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My Husband's Twin ✅  by Aishatuh_M
My Husband's Twin ✅ by Embers_OfSoul✨
Ducking away, she ran out of Hajia's living room with a loving smile on her lips. She banged her head on a broad chest that gave her a souvenir of a scent, just as juicy...
Finding My Husband's Heart by Essy81
Finding My Husband's Heartby Shahi
***HIGHEST RANKING #35 in ROMANCE *** Sarah had a crush on him ever since seventh grade but he never even noticed her. All she ever dreamed of was to get married to him...
Unlovable  by ornavias
Unlovable by Orina
Lily Evans has left Los Angeles, and along with the place, she has left the love of her life- Vincenzo Genesis. However, Lily is still yet to know the real powers of the...
Undeniable  by astromanii
Undeniable by iman
DISCONTINUED -enemies to lovers- you're sent to a traning camp in which there are teens from different mafias. you're all there to advance and learn new skills, not to...
The Obsessed Billionaire by beauty_in_all_dreams
The Obsessed Billionaireby Mystery Black
*Under Revision* Hector Soltaire own hundreds of company which earns millions or even billions per year. But what they don't know is he started from scratch earning for...
My Mute Mate by takeachanceonlife
My Mute Mateby takeachanceonlife
I don't talk. As simple as that. Not a sentence. Not a word. Not a letter nor a sound. Not since that day, the day my life became a living hell.
Undeniable~ A Harry Hook Fanfic by AmuPshyeahVanity
Undeniable~ A Harry Hook Fanficby Paul Rudd Obsessed
Ever since she was a kid, Amber didn't fit in. In a world where magic was nonexistent, she had powers. She could do things that were beyond belief. People avoided her, e...
Why #Gracy was and Still is Shipped (Forgotten Moments, Torn Up Memories) by WhizPurr
Why #Gracy was and Still is Shippe...by Ivette
#Gracy was shipped since late 2013 or early 2014. It was a ship that hardly anyone could deny was adorable. 2013 to 2016 were the years this flower bloomed splendidly...
Undeniable by larrytbhlol
Undeniableby larrytbhlol
-Larry Stylinson- Harry is constantly picked on for being a nerd. He is also picked on for his sexuality. Harry is just an outcast. Louis is a jock. He is captain of the...
Undeniable/ Shawn Mendes  by mendes_stories01
Undeniable/ Shawn Mendes by tiana
When Jeanine Robinson goes to a concert of Shawn's with her best friend and brother. Things took a wild turn when the teen pop star's attention was fully caught by her...
Searching My Mr.Right(Ongoing) by Bangtanmaiden
Searching My Mr.Right(Ongoing)by BinibiningCarmela
About a Young lady named Franshin she's a Fangirl and she do everything to Pursue the Man She really love and she have her Bestfriend Hazel but what if The Man that she...
Unsure by AprilEbanks2003
Unsureby AprilEbanks2003
Everyone knows that going to school filled with sluts, male hoes and such forth is hard life especially when you are ignored by everyone. __________**********___________...
Unreliable {a.m.+j.b.} [1] by osnapitzadi
Unreliable {a.m.+j.b.} [1]by uh-dee-tee
"You never know you want something until it's with someone else. You never know you're losing a good thing, until it's gone." When Alexandria Davis stumbled...
Daily Self Growth Journal Pt. IV by JacobSummers
Daily Self Growth Journal Pt. IVby Jacob Summers
This is the fourth part of a project called the "Daily Self Growth Journal." Its purpose is to prompt readers to journal through encouragement, motivation, an...
My Poetries (OWN POETRIES) by jzky_love
My Poetries (OWN POETRIES)by AngErik Stan
poetry is not always be ordinary it teach us so many poetry is not temporary and it's my best buddy.♡♡♡
Undeniably You by _blackbeauty394_
Undeniably Youby Eden
To the undeniable, You are called love. You are not to be feared. You are supposed to provide happiness in the darkest of times. You are undeniable yet we deny you ever...
Untruly Yours  by FruityPopsicle
Untruly Yours by ~~
[Completed][Might contain lots of grammatical errors. Read at your own risk] [Contains various sentences of the language 'Urdu' but translations are provided at the end]...
PASSION by _jordan_mendes_
PASSIONby _yellow_spirit_
Lucy goes to her first youth band camp where she plays alto saxophone, she gets to know a guy named Ashton who also plays alto saxophone. Together they practice and pref...