunit kung mahal mo kahit masakit gagawin mo kung ano ang dapat, mahal mo eihh, love needs to sacrifice, cause every sacrifice...
I'm Just A Transferee☑️|| COMPLETED by Gaellicious_13
I'm Just A Transferee☑️|| COMPLETEDby Abigael Nicolas Villano (Gael)
She is Yesha Brie Miranda an adoptive daughter of Leida Miranda. She doesn't know a thing about her real family. She doesn't know a thing where she came from. But what i...
My Chocolates [K.TH] by baby_chimochi
My Chocolates [K.TH]by ChimTae
A chocolate love story. "Ew. a white chocolate, are out of your mind?" -Yoohee read at your own risk!
Passion On City Lights (Downtown series no.1) by elliejajie
Passion On City Lights (Downtown s...by Sugar Plum
Ysmael Santiago, also known as Fourth, is a taciturn kind of man. He doesn't care about anything rather than his Family and Career, after all he's the Captain of Swimmin...
Walk That Mile • Larry by rubihasblueeyes
Walk That Mile • Larryby rubi✨
Harry lo miró fijamente, la línea de su mandíbula sobresalía exageradamente. -Quería aprovechar al máximo este viaje, así que lo planeé minuciosamente -su voz era calma...
Jailed With You by JFetchhh
Jailed With Youby JFetchhh
Lyka Mae Maquiling is an Architecture student from Amstar University. SSG President, epitome of class, elegant as chandelier. Because of her ability to work on silence s...
The mystery of Moon University (HIATUS!!!) by aceanic
The mystery of Moon University (HI...by aceanic
In this school were many mysteries need to be solved, secrets untold, students and soul trapped forever. Beware if you enter this school there is no turning back the on...
Only Two Things - Desirée Arjona Peña by DesireArjonaPea
Only Two Things - Desirée Arjona P...by Desirée Arjona Peña
Nadie podría imaginar que Jake y Henry, antiguos rivales del instituto, ahora sean pareja, y mucho menos ellos mismos. Tras un verano perfecto, alejado de la presión del...
VOLVER A AMAR by lenon2020
VOLVER A AMARby Lennon2020
Bella Williams. Ha sufrido de muchos problemas en su vida, ella solo quería irse de la casa de sus padres Cuando se gradúa su sueño se cumple, se va a la universidad de...
Wild University by IrishMaeOrdaniza7
Wild Universityby Irish Mae
Across a Dream - Larry Stylinson by obviouslouie
Across a Dream - Larry Stylinsonby • ana •
Qual o limite para se viver um sonho? Para Mark Tomlinson, depois de toda uma vida frustrada por não ter vivido o seu, o limite não existia. O alfa havia dedicado toda a...
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Você sempre soube | Original Story by claraletters
Você sempre soube | Original Storyby clara.
Depois de anos vivendo para cuidar das pessoas que ama, Camila Rivera finalmente encontra na vaga de estágio de seus sonhos a chance de provar a si mesma que também pode...
Protegida por una Fraternidad // Versión SasuHina by Asdfasdf69
Protegida por una Fraternidad // V...by AsdfAsdf
- Te protegeremos - Me dicen y se ven tan seguros de ellos mismos que me hace creerles. Ir a la Universidad jamás fue uno de mis planes, ni siquiera por mi mente había p...
¿Verdad o Reto? [Ateez - Yungi/Woosan] by xPoros
¿Verdad o Reto? [Ateez - Yungi/Woo...by xPoros
[...] -¿Verdad o reto? -Preguntó sonriente el más pequeño de todos. -Estarás de broma, Jongho... -¿Qué tiene de malo, Seonghwa-hyung? O acaso... ¿Te da miedo? -Jongho, e...