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His Greatest Steal (Sam Drake X Reader) by girlwiththetigereyes
His Greatest Steal (Sam Drake X Re...by girlwiththetigereyes
Something had gone wrong. Very wrong... Sam was gone? Sam? Your Sam? He was gone, and he'd never know that you forgave him. He'd never know everything that you meant to...
Bleeding Out { Rafe Adler } by toxicfangirling
Bleeding Out { Rafe Adler }by L
|| Completed || Being a younger half sister to treasure hunters are not the most simple life. Getting brought to Italy to enter an exclusive, heavily guarded, black mar...
~Man of Fortune~ (Samuel Drake fanfiction) by Violet_Olympia
~Man of Fortune~ (Samuel Drake fan...by Violet_Olympia
Several years after their last adventure, retired fortune hunters, Nathan Drake and Elisabeth Hunter, are forced back into the world of thieves. ~This fanfic takes place...
Uncharted One Shots/Imagines by TheSilverWolf94
Uncharted One Shots/Imaginesby Free Hugs
A few imagines and one shots with some Uncharted characters! Requests open and can be said in the comments of the story or on my message board. Enjoy you awesome people...
Young Sam Drake One Shots by justatomboyinlove
Young Sam Drake One Shotsby justatomboyinlove
A collection of Samuel Morgan (young Sam Drake) one shots Warning: Swearing, smut and more can be involved in some of the stories
Uncharted: The Gems of RWBY by carpboy009
Uncharted: The Gems of RWBYby carpboy009
Nathan Drake. This name has been in the hearts and minds of many. some know him as a wannabe historian that travels the world for knowledge and fame. Others know him as...
//Sam Drake Oneshots// by brialikesfanfics
//Sam Drake Oneshots//by brialikesfanfics
Sorry I haven't posted in YEARS but I'm back! Decided to have a lil fun and make uncharted stuff, so I hope I still got it in me to write haha! //INCLUDES// •Fluff •Smut...
This Adventure is Ours | Samuel Drake x Oc | by SophieScribbler
This Adventure is Ours | Samuel Dr...by SophieScribbler
Rosie Anderson's only dream was to become a recognized historian. While working in a brazilian library to finish her thesis her whole life changes when she tries to stop...
Helpless when she smiles [Sam Drake x plusSize!Reader] by Fhujami-
Helpless when she smiles [Sam Drak...by Jo
You were really insecure about yourself and your body. Then you met man called Samuel Drake, and he couldn't stop thinking your beautiful smile, and he'll do anything to...
Sam Drake Imagines by Nerd_world
Sam Drake Imaginesby Nerd_world
Sam Drake imagines because he's a babe and I love him sooo... Please leave feedback and vote as this is my first story! Also feel free to leave requests and ideas! Just...
Pillow Talking | Sam Drake by HailTheFreakShow
Pillow Talking | Sam Drakeby AA
Imagine being woken up in the middle of the night by Sam Drake wasted drunk. He acts flirty with you in bed and pillow talks while a bit tipsy. [Sam Drake X Reader] WAR...
Samuel Drake One Shots by WritingInsanely
Samuel Drake One Shotsby WritingInsanely
A collection of Samuel Drake X Reader one shots.
UNCHARTED : A Pirate's Fortune by Hrs240601
UNCHARTED : A Pirate's Fortuneby Harsh Bhanushali
As the years passed, things have changed. 2 years after Nathan Drake left the world of fortune hunters, he's living a happy life. However soon he comes to know that he h...
Rise Of The Uncharted: Temple Of Charta Book 1 by indiaherring
Rise Of The Uncharted: Temple Of C...by India Herring
Travel with Lara Croft and Nathan Drake in an all-new adventure as a team to save the world from mayhem and chaos. Will their relationships take place while on their adv...
One Last Time by eribear123
One Last Timeby EriBear
Join Me In Paradise ~Samuel Drake~ by begaydocrimes3253
Join Me In Paradise ~Samuel Drake~by larie
Ellie Jones didn't think she would ever have a life full of adventure. She never thought she would leave the orphanage she grew up in. Nor did Ellie think she would ever...
The Sapphire Ring - Uncharted - Sam Drake Love Story by CRCECL
The Sapphire Ring - Uncharted - Sa...by Chloe
The Sapphire ring lays on her finger. Its purpose is unknown but it's origins are certain. It's a magical ring that according to legend, is a key to unlock a lost golden...
Tilly Thompson: Treasures Of Lima by Alessia_McCann
Tilly Thompson: Treasures Of Limaby Yep
New Zealand archaeologist finds an opportunity for the first time of her life over some treasure that might not be true. She meets with two brothers, one doctor and one...
Rise Of The Uncharted: The Ruby of Obediah Book 4 by indiaherring
Rise Of The Uncharted: The Ruby of...by India Herring
Lara Croft and Nathan Drake both survivors have kids now! A young boy named Trevor Sean Drake and a girl named Isabelle Rosa Croft. They set off to another adventure in...