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LITTLE GREEN MEN by wcooper5
As nineteen-year-old Alex Dash cares for his six-year-old twin siblings, Henry and Annabelle, he is forced to navigate a post-cataclysmic world full of hostile entities...
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Aliens Exist. Tom DeLonge Short Story by timetopretend13
Aliens Exist. Tom DeLonge Short St...by tom delonge trash™️
An observation trip that changed the world for a young man forever
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ufo and alien facts  by ___xxxbriiiixxx___
ufo and alien facts by bri
not mineeeeee
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Mission Find Fred by Summer Cheng by SummerCheng37
Mission Find Fred by Summer Chengby Summer Cheng
In this story, the workers in the lawyers office of Frank and Fred Walters the two brothers who started it all find this Friday starts off like any other day. The off...
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The Book of Conspiracy Theories  by YouTuber4L
The Book of Conspiracy Theories by Sabrina Jordan
Includes the following Conspiracy Theories: *Celebrities that are dead & were actually cloned *The Government is poisoning us by dropping chemicals in the sky ...
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At Harbour (Amedot AU) by argenticNocturne
At Harbour (Amedot AU)by ceric
Amethyst can't find her packed snacks, her little brother was beamed up in a UFO, and an alien thinks she's the most gorgeous thing on this side of the Milky Way Galaxy...
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Six reasons why UFOs don't exist by jjackbergeron
Six reasons why UFOs don't existby J. Jack Bergeron
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Alien Project by Tjpontz
Alien Projectby T J Pontz
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Beyond Earth  by SAMUT8
Beyond Earth by Artri00
A boy spots a spacecraft and decides to get evidence of his UFO sighting. However finds himself in the alien spaceship geting physical evidence. But is taken to a new wo...
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Era Of 303 Omega Plan  (Season 1) by JonoKaragiannis
Era Of 303 Omega Plan (Season 1)by Jono
Imagine a world, where the gods rule the earth, conspiracy is abundant and where history repeats itself. From ancient history, to futuristic apocalyptic events, Era Of 3...
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Mr. Right Right's Cold War Life & Present by prince0Fcrystalz
Mr. Right Right's Cold War Life...by Jake
Meet Ray Right Right, he was an alien that lost his parents during the Cold War in a laboratory and in this story we get to learn about what happened. Plus what's he doi...
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Precept Warriors by cosmicchild96
Precept Warriorsby Ava St.Claire
pre·cept ˈprēˌsept noun a general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought. ----------------------- Lena doesn't know what she is. At eighteen years old, how could...
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Their Arrival by ShadeWolf90
Their Arrivalby Paul
There are things out are that we cannot comprehend; forces that we invite unwittingly into our realities. Josh unwillingly becomes part of an experiment by Them - the on...
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E-Jipped by michaelgeralduva
E-Jippedby Michael G. Uva
Archeologists discover a forty-five-hundred-year-old Egyptian mummy wearing a gold pendant... that has been inscribed in English; Tiffany & Co. ~ MMIV
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Abducted Feelings by CharismaticButterfly
Abducted Feelingsby Misty
They thought that I was a freak, being from Earth and all. One day, walking home in the dark after an after school detention over a misunderstanding, I was abducted by h...
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