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𝚂𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚝𝚑 (discontinued xCreepypasta chatfic) by writerbitchig
𝚂𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚝𝚑 (discontinued xCr...by writerbitch
[discontinued] selcouth ; (streɪndʒ ) adj. odd, unusual, or extraordinary in appearance, effect, manner, etc; peculiar. Let's say, hypothetically, you were bored. Now, a...
We Tie until We Die✅ (COMPLETED) by Ashishas25
We Tie until We Die✅ (COMPLETED)by Ashi
This story revolves around five girls and five boys. They are in their twenties and from different professions. They meet each other and get bonded really well unexpecte...
We Are Family 💚 by Ashishas25
We Are Family 💚by Ashi
A story of 8 youngsters..... lets see how they become friends, how they fall in love, and how they overcomes the challenges life offer..... let's see how this story g...
Nothing Ever Changes ✅(COMPLETED) by Ashishas25
Nothing Ever Changes ✅(COMPLETED)by Ashi
This story revolves around four girls and four boys. They are in their mid twenties and from different professions. They studied in the same college but they meet each...
When Love Lasts🤍 (Completed) ✅ by Ashishas25
When Love Lasts🤍 (Completed) ✅by Ashi
This book revolves around Four boys and Four girls... They are complete Strangers, from different professions.... They meet in different places , through common fri...
From Nothing To Everything  by Eunoia_akz
From Nothing To Everything by Eunoia_akz
What happens when Min Y/N a cold CEO and an underworld mafia married her school crush Min Yoongi Aka Suga an assassin. What will happen next? How many twists can occur...
At Her Boss's Mercy by tash07
At Her Boss's Mercyby tash07
When Julia Hastings enters into Santiago industries she does not know that she is entering into something much, much more than a greatly needed job.Mr. Santiago seems li...
The Angel He Broke by Afia60
The Angel He Brokeby Miss A
Love is never fragile, it's the heart. Love is a powerful thing trapped in a fragile container. Fate mysteriously decides for humanity and can certainly not be created...
The Stolen Heart by JamesNeds
The Stolen Heartby James Orillaneda
"The Stolen Heart" is a Wattpad story that follows the journey of Olivia, a successful businesswoman who finds love with a man named Alex. However, when Alex i...
The Suicide Notebook by Alteration_Art
The Suicide Notebookby Killjoy Queen
"Make sure you are something before you fade to nothing," is a statement that Lucky takes to heart. At Bayridge High, a prestigious boarding school on t...
I m KiNd To KiNDs❤️AND WoRsT tO BaDs😏 by night_gurl_zz
I m KiNd To KiNDs❤️AND WoRsT tO Ba...by urrr_wifeyy🥵
An forced arrange marriage of us , i like her but scared to tell her , is it a lovestory or a twist 🤔 read the story to know more....
The Big Four Fanfiction by FlorenceEdurot
The Big Four Fanfictionby Mischievous Apple LOL
"The black rose is an instrument to curse someone......" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join Hiccup, Merida, Rapunzel and Jack on their adventure to curs...
Zombies : The last stand of leaving  by Inkwell_Author
Zombies : The last stand of leavin...by ADITYA SHETTY
This is a story set in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has turned people into flesh-eating zombies. The protagonist, Adam, teams up with a group of survivors to f...
Never giving in by Infinity_read_write
Never giving inby Infinity_read_write
*Lucas* He's 17 going on 18. He's the team captain in his schools soccer team. He's every girl in his schools' dream boy. He's smug, confident, a little too confident m...
The Virus by AfricanSotho
The Virusby AfricanSotho
"How this virus works...it is like HIV/AIDS, only deadlier and it kills faster." The experiment was illegal, because it was biowarfare and the tube containing...
The Unexpected by imalwaystheoption
The Unexpectedby imalwaystheoption
We often expect love on the most wonderful time we want it to come. But we forget that true love always come on the time we don't expect it to come in our way.And I've e...
Who am I?! by Toward_success
Who am I?!by Toward_success
STORY INSIGHT: "I know you cheated. Better own up." reads Dan. Vicky was pacing back and forth in her living room as Dan read out the note from her locker. &qu...
Love at first sight...NO way! by sjcian
Love at first sight...NO way!by madhu
this is the story of a Japanese soldier who falls in love with a local girl who turns out to be a spy don't worry! this is not a historical story but a love story that e...
Inside These Pages by JorEuphoria
Inside These Pagesby jordan227444
A girl and a guy fight their way through high school not knowing what awaits them in their future. Think of it as this. A love story with an unexpected twist.