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Transmigrated: The Female Doctor Will Rise Again! by Teddygear26
Transmigrated: The Female Doctor D. Elizabeth Brown
Once the greatest doctor that ever lived in Toyko, Japan. Now transmigrated into a loser woman who lacked skill and looks. With a terrible past life, this woman dies in...
My Wife Spoils Me Too Much by PuppyLover785
My Wife Spoils Me Too Muchby Some random person
For Offline Purpose Only Credits to the Author and Translator(s) Ji Yan discovered his wife, who hated him so much that she wished he was dead, had lost her memory after...
I Married a Disabled Tyrant After Transmigrating by brittanyk5496
I Married a Disabled Tyrant brittanyk5496
Mu Wanwan transmigrated into a novel. And became a cannon fodder side character used to counteract the disabled tyrant's ill fortune. The tyrant is a huge villain. He ch...
The Popular Group Pranked Me So I Turned into a VR Celebrity by BlackCat4937
The Popular Group Pranked Me So BlackCat4937
Lucille was born to a loving family. Having a doting brother and a doting pair of parents, she ended up living a very complacent life. Adopting her brothers gaming hobby...
General's Fiery Farmwife by AidaRiko2
General's Fiery Farmwifeby Aida Riko
OFFLINE READING PURPOSE Ch.1 to 25 Translator: Alanese Fantasy Ch.26 up Machine Translation Raw She...
Amelia: A life of her own by Tilimicen
Amelia: A life of her ownby Tilly
Amelia, a girl who became a shadow in the hope of light. She lost the meaning of her life while chasing something which would never belong to her. In the process she los...
Stalker by HanaDaCrazyFangirls
Stalkerby Newt's Hot and You're not
Aria Foreseen is having a typical cliche story, where the girl goes to ugly to beautiful and she finds her Prince Charming but for her, it sorta ends that way? No lemons...
Into The World Of Medicine by PeachBlossomEdge
Into The World Of Medicineby SaharaTusi
Novel Summary Rong Qingyan is a 21st century successor of a medicinal family, proficent in medical knowledge. But in the end, she has died in the hands of her relatives...
James, Am I Pretty??? (Jadine) by _jrga28
James, Am I Pretty??? (Jadine)by Julia A.
"James, Am I Pretty???" #Watty's2016 #3shotsstory (English) Story is about the Nerdy girl who has a crush on handsome guy but... she can't get his attention. t...
Transformation Diaries: Ugly Jori by Animalz4Life
Transformation Diaries: Ugly Joriby Animalz4Life
A 16 year old girl named Marjorie tells about her encounters as a transforming girl from ugly to pretty.
My Boyfriend is Popular  by Charlene11800
My Boyfriend is Popular by Charlene Harrow
Is It Possible To Love Someone Without seeing that person for even Once ? or After Seeing a person's beauty and falling In love is called love? Or a long friendship is...
Into the World of Medicine 3 by GraysheildF
Into the World of Medicine 3by Graysheil dela Fuente
It's the continuation of Part 1 & 2 ❤. This is also unedited part yet. THIS IS THE LAST PARTTTTTT.
General's Fiery Farmwife by cheryyblossm
General's Fiery Farmwifeby cherryblossom
FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY NOT MINE Author(s) Yao Yao Novel Description She was a commercial genius in her original life. After rebirth , she became a fat and ugl...
[ MTL] 70s Women Disguised As Men by brattyz_yum
[ MTL] 70s Women Disguised As Menby brattyz_yum
Short Title : WDAM Alternate Title : 七十年代女扮男装 Status : Completed Author : Clean water soap bubbles Source: MTL The first-line actress, Tong Yanren, has long legs and bea...