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Uglydolls-Lou x oc "foes to friends and more" by KocharianMonika
Uglydolls-Lou x oc "foes to KocharianMonika
Hey guys, this is my very first story that I've ever wrote, cause I'm more of an artist then a writer. So this is the story about my favorite movie Uglydolls. But I'm wa...
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Sad love quotes by browsings
Sad love quotesby Browsing
"Of course she's gonna say she's happy for you and fake a smile. But look into those broke her." [COMPLETED]: ✔️ Book cover made my: @daisybrowser
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boystory imagines [ book 1 ] by ren_sylthia
boystory imagines [ book 1 ]by s y l t h i a
b o y s t o r y i m a g i n e s ㅡ ⇝ short stories long stories cringe not equal chapters for all members because of the laziness of the author and bec...
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"Perfect" [An Uglydolls Fanfiction] by liiarliiar
"Perfect" [An Uglydolls Fanfiction]by ms prevaricator
Rose was perfect. Although, there was a catch. ... But what was that catch? [A remake of The Perfect Perfect Doll, except this one has a somewhat different storyline and...
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Lou x Nolan (Uglydolls Fanfic) by lippijubu
Lou x Nolan (Uglydolls Fanfic)by ainsleigh
Lou cannot be anything more than what he is made to be. His life is crafted and designed entirely around being a perfect doll merely for guidance and as a summary of wha...
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My everyday life #4  by sunsetsenpai
My everyday life #4 by ximena♡
I love my crazy friends, I don't know what I would do without them.
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Faded [Another Uglydolls Fanfiction] by liiarliiar
Faded [Another Uglydolls ms prevaricator
Rose was gone. ... Or was she?.. [The long-awaited sequel to "Perfect"! Now, I know that some of you are dying to find out what happens next, right? Well here...
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Suppressing You | ✔ by pheestalls
Suppressing You | ✔by Phee
{COMPLETED} {UNDERGOING EDITING} Coralie Hawk is a teenage girl in her senior year. When she moves to a new town with her dad she finds some unexpected truths about...
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My ending for Lou by _RainyDemon_
My ending for Louby _RainyDemon_
(This story contains spoilers) So yeah I didn't like the ending they gave for Lou, I feel like they could've gave him a better outcome. So this is my ending for him, I r...
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Love, Anonymous (The Letters) by Ghost_Behind_You
Love, Anonymous (The Letters)by Laiba Naveed
Her eyes held innocence, fooled were the ones who got lost in them those lips, she was a sinner in the most saintly way. She was a death wish in the name of love. ...
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Hopeless Crush by faraofficial
Hopeless Crushby FARA
BASED ON TRUE STORY. Kimberly White is tired of getting hurt. After that she doesn't plan anything for her life but to study. People say, love will come itself if you're...
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SHADY! by -homosexual
SHADY!by ♡
(subtweets) "in which i instead of solving my problems with other people i just indirectly talk shit about them online"
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Please, Protect me. by Narawrites
Please, Protect Narawrites
"If something costs you peace? It's too expensive and my relationship with my parents is far from cheap." How would you feel if your life revolved around money...
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Pretty Lies.~ by _MizQueen_
Pretty Lies.~by _MizQueen_
~Two Emos Who Both Think That Love Is A Lie, Find Out That Maybe They Are Wrong.~ **May Contain Lemon.**
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Hello, Love by Raconteur1DEE
Hello, Loveby MsDreamChaser
When you were made to believe of something for so long you thought you know so well and all of a sudden it was revealed to be something totally different all along... W...
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The Blackness (A Poem) by firejaylol
The Blackness (A Poem)by firejaylol
Not exactly for the lighthearted
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Scars by Writingismykeytolife
Scarsby Eleanor RB
Copyright ©️ Writingismykeytolife No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording...
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don't fall in love lol by Munchymunchmunchy
don't fall in love lolby Munchymunchmunchy
She doesn't know what is going on she is confused she was the one who created it still lost and's all just regret now and he still hasn...
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