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Red For Love - Underfell Sans x Reader-COMPLETE- OLD by oBerrIx
Red For Love - Underfell Sans x Re...by oBerrIx
You were really young when you lost your best friend. You made a promise and you plan to keep it.
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Why Him? | Underfell Sans x Reader  by ChLuKa
Why Him? | Underfell Sans x Reader by ChLuKa
"Can someone please just tell me.... Why him.....?" Confidence. That emotion has been coming to you a lot ever since you had met him... But Why him...? [COMPL...
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The Lovers-Underfell Sans X Reader by StrayLuluCat
The Lovers-Underfell Sans X Readerby StrayLuluCat
This is where a little UnderFell Sans X Reader is going on. I have posted this on two other websites already. Cover by RandomColorNice from Deviantart. (Thanks for le...
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M I N E (Yandere!Underfell!Sans X Reader) by Xxk0xX
M I N E (Yandere!Underfell!Sans X...by etherealbutters
W A R N I N G:Contains gruesome content.Fell kills most of his victims in a very disgusting way,and unless you can handle that,I don't suggest trying to read this.
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Power to Heal (Underfell!Sans X Reader) by Fruityyloopz
Power to Heal (Underfell!Sans X Re...by Monika
You wanted to help but it was too late... So, you left. Tears filled your eyes as you thought of the one person that needed you the most... They were gone and it's your...
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Demons Love   [Underfell Sans x Demon-Reader] by Unicorn_queen808
Demons Love [Underfell Sans x De...by Ugly Noodles
Y/N is a half Demon Half Human, who lives with her friend Amy. They moved to a little town recently where Amy has loads of friends, which is the reason both of u moved...
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AU Sans  X Reader Long OneShots by mylittlepinkamena222
AU Sans X Reader Long OneShotsby Sans Sin
Just Sans X Reader No Lemon Cover by my homeslice tkdgirl222 I don't own any of the characters in these story Don't kinkshame me I know your here for the same reason I w...
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Furtastic by Lunawolf34
Furtasticby J. E. Collins
A girl who has never seen the world outside of the lab sees it for the first time only to fall down into the underground. What will she find down there?
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Please Don't Go | Underfell Sans x Reader [Book 2] by ChLuKa
Please Don't Go | Underfell Sans x...by ChLuKa
'I'm the reason she's wired up onto life support, slowly dying away into a coma.' "Please don't go, don't leave me in this world alone.." [BOOK 2: Please read...
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The Light Shows (UnderFell Sans X Female Reader) by Blueknight2489
The Light Shows (UnderFell Sans X...by ⋙☹Bͪlͥuͥeͫ☻⋘
There are two people The Light and the Shade The Light's gentle rays warm the living things and help them all grow healthily The Shade provides coolness and comfort for...
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Underfell, A Sans x Reader Fanfiction (Discontinued) by Makayla2290
Underfell, A Sans x Reader Fanfict...by Makayla ❤🔪
Hey guys! This story is currently being rewritten, so go check out "I Fell for You (An Underfell Sans x Reader Fanfiction)
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I'm not alone... (Underfell Sans X Reader) by saaaaaaaaaans
I'm not alone... (Underfell Sans X...by Hooman_Trashcan_
You fall down into the Underground, thinking your life was helpless. Now....you realize your life is helpless without him....
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Fell For You (UF! Sans x reader) by Baptorization
Fell For You (UF! Sans x reader)by i need to update
(Y/n) had a wonderful life. She always had the nicest clothes in school and she loved her family. Her mother and father loved her dearly, and so did her older brother. O...
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The Fallen Lovers (Underfell Sans x Female Fallen Angel Reader)  by LashedScarlet42
The Fallen Lovers (Underfell Sans...by a_living-ish_person
I own none of the art shown unless I say so in the chapters. All game credit goes to Toby Fox.
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The Wolf and the Skeleton (Underfell Sans X Werewolf Reader) by RealItzKat
The Wolf and the Skeleton (Underfe...by ItzKat .
A request by @K00LKatts You are not a normal human, and you didn't live in a normal world. Everyone is mean and rude up in the surface. You couldn't take it anymore and...
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UF Sans x abused cat reader by LuciyWaveren1987
UF Sans x abused cat readerby Silent Death
sorry if this book is bad it's my first one
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Do you Trust me? (Underfell sans x Reader story) by -Kyoko-Cream-
Do you Trust me? (Underfell sans x...by Pocky issues
Making friends with others may sound easy as you think! But the thing that starts betrayal is breaking their trust Hah! Got your interest? It better! Feelings are coming...
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Wolf Strength (UnderFell!Sans x Reader) {DISCONTINUED} by thatirishgirl03
Wolf Strength (UnderFell!Sans x Re...by YOLO BITCHES
(Now people the title might seem confusing but you'll figure out why this was the title) You play as a character whom who fell into the Underground,you get to choose all...
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♡ Yandere Undertale and Underfell Sans x Reader ♡ by NicYandere
♡ Yandere Undertale and Underfell...by ニリシイ
A young teenager mysteriously ends up in the Underground and gets along with the monsters so they could guide the teenager back to the surface. However, what happens if...
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How can you steal a non-existent heart? (underfell sans x Neko!reader) by Folfy4evsbro_-w-
How can you steal a non-existent h...by Slowly crying loudly dieing
(y/n) is an abused neko that never know her real parents. She has been used as any kind of toy that you can think of and feels paralyzed. She went to Mt.Ebott hoping to...
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