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SHADY! by -homosexual
SHADY!by ♡
(subtweets) "in which i instead of solving my problems with other people i just indirectly talk shit about them online"
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My everyday life #4  by sunsetsenpai
My everyday life #4 by ximena♡
I love my crazy friends, I don't know what I would do without them.
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Uglydolls-Lou x oc "foes to friends and more" by KocharianMonika
Uglydolls-Lou x oc "foes to KocharianMonika
Hey guys, this is my very first story that I've ever wrote, cause I'm more of an artist then a writer. So this is the story about my favorite movie Uglydolls. But I'm wa...
  • louis
  • friendship
  • uglytruth
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Pretty Ugly ~~~ by Nia_faith11
Pretty Ugly ~~~by Shania Faith
A unattractive teen dreams of being pretty~ Reality kicked in and soon discovers a thing called makeup... New school new me? Watch this teenage girl give up every thing...
  • uglyduckling
  • romance
  • teenager
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don't fall in love lol by Munchymunchmunchy
don't fall in love lolby Munchymunchmunchy
She doesn't know what is going on she is confused she was the one who created it still lost and's all just regret now and he still hasn...
  • teendrama
  • teenlove
  • firststory
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Mч вσσk by taebaetae_1030
Mч вσσkby ➻❥sɐʎBAE
Thís ís whєrє shє wrítєs. . Eиנσу!
  • pretty
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My Everyday Life #3 by sunsetsenpai
My Everyday Life #3by ximena♡
My life, my friends are crazy. So here is where I will spill all the tea. So grab a cup, and a snack because here we go.
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[ Lonely & ugly ] by Ann1eC0x
[ Lonely & ugly ]by Annie Michele Cox
2016 წელს ერთ ღამეში დავწერე. დღეს ვიპოვე და მიუხედავად იმისა, რომ არაადამიანურად ცუდად მაქვს დაწერილი, მაინც ატვირთე, მაინც ჩემია.
  • ქართული
  • uglylove
  • lonelines
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But She's Ugly / The New Girl [ON HOLD] by do_not_disturb_meh
But She's Ugly / The New Girl [ do_not_disturb_meh
But She's Ugly : Evan Beckens is popular, and HOT. Like extremely HOT. So what's he doing with a girl like Ava? For a bet? But she's ugly! Follow a girl named Ava, as th...
  • uglyduckling
  • romance
  • loveyourself
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Dear Crush by hardlyf
Dear Crushby Veronica
Collection of secret letters from the unknown girl
  • unrequitedlove
  • fictionalcharacters
  • fantasy
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Tastes like Revenge by mlptrvch
Tastes like Revengeby mlptrvch
They hurt her but she was reborn and now she'll do anything to get back at them. _______________________________ Alexia Ledger, mysterious, enigmatic, enticing and full...
  • alexis
  • billionaires
  • billionaire
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Dear No One  by tabassum15
Dear No One by Tuba Tabassum Hridi
This is not a novel or story. This entire stuff, whatever it is , isn't about a person, or a particular event. These are all about feelings and emotions. There will be n...
  • sad
  • mature
  • poetry
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The Creek (Antisepticeye x OC)  by sunsetsenpai
The Creek (Antisepticeye x OC) by ximena♡
"I felt an uncontrollable darkness overcome me. I felt my veins be flooded with a darkness I couldn't control." || *I do not own the picture in the cover I ju...
  • uglytruth
  • youtubeegos
  • romancefanfiction
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Rants by ranahossameldin
Rantsby RanaHossamElDin
Just random writing I write.
  • colleenhoover
  • uglylove
Ugly Fuckin Love by your_pygmy_puff
Ugly Fuckin Loveby your_pygmy_puff
don't even know how to love anymore
  • stupidshit
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  • halp
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UGLY LOVE (CENA BÔNUS) by uglylovebr
Liberada em 2017 por Colleen Hoover, nessa cena bônus você tem um vislumbre de como fica a vida de Tate Collins e Miles Archer antes do epílogo de "Ugly Love"...
  • uglylove
Everyday + news on stories #2  by sunsetsenpai
Everyday + news on stories #2 by ximena♡
My friends are crazy, this is book 2 cause I filled the other one 😂😂😂
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just my everyday + news about stories by sunsetsenpai
just my everyday + news about ximena♡
My friends are crazy. (Highest rank ever, #1 in uglylove)
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  • idkwhatimdoing
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Pretty Reckless (Addicted Hearts Book 1) by JaneAnthonyAuthor
Pretty Reckless (Addicted Hearts Jane Anthony
Chase and I were doomed from the start. My life was chaotic, and his was calm. He planned for the future, while I lived for the day. I danced in the sun, while he hid in...
  • friendstolovers
  • bestseller
  • recovery
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The Impossible Love by elmayor500
The Impossible Loveby Josedavid Rosadominaya
This story is short and it is an ugly love between two people who did not know that love, they both loved each other but people did not wanted them near each other. they...
  • adventure
  • secrets
  • uglylove
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