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BDSM semasa SMA by yudisuko789
BDSM semasa SMAby yudisuko
Cerita ini merupakan pengalaman asli salah seorang teman dari penulis yang dialami pada saat sekolah menengah atas beberapa tahun silam. Mengandung unsur BDSM. Nama dan...
Thoughts  by NyieaPrice
Thoughts by nyieaprice
different raw/uncut ways my mind race .
Glorious Destiny ❤️ #SYTYCW15#loveInspired by thatgrlv
Glorious Destiny ❤️ #SYTYCW15#love...by Thatgrlv
A memoir of my life journey and the Love, Traumas and healings along the way. Finding Glorious purpose through pain, I learned what love was. The paths that leads to Unc...
Pull Up by blackgirls_rock
Pull Upby ❤️Nani Love❤️
Queen Brown, 21 years old born and raised in Chicago. Her dad was killed when she was 5 years old. She watched as it happened. Her mother was never the same after and co...
Diary of A Happy A$$ Black Woman by alexandriaASHE
Diary of A Happy A$$ Black Womanby Alexandria Ashcroft
Hey loves! So this is where I'll be sharing bits about myself along with posts to my other socials. Make sure you're following me on my socials to stay up on my shenanig...
My Freakiest Temptation by Manibaaaby
My Freakiest Temptationby RoyaltyMonaé
Have you ever had a dirty little secret? Something that was so deep but didn't last a minute . Something that felt soooo right but was so wrong?
THERAPY  by GreatTheNate
THERAPY by Rеνеιατiοηs
This book chronicles my journey through depression and how I used poetry as a source of therapy. Which each poem comes a story. Rather it's triggers of my depression, fe...
Olivia Declassified by callm3satan
Olivia Declassifiedby callm3satan
Olivia lives a simple life of partying and relaxing with her single mother, they are both well taken care of by her rich, married father. Olivia attends a party one even...
life and struggles of a boy before he became a man.
The Soft Spot That Heals by kwhiting18
The Soft Spot That Healsby kwhiting18
This story is for a woman's heart that has been broken continuously in a world she was once so naive too. With that, she learns that she can't be the one to push away wh...
L A C U N A by aammssoo
L A C U N Aby Amso
Follow the life of a high school student as she falls down a dark path all while trying to keep herself and her life intact. If you liked the aspects and realness of th...
Fourth-Grade Treasures: Video Game Tales by DarkLafayette
Fourth-Grade Treasures: Video Game...by The New!Chillzone
Around fourth grade, a little before my friend Marco introduced me to the Triforce symbol, my favorite video game character...was Mario. No idea about Zelda at all. We h...
Loving Under The Influence   by LitPariss
Loving Under The Influence by Official.Paris
You know what it's like growing up? Hell we all do, but let me just go into details & give you some incite about mine. Read to find out about all the love, drama, hate...
Bigger, Longer, And Shit by Kyle-The-Gr8
Bigger, Longer, And Shitby 「 ♧ 」
southp ark bigg longg uncu t (Highest ranking is #1 in Longer)
The Heart-Mind-Ink Axis by WriterForMangae
The Heart-Mind-Ink Axisby Zeta iNFiNiTE
PLEASE RESPECT WHAT I WRITE. The ORIGINAL BACKUP for MY writings from @yxuniverz on iG. Dates are in YYYYMMDD format and are according to IST (GMT + 5:30 Hrs) I've been...
maybe, in reality by themysticfairy
maybe, in realityby 👽🌻🐘
Meet Raena Lowe and Jacob Leigh Broderick. A tale of two damaged souls living in a rainy, backward town in the middle of Scotland. Surrounded by mountains. Original, raw...