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The Omni-Duo by AntTman
The Omni-Duoby The Spectacular Spider-Man of...
Just a Male reader x Fem Ben 10 Start: Aug 30 2022
Ultimatrix Deku by Peacestalkers
Ultimatrix Dekuby Karma the Nightwing
Deku was once the most pathetic being in the world. Then he found the ultimatrix and he became the world's greatest hero.
Izuku Midoriya-Weilder Of The Ultimatrix by HayateAnaguma
Izuku Midoriya-Weilder Of The Ulti...by Hayate Anaguma
Izuku Midoriya experienced hell. From one thing. He was Quirkless. Everytime he was bullied by his step-sister Izumi and her friends(1A). Home wasn't different. His mom...
Helping Gwen 10 by AnimeEagleScout
Helping Gwen 10by Joeseph Moore
Ben is driving a while after the final battle in Ultimate Alien and ends up in a portal to another world. Ben doesn't get the new Omnitrix due to Azimuth not finishing i...
Ultimate Automata (Nier Automata X Ultimatrix Male Wielder) (Discontinued) by Roxasfan58
Ultimate Automata (Nier Automata X...by Roxas25
My second story: #1) 30/11/2022: Drakengard and 9s
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien : Return to the World of fairies by HyperObito
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien : Return to...by HyperObito
A year ago, a ten year old boy Ben Tennyson with an alien watch arrived in Gardenia in order to stop Hex and his niece charmcaster their evil plans. With the help of the...
Totally Spies Ultimate Alien Spy by humatrix-X-24
Totally Spies Ultimate Alien Spyby humatrix-X-24
After Ben Tennyson loses everything precious to him to Vilgax. Ben ends up being sent to the Totally Spies Universe. Where he ends up joining W.O.O.H.P. along with Sam...
Ultimate: a Vexesaurian's burden by humatrix-X-24
Ultimate: a Vexesaurian's burdenby humatrix-X-24
This and a few others, are a prologue story for another story for later on. On the planet Terradino, a young Vexesaurian has hatched into his new home. However this youn...
Ben 10 Meets the Wild Kratts by CrazyL3nny
Ben 10 Meets the Wild Krattsby Lenny
During the events of Ben 10: Omniverse. The Wild Kratts stumble across the remains of the Ultimatrix after Albedo attempted to fire down the ship carrying it to disposal...
The Witch and The Hero: The owl house crossover(Luz x OC reader) by HyperObito
The Witch and The Hero: The owl ho...by HyperObito
What if luz wasn't alone? What if luz already have someone that she loved before she went to the boiling isle? How does she managed to fight unlike any other normal girl...
Luz's ultimatrix by Flameriser18
Luz's ultimatrixby Ethan
When she was 10 years old, Luz noceda found the omnitrix but on her 14th birthday,Azmuth gave her the ultimatrix. Thank you BloomingSpirit
Ben 10: Dark twist by Ben10boy12345
Ben 10: Dark twistby Saddoboy
Ben has gone on a journey to stop a monster who has been terrorizing and destroying planets but when he gets back home things aren't as he remembers.
My Hero Academia The Ultimate Hero Book 1 by TristanMeadors
My Hero Academia The Ultimate Hero...by Tristan Meadors
Ben Tennyson a boy who dreams of being a hero but their is one drawback... He is Quirkless but soon at the age of fifthteen he found a device that allows him to transfo...
A Certain Heroic Boy Book 1: Science, Magic and Aliens (Old version) by hunterman12345686
A Certain Heroic Boy Book 1: Scien...by Beau Jones
Everyone is strange in their own way. That much is true. But for Beau Jones a 15 year old half Japanese half American student attending a certain high he is the stranges...
Ben 10 and the Ultimatrix user by Seansyt8
Ben 10 and the Ultimatrix userby King of Gold Hair
(This story is how I would write Alien Heroes by @Sovereign343 the credit for the idea goes to him I just wanted to write it in my way. This is also somewhat co-written...
ToraUma by humatrix-X-24
ToraUmaby humatrix-X-24
It's been a month since Vilgax's defeat, and Ben's gain of the Ultimatrix. Though his troubles have officially started as a new girl moves into the house next door. At f...
Ultimate Gurren Lagann! Who the hell do you think I am?! by humatrix-X-24
Ultimate Gurren Lagann! Who the he...by humatrix-X-24
Ben Tennyson, after defeating the Daigon powered Vilgax, had been split in two. The second Ben had been sent to another universe, now having become part of Team Dai Gurr...
Split Tennysons by humatrix-X-24
Split Tennysonsby humatrix-X-24
Ben 10 is known as the hero of the universe, being the possessor of the Onnitrix one would think he is nearly unstoppable. But how strong would several different Ben's b...
Different Times by kaj_pyro15
Different Timesby kaj_pyro15
A sudden appearance from Eon and a figure he has last seen when he was thirteen, Ben 23 must figure out how to get them home but first, why are all the villains suddenly...