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BaD BoY// Ukwon // Block B by KiraleeHecker
BaD BoY// Ukwon // Block Bby XDouble DealerX
Minji and her younger brother Jungtae move to Seoul in South Korea to live with their Aunt Eunhee after a tragic "accident" that happened while they lived with...
Roadmen Can Fall In Love Too.  by PortiaAnane
Roadmen Can Fall In Love Too. by 06
Your Favourite British Book. Dion your typical roadman. Kentrell, a dark and mysterious character. Kendi, an innocent character is stuck between war, conflict, gangs, r...
K-POP one shots by JessxD
K-POP one shotsby JessxD
Different situations with Kpop idols - *-* i hope you like them. c: I ended this book so if you have a request please do it on my part two of this book. and THANK YOU...
love at first sight | block b by ilyjaehyo
love at first sight | block bby mais 🤍
kim minkyu broke up with her girlfriend over a year ago but the girlfriend is still salty so her brother and his friends step in and defend minkyu.
Purity // Zico by alittlebitbias
Purity // Zicoby ♛
She was his total opposite; he should've known to stay away... and yet he didn't.
sincerely yours, | block b by ilyjaehyo
sincerely yours, | block bby mais 🤍
pyo ahin was the younger sister of the most infamous boy at the school... what would happen next
Block B Reactions/Scenarios (MY OG POSTS FROM TUMBLR) by thinkilikeitreaction
Block B Reactions/Scenarios (MY ithinkilikeit-reactions
Back up of my Block B reactions from my tumblr
Block B (블락비) Lyrics  by unholyartist
Block B (블락비) Lyrics by CSY
Ayo! Do you wanna B? BLOCK B! A compilation of Block B's song lyrics including the original, romanized and English translation. Note: Only Korean songs are included. Jap...
Academy of love (ZicoxUkwon) by mythingsforever
Academy of love (ZicoxUkwon)by mythingsforever
Being on an art academy, with all the arts from drawing to painting, from singing to rapping and so on, seemed good to the young Yukwon since he loved dancing and singin...
ASDFGHJKL | Zikyung by Hamipark_
ASDFGHJKL | Zikyungby hamwiiiii
because we want them gay
Autism - U-Bomb by Dark_Baekyeol
Autism - U-Bombby Dark_Baekyeol
Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speach and nonverbal communica...
Noona [Ateez] by FeistyPeanut
Noona [Ateez]by FeistyPeanut
In which a young, single mother is appointed as Ateez's new stylist, make up artist, and assistant manager, and has to move into their dorms. How can ONE woman raise one...
BlockB One Shots ^^ by JessxD
BlockB One Shots ^^by JessxD
My small story book of different one shots with one of the members of BlockB (:
Block B One Shots [ request box CLOSED ] by jxhope94
Block B One Shots [ request box - beni
⭐️ - BIAS X YOU IMAGINES - ⭐️ 1 . Must be BLOCK B only. 2 . Only threw DIRECT MESSAGING 3 . When Direct Messaging me, please state your desired person of interest ! (...
Angel- (Ubomb AU) by Marvoulous_as_heck
Angel- (Ubomb AU)by Elizabeth
"He's proof that you can walk through Hell and still be an angel"~ Minhyuk has a slight obsession with the beauty of the sunrise, and maybe even a certain wavy...
K-POP IMAGINES by perfectidle
a collection of k-pop imagines [requests open]
It's Zico's Fault - (Block B Fanfic) by sibs288
It's Zico's Fault - (Block B Siobhan Mc
Min-Seo is an average 21 year-old living in Seoul, Korea. When a massive snow storm hits the famous rapper; Zico turned up in her house. He decides to stay the night and...
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Cliché by ___sad-ie
Clichéby ___sad-ie
Una típica historia de amor adolescente. * ZiHyo Block B [Contenido +18]
Silly ( Boyxboy ) by Iorihara
Silly ( Boyxboy )by Hiyo
A fool in love with the wrong person needs a heartbreak to realize he was wrong. Jae Hyo had never thought of stop loving him. For him, it was natural to love him with a...