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Hades, I'm Yours(editing)  by CherryBlossom2214
Hades, I'm Yours(editing) by CherryBlossom2214
Pandeia, the daughter of Selene and Zeus, lived happily in her mothers realm. She was loved by all, even Ares, who didn't like anyone at all. She was kind as she was fie...
Unexpected Encounter : They Are Meant To Be Together. (Part : 1) by RafsaAkhter
Unexpected Encounter : They Are Me...by Rafsa Akhter
Unexpected Encounter:They Were Meant To Be Together, After being betrayed by her own sister and lover she did not know what she should do now. She thought that her life...
The Underworld's Magic by QueenofWinter36
The Underworld's Magicby QueenofWinter36
The Wizarding world was wrong. The Girl Who Lived is not what everyone believes. Everything that the Wizarding world believes about The Girl Who Lived is wrong. Rights t...
The Daughter of Selene & Carlisle Cullen  by Lunatic_Princess_66
The Daughter of Selene & Carlisle...by Lexie V
Daughter of Selene and Carlisle Cullen.
A Crown of Bones by world_joy_
A Crown of Bonesby World Joy
A teen monster will stop at nothing to get power, even if that means eating the forbidden fruit that will forever bind her to the keeper of death itself. ...
Sex and Death in Skeleton City by Jazzua
Sex and Death in Skeleton Cityby Jazzua Ki Andrews
Geoff and Naomi are dead, and they're depressed, but when Geoff's cat Bernie dies as well, they embark on a wild journey to find it in the underworld. ...
Bound To Aïdon | 18+ by soft_marsh
Bound To Aïdon | 18+by 𝐈🧸
❝Bad girls deserve nothing short of punishment.❞ Ren is an undead sinner who has defiled the very laws governing life and death, and Aïdon is the sin who will bring abou...
Sex demon by wootang_biss
Sex demonby xocheero
Selena was a dirty girl. She was into things that you've never seen . She was also abused by her many boyfriends she has had in her life. But one day, Her recent boyfrie...
Hades (Hades Series #1) by _caitlinemma
Hades (Hades Series #1)by caitlin
Evie Autumn, like almost every other nineteen year old was just your average, unimportant, everyday girl. She attended university, she had that one quirk that everyone t...
The remaining Original Corvinus by BluebellCrystal
The remaining Original Corvinusby Blue Crystal
Her lineage forgotten to all including her siblings. Ignored by many. Her only friends are two women who are more alike than she would ever think.
Love of Death by Trelhu60962
Love of Deathby Tristan
Halina Hades lives on the Isle of the Lost. She is the daughter of Hades and Persephone. Her best friends are Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay. However, when her friends are c...
The Girl that Hades called Persephone by LunaHart13
The Girl that Hades called Perseph...by Luna Hart
Unedited story* 21-year-old Persephone(who actually goes by Steffi since no one can spell or say her name correctly) is starting college. She's is finally two hours awa...
persephone ✔ by simp4riddleandlevi
persephone ✔by ♡Πίστις♡
a retelling of the tale of persephone and hades --- highest rankings - #1 in greek, god, greek mythology, hades, hecate, olympus --- ❝she wore silk dresses and flower cr...
The Forgotten Daughter by Cheshire_SK
The Forgotten Daughterby Daughter of Artemis
Aliana was basically raised at Camp Half-Blood. She has few memories of her life at home, but those she has retained are not pleasant. It's been 7 years, she's 14, and...
Selene ☿ KLAUS MIKAELSON by CrissBiancaPuffy
Selene ☿ KLAUS MIKAELSONby Bianca
❝Who is she?❞ ❝Selene. Her name is Selene.❞ -------------------------------------- ❝You don't scare me, Selene.❞ ❝Well, we'll have to work on that. ❞
In The Arms Of Hades by Andrea_is_here
In The Arms Of Hadesby 𝙰 𝚗 𝚍 𝚛 𝚎 𝚊✿
Hades is filled with hate, anger, and vengeance, his only source of happiness is when people die and he knows their families are sad. His siblings would do anything to p...
Hades - God of the Underworld  by rasddgg
Hades - God of the Underworld by Lillian Black
"You shall be staying here in this castle, with another god. I'm sure you shall be familiar with who it is. You know, God of the Underworld..." Victoria choke...
Thanatos by Lexi-the-book-worm
Thanatosby Lexi
The three fates can only determine the fates of mortals. But that's never stopped them from intertwining the fates of mortals with the lives of the gods. Especially when...
The Queen of the Dead by DannyP9
The Queen of the Deadby DannyP9
According to Plato, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate beings, co...
Lucifer's Bride [Complete] by mishi_onlyn
Lucifer's Bride [Complete]by Mishi
My mother has had dreams of becoming part of royalty since she was a girl. Four years ago, she made the colossal mistake of making a deal with the Devil himself, in orde...