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Little Queen by Loversaddict
Little Queenby Loversaddict
::::::::::::::: "You will remove your hand from her arm, or I will remove your hand from you. Now." "I think you did. Last chance to tell me the truth lit...
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Padrona ✔️ by NerdzGala
Padrona ✔️by Shania
Pardona (noun)- A Mistress. They were married but she was never his wife. His slave, his maid, his Padrona, his trophy but never his wife. #514 in ShortStory ~21/08/20...
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Mafia Sparks #Wattys2017 by twinkle_77
Mafia Sparks #Wattys2017by twinkle_77
Mafia Sparks #Wattys2017 Sparkle is your typical, enthusiastic, Spanish girl. She's optimistic, cheerful and can always put a smile on your face. She couldn't be happier...
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Deadly Love by Leema-Obu
Deadly Loveby Leema-Obu
Jade Reyes just wanted to find her missing brother, but instead gets trapped in a dangerous and deadly world. Falling in love with the mafia underboss was the last thing...
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Mafia Runner [Boyxboy] by MidnightChesire
Mafia Runner [Boyxboy]by MidnightChesire
Afton is at the point in his life where he faces constant barriers in his path of finding his own identity... Not only does he have to push past his parent's expectation...
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Just As Bad by 11Chocolate_drop11
Just As Badby Denisha Gabriel
His name is Alexander Darwen Jr. His father Alexander Darwen Sr. is one of world's most powerful under world boss. Alexander Jr is fierce and powerful, he shows no merc...
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Search for You (#1 of Foryoutrilogy) by wedontbelongtogether
Search for You (#1 of Foryoutrilog...by Happy Virus
How does it feel to live, abide and bend to the every demand of an oath for years? The notorious mafia family, the De Luca took a blood oath to avenge the death of their...
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My Pained Heart (BOOK 1 ON THE "HEART" SERIES) by BCV2002
My Pained Heart (BOOK 1 ON THE "HE...by Bianca Velicu
"Let go of me!" I said through gritted teeth. Just looking into his eyes made my heart melt, but the tears remembered me what he did. "I'm not going to le...
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Serendipity by xdarlingharryx
Serendipityby Amber Wells
"I was only a detective trying to solve a case. Little did I know it'd change my whole life. I'm still trying to figure out if it's a good thing, or if I should be...
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Bella Boss by Jolene89
Bella Bossby Jolene Scheepers
Have you ever felt like enough was just enough? Well today is the day I put my foot down. My father has officially gone mad. Totally bonkers if you ask me. Join Cathrine...
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capo by jacqie
capoby jacqie
Romantic book? Easy! Normal situation: Boy meets girl. And the rest is history, right? Well, Boy: Carl Giovanni Girl: Anna Lago Anna may or may not be just a mixed race...
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Just Your Ordinary Girl Next Door by Brunette_Writer101
Just Your Ordinary Girl Next Doorby Brunette_Writer101
Hailee Woodrow knew everything about the underworld despite not being a part of it. She knew how the system worked and how everything and everybody in the underworld whe...
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COMPLETED ON DREAME! BOOK ONE! #1- HIGHEST RANKING! "No doubt you're acting strange. Sassy and brave which is so much out of your character." "What's that...
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Taking Her Home by SamanthajEly
Taking Her Homeby Samantha Ely
| Highest rank #2 in Mafia | Currently Rewriting/Editing Feb. 2020 Rebecca was finally ready to start her life. She had just graduated from college, had a great job at t...
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