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The Amnesiac Hostage  by Pfunzo18
The Amnesiac Hostage by Comicallymade
Grace works in a medical camp which spends more time losing supplies to a local warlord than helping patients. Their camp was attacked so much that they had to relocate...
  • millitia
  • mystery
  • prince
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Harry Styles Sickfics by StylinsonLove28
Harry Styles Sickficsby Hey Angel 💖
My own stories about Harry being ill, injured and such like....and a little bit of smut!
  • sick
  • vomit
  • drowning
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Passage to Kraälst Ta'ark by EryxAias
Passage to Kraälst Ta'arkby Eryx Aias
Sometimes we all wish we could physically escape our realities, but what if we're given the opportunity and only find ourselves in a worse situation? Benjamin Mills turn...
  • unconscious
  • timeline
  • subconscious
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DeathMatch by Kanghyuksebooty
DeathMatchby No snakeus allowed
"It's just a virtual reality game." "A game that can kill you, if you die in it, idiot."
  • coma
  • cyber
  • kookie
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The Mistakes We Make by PhilipJohnson5
The Mistakes We Makeby Philip B Johnson
The Jones Family goes through life just like everybody else in the world. Only this family has a secret that you wouldn't believe was kept from their child.
  • son
  • scary
  • unconscious
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Depressed  by SeokJinnie199223
Depressed by Jin's Writer
Jin is really going through a lot of things in this story... He needs support and love from his members... There were nightmares, and voices that kept disturbing him on...
  • jincentric
  • blames
  • need
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How to Control your Dreams by E-booksCompany
How to Control your Dreamsby E-booksCompany
"Last night, I had the strangest dream!" How many conversations in your life have started that way? People are fascinated with the movies that play in their he...
  • subconscious
  • freud
  • spirituality
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Sigil by michainslie
Sigilby Michelle Ainslie
Rooney's dreams are real. When she sleeps in one life she wakes up in another. As a child it was harmless enough, but now the other world is becoming more violent and go...
  • anxiety
  • nightmares
  • unconscious
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the insiders by angeltues
the insidersby tuesday shields!
you've heard about s.e. hinton's CANNON story "the outsiders" so how about we find out about my take on what bob's pov might have been. this is "the insid...
  • noncon
  • unconscious
  • johnnycade
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Encounter with an unknown girl by Hadassah16
Encounter with an unknown girlby Hadassah
Arjun Rana one of the most successful, workaholic billionaire. He is the man that every girl dreams of, he is madly in love with his childhood friend Jade Matthews. But...
  • proposal
  • insult
  • romance
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All about Hypnosis by tasneemhibrahin
All about Hypnosisby tasneemhibrahin
All about Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Future Progression and Life between Lives and how you can help yourself. Keep watching this space for more tips on health, Weal...
  • math
  • past
  • nlp
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Killing Me Softly by beastlykisses
Killing Me Softlyby jenna
She was the light, no longer glowing ever since she was demoted to an Omega after an incident. Betrayed by her sister and disowned by her father, she began to kill herse...
  • werewolf
  • sister
  • omega
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Take your wings backIntroduction: by Ideallist_DE
Take your wings backIntroduction:by Sajjad Yazdanpanah
Books Summary: What should be taught to every human being from childhood but kept secret for political reasons is to work with unconscious minds and ways to help them in...
  • habits
  • quit
  • minds
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Zane x Reader The Girl With No Memories by Vinly14Flames
Zane x Reader The Girl With No Mem...by Vinyl Flames
  • whenanglesfly
  • unconscious
  • wolf
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UNBOUND by unicornsecrets
UNBOUNDby UnicornSecrets
There's only so much a person can handle.
  • love
  • shortstory
  • voice
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Stranded on the Other Side [prompt] by EryxAias
Stranded on the Other Side [prompt]by Eryx Aias
"On Halloween night, a mortal crosses the doorway to another realm, but fails to make it back before dawn. What realm have they crossed? Who or what do they encount...
  • monsters
  • alternateuniverse
  • journey
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Dream - 10/25/18 by KonkichiX
Dream - 10/25/18by KonkichiX
In today's dream I was forced to break into buildings. It wasn't pleasant.
  • sleep
  • non-chronological
  • imagination
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IMPACT by CreativeVictory
[COMPLETE] Akashi has always been forced to live a perfect life. According to his father, the center of his life must be perfection in all things, whether it was in scho...
  • basketball
  • passout
  • unconscious
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Dream Journal by Adeva__
Dream Journalby Muhammad Adeva
Just an everyday story of my dream
  • dimension
  • dream
  • bad
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