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The Umbrella academy 12345678 by mysteriousbirdo
The Umbrella academy 12345678by mysteriousbirdo
Five Hargreeves x reader (sometimes Ben idk). I own none of the characters. female pronouns. This is my first story on wattpad, thanks xoxo I don't know what to say here.
  • luther
  • fivehargreeves
  • allisonhargreeves
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The Forbidden Story by erehydobon
The Forbidden Storyby erehydobon
It's 1953, New York City. Francis 'Annie' Dollend is an aspiring reporter working as a typist when she gets an assigned story to cover. A simple interview with an actres...
  • rain
  • fluff
  • friendship
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Umbrellas, Coffee shops and sketchbooks by LovelyLittlePromise
Umbrellas, Coffee shops and Jorji :3
In where Gerard Way always forgets his umbrella when it rains but Frank Iero waits in the coffee shop for Gerard with an umbrella. These are short chapters!
  • umbrellas
  • coffeshops
  • shortchaprters
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The (Short) Story of the Evil Umbrellas [Completed] by thenonmouse
The (Short) Story of the Evil thenonmouse
You wanted to know how I died? It's simple, really. I saw dead people... As umbrellas. And the umbrellas didn't like it. I'm sorry, did you want to hear more? Now a (c...
  • women
  • twistedfairytale
  • supernatural
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Side Post Umbrellas Perth by ultrashade
Side Post Umbrellas Perthby Ultra Shade
We are manufacturing a product of the highest quality which is backed by our guarantee on all products.
  • umbrellas
Taakitz Oneshots and HCs by Sunkissedboyz
Taakitz Oneshots and HCsby ☤ wow ☤
Umbrellas are gay now
  • headcannons
  • oneshot
  • umbrellas
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Once upon a time by Um_dont_call_me
Once upon a timeby ❤️Um❤️
ѧ ȏṅє ṡıԀєԀ ṡṭȏяʏ ѧɞȏȗṭ ʟȏṿє
  • onceuponatime
  • poetry
  • umbrellas
Advertise yourself with flag-china; one of the finnest banner and flag maker... by chinaflag
Advertise yourself with flag china
There are many ways by which you can advertise yourself in this world like Advertising Parasols where many companies offer various ways to grow your company on their onl...
  • sun
  • umbrellas
  • tents
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In A Million Years by lavendarling
In A Million Yearsby nish, darling
Dana is sick and tired of her family pestering her about marriage. Years of rejecting men that her parents would send and ignoring all the proposals yet they had no mean...
  • busrides
  • umbrellas
  • marriage
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Some Information about PVDF Coated  Collapsible Umbrella by StreetUmbrellas
Some Information about PVDF Street Umbrellas Australia
Street Umbrellas Australia (SUA) Collapsible Umbrella offers post-free under-canopy space, perfect for functions and events within the hospitality industry. Construction...
  • umbrella
  • waterproof
  • umbrellas
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Rain and Umbrellas by sweet_iced_lattes
Rain and Umbrellasby Sil Anwyll
Aidan is curious about this one boy that he sees often. How will their paths cross?
  • one-shot
  • romance
  • umbrellas
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in which he finds his exception.
  • changminlongnoteobsession
  • exo
  • umbrellas
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The Girl With The Umbrella (A Laigey Fanfiction) by nico-the-hedgehog
The Girl With The Umbrella (A nico-the-hedgehog
This is a Laigey fanfiction, and Laigey is the ship between me and my girlfriend.
  • laigey
  • hedghogs
  • umbrellas
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Every Second by romance__addict
Every Secondby romance__addict
Chills rush down my spine as the rain drops hit my hand and with in seconds I am soaking wet. The same thought going through my mind there are no cabs..... You are so la...
  • rain
  • destiny
  • romance
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Theories, Rants, and Explanations by AllyCat0205
Theories, Rants, and Explanationsby AllyCat0205
The parts are made up of my theories and rants as well as explanations of things I find interesting. They may not be worded perfectly and they may not always be perfect...
  • rants
  • theories
  • time
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Summer in Rain by misguiding
Summer in Rainby avessa
Summer hates the rain. People in rainy places always appreciate summer more.
  • autumn
  • rain
  • shortstory
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The Umbrella Man by stormy_shadows
The Umbrella Manby 恩柔
Nesra Solak hates rain, and Terry Yilmaz hates umbrellas.
  • romance
  • protest
  • cute
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Twisted Fate [EDITING] by yoongi99
Twisted Fate [EDITING]by Jennifer
Darren and Lauren met on a rainy day. They slowly fall for each other. But fate has invaded their love. Will they be able to still love one another? Or will their fate s...
  • confession
  • memories
  • rainydays
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Of Stars and Umbrellas by DreamChaser27
Of Stars and Umbrellasby DreamChaser27
a collection of drabbles with a sort of pome like feel to them.
  • poety
  • stars
  • umbrellas
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Isn't it Marvelous? by HumanitysAngel79
Isn't it Marvelous?by Escaping Reality
  • red
  • romance
  • umbrellas
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