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The Youngest Phantomhive by C_Montgomery_Burns
The Youngest Phantomhiveby 私の女性
COMPLETED The year is 1887. A time where the people of great wealth sat on thrones like royalty, while the poor beg for scraps, hoping for another chance to see the sun...
Just SING | Sans X Reader by artsyTrashpile
Just SING | Sans X Readerby -
--Long ago, two races ruled over Earth-- --HUMANS and MONSTERS-- --One day, war broke out between the two races-- --After a long battle, the Humans were victorious-- --T...
Undertale : Ghost (UndertalexReader) by Sarahlatte
Undertale : Ghost (UndertalexReade...by Dorkestra4Life
What do you do when no one can see you?
Undertaker X Reader by littlebittsy
Undertaker X Readerby littlebittsy
You are the daughter of Sebastian who is the butler of Ceil Phantomhive. What happens when you go on a case and meet someone who makes you feel something and parts of yo...
A Pocket Sized Adventure {Shimeji!Undertale x Reader} by ForgottenMatter
A Pocket Sized Adventure {Shimeji...by Melancholia
Cute, pocket sized, & mischievous characters. What could possibly go wrong? {Completed} (Don't own the pictures, unless specified. Undertale belongs to Toby Fox. May con...
serene | undertale various! x reader by 5AT_URN
serene | undertale various! x read...by saturn
serene: calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil. in which a human falls into the underground, and monsters fall for them.
•~{UnderTale OneShots}~• by WoahSickMemes
•~{UnderTale OneShots}~•by SansCentral
(AU)Sanses×Reader! So many choices so little time!! Request are Open! I'm not the best writer so don't judge to much 'kay? Haha. How i write them is how i see that sans...
Yandere Undertale AU's/Reader by KivikKai
Yandere Undertale AU's/Readerby KivikKai
"I'm addicted to you, there's no other way to put it. I love you too much." Taking Requests!
Undertale Scenarios by InWolfsClothing
Undertale Scenariosby In Wolf's Clothing
A series of semi-realistic scenarios including a handful of Undertale characters. In otherwords, stick around. ... Please.
Black Butler X Reader Oneshots by MyrianCarydark
Black Butler X Reader Oneshotsby The Great Devourer
[NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS]* Okay, let's face it: BLACK BUTLER CHARACTERS ARE HOT AS HELL. And hey, almost none are married or otherwise engaged, so would it really be a cr...
Undertaker x reader by Kittyy_Walker
Undertaker x readerby Kittyy Walker
Umm the title says it all. This is my first story so please rate and leave a comment so I can make it better! Thanks for taking the time to read this and sorry I couldn'...
【~My reality~】 by LollipopDarling04
【~My reality~】by ~𝑺𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒘𝒃𝒆𝒓𝒓𝒚_𝑪𝒂𝒕~
Where a self aware girl got teleported to the one and only undertale multiverse and met a few skeletons on the way and became friends or maybe perhaps more? or will they...
UnderTale AU Oneshots by Aokira_Akilas
UnderTale AU Oneshotsby Aokira Akilas
as what the title said,it is an Undertale AU x reader fan fiction..mostly Undertale,Underswap,Under fell,Swapfell,Echotale and Echofell and pls...don't ask for lemon..I...
Is This a Dating Sim? - Chara X Reader [Discontinued] by Akarinotion
Is This a Dating Sim? - Chara X Re...by A k a r i
(Y/n)(L/n). A girl who received an unknown email telling her to download the link of a "game". She didn't know what could happen.. Except maybe a broken laptop...
Genocide For My Love { Yandere FEM! Frisk X FEM! Reader} by bubblvsu
Genocide For My Love { Yandere FEM...by ★Axmii/Bubb★
~ "Look At Me In The Eyes [Y/N] , Do You Really Think I Wouldn't Do Genocide For M Y L O V E . . . ?" ★ Finding A New Book To Read FILLS YOU WITH DETERMINATI...
Would You Smooch a Ghost? Mettaton x Shy!Reader by cupcake_unicorn920
Would You Smooch a Ghost? Mettaton...by Cupcake Unicorn
Read my Mettaton x Shy!Reader story, if you want. You don't have to... I'll try to make the story as gender neutral as possible, with split chapters for females and male...
AU Undertale x Reader Oneshots [DISCONTINUED] by Alpha-Maia
AU Undertale x Reader Oneshots [DI...by Alpha-Maia
Most of them are Sans and Papyrus (no surprise) I hope you enjoy!
A light in the darkness |Nightmare x reader| by NekkoetOnTheIntrnet
A light in the darkness |Nightmare...by NekkoetOnTheIntrnet
Everyone craves the light. It's what keeps them going. people will do anything they can to keep their light shining, but what will they do if the light extinguish and wh...
Fairytale Complex - [Sans x Reader] by james_trmtx
Fairytale Complex - [Sans x Reader]by 🌺 Jaime 🌺
[Frisk's Parent Reader | Slow Burn] The dichotomy between black and white is your constant when it's time for you to meet the whole new civilization Frisk brought along...
Case Of The Living Doll ❦ Undertaker  by marnieed
Case Of The Living Doll ❦ Undertak...by ❦•Marniee•❦
A story of a human-like doll and her owner Undertaker.