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Hey, Mate! (Cursed Mates #1) by _thistroublemaker
Hey, Mate! (Cursed Mates #1)by NASH
"The Moon makes you a half... and then you find your mate. And together, the two of you, make a full" ***** It didn't start with a rejection. No. The Al...
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Broken Melody; A Day In The Life Of A Dork [COMPLETED] by silly-sophie
Broken Melody; A Day In The Life O...by S o p h i e A u s t i n.
Meet Lillian Anderbeld, the dorkiest dork you could ever come across. Meet Carter Jard, the super hot, super amazing jock that recently transferred from Australia. With...
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A Real  Love [ Very Short Story Completed] by angelflamme
A Real Love [ Very Short Story Co...by miss heartwriter
This is the story of a girl which doesn't believe love exists but after saying yes to every man passing she finally found the ONE who makes her feel the true love and ma...
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When She Lets Herself Out of the Cage by miss_arichan
When She Lets Herself Out of the C...by ~ari~
A poem about a girl trapped in her own cage.
Patsy Mount and Delia Busby by ThAnonymous12
Patsy Mount and Delia Busbyby ThAnonymous12
Pats and Delia! Their love is one in a million It is carrying on from when Patsy left in season six Hope y'all enjoy it
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Blackness by lilyespo98
Blacknessby Lily
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The Gothic Fairy (DISCONTINUED) by RosaPeach
The Gothic Fairy (DISCONTINUED)by RosaPeach
Elizabeth was never an ordinary girl, she was born as an half blood fairy and possesses magic of the moon. She isn't really accepted, not by the humans nor fairies. Beca...
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Unaccepted  by alpaccaso
Unaccepted by Alpaccaso
This is meant to show reflection on life and our society. Mutants, Inhumans, meta humans are all WANTED! And nobody cares.
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Before The Happy Ending by JukeboxQueen
Before The Happy Endingby JukeboxQueen
Juliette was spoiled. Not really a brat though. She was born to the richest parents in Greybanks. Everyone knew it, and most used her for her stuff. Then one day, her an...
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"Normal" by sophielover102
"Normal"by sophielover102
This is a short story I entered in to a contest a while back and got third place with and I just thought I'd share it. It is about a gay boy whose mother doesn't accept...
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Living On A Thin Wire (Original Story) by Alpha_Mystic_Borker
Living On A Thin Wire (Original St...by
Payton Saisho, 15 years old, formerly known as Prieon, was living the normal life with his family when he realized he wasn't who he thought he was. First of all he wasn...
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Unaccepted by kmahesheka
Unacceptedby kmahesheka
Crice Weasley. She was one of the two daughters of the Weasley family. She was the same age the one and only Ronald Weasley, only a few months younger. Begot to Arthur a...
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Unaccepted Love Part 1 by WrtieLoveSpeakLove
Unaccepted Love Part 1by WrtieLoveSpeakLove
Two normal teenagers meet for the first time. Selena meets her new neighbour, Jason. Selena slowly falls in love with Jason and when they both realise they have feelings...
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Moe in the Fires by kaleidio
Moe in the Firesby kaleidio
Moe is a boy without many priorities. If the rain falls, it will always fall beyond him. He stays in the darkest of forests - the light never enters. Life is carefree an...
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suicidal thoughts by Elizabethsanders1223
suicidal thoughtsby Elizabethsanders1223
Just a poem about suicide
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BEYBLADE - an unexpected/unaccepted love by Hopemon_Bin
BEYBLADE - an unexpected/unaccepte...by Chen ❤🔥
⋅⋆⋅love story of Kai and Max ⋅⋆⋅they were teammates ⋅⋆⋅they become friends ⋅⋆⋅but destiny had something,something more than friendship,something more than everything for...
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Mixed Emotions (being edited) by iBeautyandBeatt
Mixed Emotions (being edited)by NutellaBrooks♥
Different Emotions for three boys but in the end there's that one emotion for them all, love. Selena falls for three boys but who can take her breath away, who can real...
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Hammer to Fall by _Mercury_
Hammer to Fallby Ryan Hickmott
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Broken mirror by shaynah7619
Broken mirrorby _RaSpBeRrY_
About a girl who has suicidal thoughts and suffers from depression and falls in love with her only friend
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