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PENUMBRA | Sky | Fate: The Winx Saga by -bluesupernova
PENUMBRA | Sky | Fate: The Winx -bluesupernova
in which Vienna Silva achieves her lifelong dream of joining the Specialist Academy, and meets Sky of Eraklyon along the way skyxfem!oc started: 30/01/21 cover by @-w...
FIVE HARGREEVES       ──TIME IS FRAGILE by malfoy22lilv
FIVE HARGREEVES ──TIME IS ₊❏❜🍒ˋchxrryp¡eˊˎ-
『 O N G O I N G 』 ──would you do anything for a person you secretly ...
Todoroki x reader Necromancer by DimensionJumperXE
Todoroki x reader Necromancerby DimensionJumperXE
(Previously known as Ghost) Quirk: Ghost I'm practically a ghost at will, I can turn almost completely transparent, walk through walls, increase my speed and strength...
The one who brings the balance(bullied M reader X crossover)  by _______R________
The one who brings the balance( r
There are stories Of Heroes Saving everyone Inspiring others I dreamed of being one Until one day my dreams were crushed infront of my eyes by A single Word "Powerl...
Frames of Peace (HIATUS/POSSIBLE REWORK)  by Raorik
Frames of Peace (HIATUS/POSSIBLE Raorik
Izuku had woken up, it was the day of his quirk being revealed but it never came. That night, he was floating in a peaceful place where he was surrounded by energy calle...
Kung Fu Panda: The Umbral warrior of the Jade Palace by Cloudreign67
Kung Fu Panda: The Umbral Cloudreign67
Kung Fu Panda x Warframe story. The Furious Five were not the only legendary warriors in the Jade Palace. There was warrior, far more agile and ferocious than them. Wi...
Part Two(Fans Only)  by EmporerNuada
Part Two(Fans Only) by EmporerNuada
FANS ONLY i will get you :0
Endless Shadow by MichaelStotts2
Endless Shadowby Michael Stotts
A continuation of Just A Shadow, with a few key differences. Y/n, is no longer Y/n. At least for us. For us, he is now Soran. Soran Umbra. It...may or may not be inspire...
Umbra  by tinajean92
Umbra by Tina J. Gillmer
He didn't know what had been worse. Finding out your father wasn't who you'd thought or... losing everything because of a lie. Izuku Midoriya was an early bloomer. Most...
There's A Moon Out Tonight by DEllenSpencer
There's A Moon Out Tonightby D Ellen Spencer
This story is about the Umbra Witch Elder and current possessor of the Left Eye, named Isabelle and her reign over her clan. Accompanied by her escort, Rosa, the two of...
huntsmen of the void (Rwby x pjo x warframe) by hunterlife1
huntsmen of the void (Rwby x pjo hunter life
Percy is betrayed by everyone and finds a portal which puts him on the Zarumon ten zero a bit after the engines fail also making him younger. Years later after the New W...
The World Of Umbra Brother Scenerios  by Mexican_Joker
The World Of Umbra Brother FatherBloodyAngel13
The Copyright belongs To Mexican Joker for this book HOW IN THE NAME OF NIGHT TERRORS AM I Gonna keep up with this book and my original Charcter book yeah so this is my...
(Fans Only Why Not?) by EmporerNuada
(Fans Only Why Not?)by EmporerNuada
Majority Of Characters DONT belong to me
The Language of Hedge by JackLDawn
The Language of Hedgeby Jack
A dead queen is reborn. No one knows where, or who she is. Everyone will try to stop her. They have already prevented her return for over 400 years. They have done it by...
(DISCONTINUED) An Umbral Destiny by UnamusedWaffle
(DISCONTINUED) An Umbral Destinyby UnamusedWaffle
Y/N was just an innocent kid, forced into a cruel and unforgiving world. His Mom tried her best, but ultimately couldn't subdue her abusive husband. Now with Y/N sent aw...
My Personal Headcannons(Umbra And OCs)  by EmporerNuada
My Personal Headcannons(Umbra EmporerNuada
The majority of the characters don't belong to me just so you know
King of chaos by Scoregirl88
King of chaosby Karma Hugha
Denki kaminari's parents die when he accidentally used his quirk but it turns out those weren't his actual biological parents. His actual biological mom is over 600 year...
Imperiul stelei însângerate by cimitir
Imperiul stelei însângerateby Alyx T. Everett
FINALIZATĂ- dark fantasy, paranormal, mystery, adventure, romance. Volumul 1 din seria „Blestemul celor decăzuți". S-a născut din flăcări. A călcat pe cadavre...
Umbra Hook by Butterflymeep
Umbra Hookby Pidge The Pineapple
This is the story of Harry Hook and Uma's daughter. (IDK I was bored)!