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Wishes In My Dreams by _chxcz
Wishes In My Dreamsby Ashaina Solene
This is the love story of two bright UST students. They come from different backgrounds, but when they meet, they will become friends and fall in love.
Ang storyang ito ay hindi base sa totoong buhay, pangalan, pangyayari ay gagawa-gawa ko lang. Lahat ay kathang-isip lamang kaya wag kang ano! Na-isip ko lang toh! Chares...
University Series # 2 SAFE SKIES, ARCHER (LINES) by TeenSummers
University Series # 2 SAFE SKIES...by Cristy Jean Caro
UNIVERSITY SERIES # 2 Written by : 4reuminct - Ashianna Kim Fernandez ( Yanna) -Akihiro Leonel Juarez (Hiro)
Yellow Hearts by eriinreese
Yellow Heartsby erin
Glayne from De La Salle University finds a sequel of her yellow heart to love freely and moving beyond time against everyone until a law student from DLSU came, David.
SAAVEDRA QUADROPLETS #1: School of Psycho (COMPLETED) by maylenfronda22
SAAVEDRA QUADROPLETS #1: School of...by Binibining May
They say....... "The psycho's do not know how to love." But why is this King of Psycho named Sycho Saavedra already falling in love with a woman. Napaibig siya...
I'm inlove with my Professor (Alzakebriya Series 1) by _cloudskie
I'm inlove with my Professor (Alza...by ulappp
| COMPLETED | ~UNDER EDITING~ Alzakebriya series #1 Love is like an education. It always give us lessons which will help us to build our whole personality. Aliya Catheri...
•\\Tú eres mi presente//• by m4tihabib1
•\\Tú eres mi presente//•by Cámbiate a Movistar
Luckity contiene:Luckity,luzuplay entre otros ships,un poco de 🔞
Saavedra Quadroplets #1:School of Psycho (COMPLETED) by HotMinded
Saavedra Quadroplets #1:School of...by HM
Story of Sycho and Shantelle💕 Saavedra Quadroplets #1: School Of Psycho STARTED: MAY 27, 2021 ENDED: FEBRUARY 13, 2022
Efraín by Illoa47
Efraínby Illoa47
Yo no era nadie antes de conocerlo. Completamente invisible ante los ojos de los demás. Él llegó a poner mi mundo de cabeza, me enseñó a amarlo, por lo que me cuestiono...
The Way I Love You. (Forced Marriage Series #2) by Azelluna
The Way I Love You. (Forced Marria...by 𝘙𝘦𝘢𝘱𝘦𝘳
"Death can never change the way i love you." #1 in Tragic love story
It's Just A One Night Stand (Campus Series#3) by Binibining_Ayane
It's Just A One Night Stand (Campu...by BBA
Started: March 1-2021 Ended: March 31-2021 Loosing your virginity is one of the most important thing among women. But loosing your virginity with someone you didn't even...
Más allá de las apariencias ( mini historia by: IA) by mypassionChiss
Más allá de las apariencias ( mini...by ingrid ramirez
hola a todos, quiero aclarar que esta historia es una historia que creé como proyecto utilizando una IA la idea principal la desarrolle y luego lo que hice fue ver que t...
Tu mi amor, tu mi profesora by Onlythedarkness
Tu mi amor, tu mi profesoraby Onlythedarkness
¿Tendré una oportunidad alguna vez con esa maravillosa mujer? No lo se, pero cada día que pasa sus sonrisa, sus palabras, su presencia me enamora mas.
billie & i by simplysonderr
billie & iby .
"do you even love me?" i looked up at her with sad eyes, half-wishing her answer was yes, just to give me one reason to stay. "how can you say that? i do...
Hired Girlfriend (CAMPUS SERIES #1) by Binibining_Ayane
Hired Girlfriend (CAMPUS SERIES #1)by BBA
Started: December 2020 Ended: January 23-2021 Have you ever left someone you love without saying any proper goodbyes because of your life goals? And then one day, the bo...
El resurgir de las cenizas (Déjate llevar, 2) by sheiilabeneiitez
El resurgir de las cenizas (Déjate...by Sheila Benéitez
Un año es el tiempo transcurrido desde aquel 10 de septiembre. El día en el que Saray dejó de sentir. Desde entonces ha usado a los chicos para tener sexo, sin compromis...
DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME? by invisiblerin
DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME?by rin akashi
COMPLETED Leriah Cervantes a fourth year college girl, who thinks she already knows what life is. But not until she participate to a game - a game between life and death...
I'm not that Innocent by RHYMES915
I'm not that Innocentby RHYMES JAPIN
An angelic voice and innocent face that you wouldn't know her life went to upside down once she meet him. I don't love, Love is a fucking illusion! -Heiress
¿El día perfecto? by sakaikuro
¿El día perfecto?by ❄Daay❄
╔═══════ ≪ •❈• ≫ ═══════╗ One-shot ➸ NAMJIN. ➸ Solo era una simple confesión, ¿por qué tuvo que ser el día más raro de su vida? Namjoon nunca lo sabr...