A BURNING DESIRE. by Pink23Belle
A BURNING DESIRE.by PinkIsMySignatureColor
There was a charm about the forbidden that made it unspeakably desirable and they crave what they couldn't have.
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[On Hiatus] Lotto|A Zodiac Fanfiction by -silent_smiles-
[On Hiatus] Lotto|A Zodiac Fanfict...by Sleepy Trash
Oh, how I love her wine red lips. Such pretty, luscious, soft lips. It's a shame that she has to be with me - an unfaithful man who masks his emotions in his affairs. <C...
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Unfaithful//Jeon Jungkook by IlhoonJung9
Unfaithful//Jeon Jungkookby JungKook and Me
If love is what they say it is, why is it easy for other people to have a change of heart? If love is a virtue that can inspire you to be faithful and loyal, why do peo...
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The Unfaithful by JEMaxwell
The Unfaithfulby JEMaxwell
Lumay Arionette has known she would one day be Queen from the moment a Priest declared it just three days after her birth. But the boy who was supposed to be her King? H...
  • powers
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One Sided love by AlonelyBlight
One Sided loveby BlightyLone
What you imagine will just stay at you imagination dont rely that it would be part of your real life. BECAUSE IMAGINATION WILL ALWAYS BE AN IMAGINA...
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Bad Decisions by ChristianSherman
Bad Decisionsby ChristianSherman
A little PSA to all the guys and gals out there making awful choices.
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