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Undeniable Craving by Purple_Flowers24
Undeniable Cravingby 《 euphoria 》
This is the second book in the Undeniable Trilogy. This book can be read without reading the first book. Matteo Moretti has loved her for years. But has never acted ou...
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Undeniable Chemistry by Purple_Flowers24
Undeniable Chemistryby 《 euphoria 》
This is book one in the Undeniable Trilogy. Lorenzo Moretti. The man she can't forget. The man that gave her everything and then ripped it all to shreds. But he did give...
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Finding My Husband's Heart  by Essy81
Finding My Husband's Heart by Shahi
***HIGHEST RANKING #35 in ROMANCE *** Sarah had a crush on him ever since seventh grade but he never even noticed her. All she ever dreamed of was to get married to him...
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Undeniable Attraction by Purple_Flowers24
Undeniable Attractionby 《 euphoria 》
This is the third and final book in the Undeniable Trilogy. This book can be read without reading the first or the second book. The lives of two undeniably stubborn peop...
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VampWolf (Completed) by RandomlyEloquent
VampWolf (Completed)by RandomlyEloquent
"You are mine, so I am taking you with me" he said. " Crazy much? I belong to no one." There is a war going between vampires and werewolves for hundr...
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Undeniable love(Completed)  by Lovesick_12
Undeniable love(Completed) by Lovesick_12
This is the story on an Indian girl, Ragini who is so innocent yet very naughty. She has high goals in her life. She always dreamt of making her parents proud of her wit...
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The Side Table by sidrahreads
The Side Tableby Zoe
Zumeer nodded, "feel it Mom after standing under it and you'd understand better" Amina would never understand it. She only saw his son gazing moonlight but for...
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Life As Jo by sunshine_365
Life As Joby sunshine_365
Senior Year. Last year of high school. Jovanna Sanders has successfully avoided all high school drama the last three years. But this year, everything changes. Unavoidabl...
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unexplainable • lafayette x reader by deja-you
unexplainable • lafayette x readerby my darling
"I don't know why I feel like I'm remembering you, and not getting to know you. I come to the same conclusion that I've known you before. In another time, another p...
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Undeniable/ Shawn Mendes  by mendes_stories01
Undeniable/ Shawn Mendes by tiana.cl
When Jeanine Robinson goes to a concert of Shawn's with her best friend and brother. Things took a wild turn when the teen pop star's attention was fully caught by her...
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Untruly Yours  by FruityPopsicle
Untruly Yours by ~~
[Completed][Might contain lots of grammatical errors. Read at your own risk] [Contains various sentences of the language 'Urdu' but translations are provided at the end]...
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My Husband's Twin|Slow Update| by Aishatuh_M
My Husband's Twin|Slow Update|by Embers_OfSoul✨
Ducking away, she ran out of Hajia's living room with a loving smile on her lips. She banged her head on a broad chest that gave her a souvenir of a scent, just as juicy...
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My Mute Mate by takeachanceonlife
My Mute Mateby takeachanceonlife
I don't talk. As simple as that. Not a sentence. Not a word. Not a letter nor a sound. Not since that day, the day my life became a living hell.
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Juliet: Sprousehart 💗 by AnyaDoyle
Juliet: Sprousehart 💗by Anya Doyle
When two cast mates try to deny the fact that they are falling in love.....
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Why #Gracy was and Still is Shipped (Forgotten Moments, Torn Up Memories) by WhizPurr
Why #Gracy was and Still is Shippe...by Ivette
#Gracy was shipped since late 2013 or early 2014. It was a ship that hardly anyone could deny was adorable. 2013 to 2016 were the years this flower bloomed splendidly...
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Darcy and Elizabeth. An undeniable attraction (completed) by elsannalover23
Darcy and Elizabeth. An undeniable...by Darcy ❤️ Elizabeth
Darcy and Elizabeth meet at a ball. Sparks fly immediately between the young couple, but they are forced to keep their feelings at bay. Their positions in society preven...
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Pink hair and a broken heart by Writingrockstar316
Pink hair and a broken heartby Writingrockstar316
Seliel is well....normal. She's like us. A fan of the ninja. Espissaily of the Black one. She has posters, her friends, and her talk non-stop about them and she wants to...
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He never knew by SWIMMER_GIRL17
He never knewby SWIMMER_GIRL17
A poetry book based on failed relationships
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Undeniable Love by ilovewriting201
Undeniable Loveby Elizabeth Caldwell
Book 2 of Undeniable Fate
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Unsure by AprilEbanks2003
Unsureby AprilEbanks2003
Everyone knows that going to school filled with sluts, male hoes and such forth is hard life especially when you are ignored by everyone. __________**********___________...
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