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Fight or Mercy [Underfell x Abused! Reader]  by MicroChan
Fight or Mercy [Underfell x Abused...by Franzy is Wifu
[2nd book] ((COMPLETED)) {Undertale AU - Underfell} [WARNING:ENDING AND PLOT IS VERY CRINGEY] "Long ago, two races ruled the earth, the Humans and the Monsters...
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A Step Outside the Door by thatonefangirltho
A Step Outside the Doorby ThatOneFangirlTho
The sequel to A Knocking at the Door! Like the actual one this time! If you haven't read A Knocking at the Door yet, I would really advise you to read it now... You woul...
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Underfell Sans X Reader (DISCONTINUED AND DEAD) by ICharaLot
Underfell Sans X Reader (DISCONTIN...by +IDontCarrotTall+
(DISCONTINUED) I have no Idea what to call this. Call It whatever you want. It's an Underfell Sans X Reader. You are in the role of Frisk in the Undertale universe, and...
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AfterFell - An Underfell Timeline (On Hiatus) by Aneth_Works
AfterFell - An Underfell Timeline...by Anaami E. DeVante
You fall. Without a mother's touch, you have nothing to lose, and death couldn't be more welcoming. Instead, you're given a new life...with a fuck ton of complications. ...
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ThE MonSTeR ThAT iS LOvE //UNDERFELL Sans X Depresed! Reader// by Cute_Fangirl_Life
ThE MonSTeR ThAT iS LOvE //UNDERFE...by Kyla Brooks
you were running away. away from everyone. away from your bullies, your abusive parents, you lame excuse for a friend, your fears, yourself. you came to realize that, th...
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You've Fallen, Haven't You? ||UNDERFELL|| by HeavensFallingStar
You've Fallen, Haven't You? ||UNDE...by Your Worst Dream
"Legends say those who climb the mountain never return." Frisk doesn't know what lured them up Mount. Ebbott that day, but when they awoke to a talking flower...
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Underfell Sans X Fem!Reader by MarieDraws16
Underfell Sans X Fem!Readerby Marie
Y/n Is just a normal woman in a normal world, where she has to live the same day over and over. One day, she meets a group of monsters, and decides to help them by givin...
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